Aseda’s Wild Raw African Jar Of Honey (Small)


Aseda’s Wild Raw African Jar Of Honey (Small)


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Organic Wild African Honey

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Aseda’s wild African jar of honey is made by happy bees and harvested sustainably from the Molé National Forest in Ghana, Africa. Aseda’s pure, unfiltered, raw honey is collected by the Dagomba tribes native to Molé. One taste from this jar of honey will flood your senses with the essence of Africa’s natural forests — it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted!

You may be surprised by the rich, dark brown color of this wild treasure, one of the darkest wild raw honeys in the world. Darker honey has added health benefits due to its higher concentration of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and natural enzymes.

For the unique flavor of Aseda Wild Honey, you can thank the shea trees, cacao trees, and the calabash plants from which the pollen is collected. The honey tastes both smoky and chocolatey.

Aseda’s Wild Raw African Jar Of Honey: Health Benefits

  • Tests high on the Orac Scale
  • Full of trace minerals, enzymes, pre- and probiotics
  • Beneficial for gastrointestinal and stomach issues
  • Offers a boost of energy, making it a long-lasting and sustainable superfood

Why We Love It

  • Aseda supports sustainable practices, and is acting locally and thinking globally.
  • It’s like no other honey we’ve ever tasted.
  • The Calabash, which is a small evergreen tropical tree, is highly medicinal; in Africa, every part is used to treat disease, from Malaria to respiratory problems.
  • Aseda is used by top chefs as a key ingredient, by elite athletes as a-go-to source of energy, and by health-conscious individuals as a daily supplement to promote optimal health and digestion.
  • Our support helps protect the ancient and pristine Molé National Forest.

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 4 in

5 reviews for Aseda’s Wild Raw African Jar Of Honey (Small)

  1. Susan Cain (verified owner)

    I can sum up my thoughts regarding the Asēda African Wild Honey in one short sentence….
    Best honey I’ve ever tasted, a true indulgence!!!

  2. Laura Fierimonte

    If you like honey, you must try this. It’s absolutely amazing. I drizzle on my Greek yogurt, it’s like having hot fudge over ice cream. It’s such a different taste than store bought, it’s dark and almost like a molasses. I will never buy store brands again!

  3. Julie (verified owner)

    Best honey ever!!

  4. natty350z

    This is honey at its best, pure and raw, delicious.

  5. Lizeth (verified owner)

    I have this new appreciation for honey and bees. Aseda wild honey is so delicious and highly recommend for everyone to try. It taste so yummy! I love its rich brown color and taste. It’s really quite special. Without a doubt I am buying it again.

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