Hapbee Wearable – bio-streaming technology

Hapbee Wearable – bio-streaming technology


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How did the Hapbee wearable come into the world? We can’t see it, but everything is energy, and everything has a frequency – and these can have powerful effects on our physical and mental health.

Sounds like “woo woo”, right?

Actually, increasing scientific evidence shows that certain pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) are able to affect physiological processes. Specific frequencies may act like biological molecules, such as the adenosine signaling chemical, or block their receptors from being functional. In the case of adenosine, its matched frequency (75Hz; 3.5mT/35 Gauss) reduced the formation of oxidative free radicals, and can therefore calm inflammation. Other research demonstrates the ability of PEMF to increase bone and cartilage healing, something difficult to achieve through standard functional methods such as supplementation. From neurotransmitters to growth factors, these frequencies can act like the real deal without lasting effects.

What Is The Hapbee Wearable?

The Hapbee is a wearable device that can send beneficial combinations of frequencies through your body. It works without the side effects of recreational substances like alcohol and caffeine, or without the risks of supplement-drug interactions.

Hapbee signals are categorized into three types:

  • Relax, including the blends Wind Down, Bedtime, Deep Sleep, Wake Up, Long Flight, and Nap. Deep Sleep, for example, is best for light sleepers who wake up during the night. Wake Up helps you get up with refreshed energy to start a new day, while Nap ensures that your mid-afternoon rest will be a restorative one.
  • Performance includes Email Mastery, Morning Coffee, Afternoon Slump, Commute With Ease, Master Your Attention, Creative Boost, and Deep Work. Master Your Attention may be perfect for you if you want to quit smoking, but can’t seem to give up the habit as you miss the buzz. It is based on the effects of nicotine, which is often addictive because it boosts attention and relaxation. Email Mastery helps you power through the boring, small, everyday tasks that have to be done, and Deep Work keeps you in a state of flow for the larger jobs.
  • Play blends include both combinations designed to help you chill out and some to get you ready to party! Zen Companion, Chill Out Your Senses, Strain Relief, and Time To Lounge can be wonderful meditation companions or complement a movie marathon or yoga session. Happy Hour and Out On The Town are safe substitutes for pre-drinks, getting you buzzed with a side of energy – not a worse hangover.

Whether you want to use the Hapbee wearable for sleep or performance, the devices give you a 30-Day All-Access Membership Trial to test out all blends in the catalog, with a $19/month charge if you’d like to continue All-Access Membership afterward. With a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, you have plenty of time to decide whether wearables are right for you.

All Hapbee wearable signals are:

  • Powered within in the spectrum of 0-22 kHz
  • Non-ionizing, non-thermal, and non-invasive; in short, non-toxic! The effects wear off after an average of 15 – 30 minutes once you turn off the band.
  • Able to generate specific and precise magnetic fields, delivering exactly what you need.
  • The proper vector and duration required to create a clear response, unique to each of the pre-set signals


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Hapbee wearable for performance and sleep around woman's neckHapbee Wearable – bio-streaming technology