IntraCal™: Calcium & Magnesium Supplement

IntraCal™: Calcium & Magnesium Supplement


Heavy Dose Of Calcium

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Global Healing Center: IntraCal is a revolutionary new way to help your body absorb calcium directly into your skeletal tissue. It has been estimated that just nine percent of a traditional calcium tablet is absorbed by the body. This means you could be putting your skeleton on an unhealthy diet and flushing away 91 percent of the vital calcium you really need!

IntraCal™ is a high-quality form of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate. Orotates are mineral salts of orotic acid used to make DNA and RNA. They pass easily through cell membranes and in effect ferry mineral atoms into cells and tissues. IntraCal™ is the best and most bioavailable calcium supplement available. It is a highly advanced combination of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate that’s easily absorbable and promotes bone and skeletal health.

Important Calcium Stats:

  • A 2001 study from Creighton University found that drinking soda causes the loss of large amounts of calcium
  • Women tend to lose bone density at age 35, while women and men are both at risk for calcium depletion after age 50
  • Toxic metal and radiation exposure increases the need for calcium
  • Calcium deficiency can lead to bone diseases
  • Studies recommend boosting calcium intake during pregnancy
  • Prescription drugs, antidepressants, and birth control can lower calcium levels
  • Postmenopausal women lose three to five percent of bone mass every year
  • Chemotherapy negatively impacts minerals levels in the body, especially calcium
  • Extreme calcium deficiency can lead to humped spines, scoliosis, rounded shoulders, and a reduction in height

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules 3 times daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant, nursing, or for any additional concerns.

Why We Love It:

  • Provides superior calcium in an ultra-absorbable form
  • Promotes bone and skeletal health
  • Efficiently transports usable calcium to your bones
  • Calcium orotate is more effective than other calcium salts
  • Contains magnesium orotate to promote absorption and support the nervous system and heart health
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains no GMOs, toxins, or gluten
  • Vegan safe


Elemental Calcium (From 790 mg of Calcium Orotate), Elemental Magnesium (From 730 mg of Magnesium Orotate), Organic gum acacia, Vegetarian capsule (cellulose)


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