PureLife Coffee Enema Kit W/ Organic Medium Roast

PureLife Coffee Enema Kit W/ Organic Medium Roast


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PureLife’s Coffee Enema Kit W/ Organic Medium Roast All-In-One Enema Solution

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PureLife’s Coffee Enema Kit W/ Organic Medium Roast offers the most impressive specialty-grade enema coffee available. This enema coffee contains higher caffeine and palmitic acid which helps achieve a deeper colon cleansing.

Coffee enema use has been documented since 1550 B.C. in ancient Egyptian medical texts. Your body is constantly trying to defend against toxins from the foods and drinks you consume. Without cleansing properly, toxins linger in your body and begin to accumulate which can wreak havoc on organs, muscles, and joints.

Coffee enemas offer a unique approach to cleansing over more traditional ways of detoxing. Their health benefits have become well-known in modern days. When coffee reaches the colon, the high levels of caffeine and palmitic acid are absorbed into the bloodstream and sent directly to the liver — our most important detoxing organ — without being digested. Caffeine dilates the bile ducts to release toxins from the gallbladder, while palmitic acid helps toxins bind in order to be released into the small intestine and excreted from the body.

Why PureLife Coffee Enema Kit?

Because of the toxins, we are subjected to every day, detoxing is vital for a healthy lifestyle. PureLife Coffee Enema Kit is a simple and marked way to bring more energy, vitality, and function into your life. If you are a beginner, this medium roast is perfect for transitioning into the benefits of coffee enemas. If you are an advanced enema coffee user, the Organic Ultra Light Gold Roast roast is perfect for you; it is the most powerful specialty-grade coffee you can buy in the U.S.

PureLife coffee is “air roasted” instead of the typical drum roasted; drum roasting can cause burnt beans which Prop 65 from the state of California claims can be carcinogenic. Air roasting eliminates the possibility of burnt beans.

With a USDA and OTCO label, PureLife coffee is certified 100 percent organic by Oregon Tilth, a leading certifier, educator, and advocate for sustainable organic agriculture for over 40 years. Certification ensures the organic integrity of coffee from origin to customer. This helps produce a clean and healthful food supply for humanity.

PureLife Coffee Enema Kit contains:

  • 2.2 Quart High Quality 304 brushed stainless Steel Enema Bucket
  • 5 Feet x 1/4″ Medical-grade silicone tubing
  • Strong Medical Enema Tubing Clinch Clamp
  • 16-inch long x 16Fr medical-grade latex rubber colon tube
  • 3.5-inch long medical-grade silicone straight enema tip nozzle
  • Medical-grade women’s douche nozzle (not for enema use)
  • 1 lb of PureLife Organic Enema Coffee

Suggested Use: In a non-aluminum saucepan, add 4 cups of filtered or distilled water and add 3 rounded tablespoons of finely ground Organic Enema Coffee and stir. Bring to a boil (between 3-5 minutes), stirring occasionally. Cover and let simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from heat and cool coffee to room temperature. Strain coffee through a fine sieve to remove coffee grounds. Place liquid in stainless steel enema and perform enema as usual.

Note: The organic enema coffee looks a little different than regular coffee, so don’t be alarmed when you receive it. This is because this organic enema coffee is roasted with more than seven different organic beans and is made with only enema use in mind.

Why We Love It:

  • 100 percent toxin and mold-free
  • Air-roasted to eliminate the possibility of burnt beans
  • Stainless steel bucket that holds up to 8 cups of solution
  • 100 percent organic ingredients
  • Stimulates the liver to remove toxins from the body
  • High caffeine and palmitic acid for deeper colon cleansing
  • Slimmer colon tube for insertion and higher cleansing in the colon
  • Soothe muscle aches and pain
  • Latex and BPA-free silicon tubing
  • Boosts energy
  • Regulates hormones
  • Improves skin health
  • Only ultra-light roast on the market with specialty-grade beans
  • Certified USDA Organic and OCTO

Watch the video below to learn how Coffee Enemas helped save the life of HoneyColony co-founder, Maryam Henein:


Weight 55 oz

100% Coffee


2.2 Quart High Quality 304 BrushedStainless Steel Enema Bucket, 5 Feet x 1/4" Medical-grade silicone tubing, Strong Medical Enema Tubing Clinch Clamp, 16 inch long x 16Fr medical-grade latex rubber colon tube, 3.5 inch long medical-grade plastic straight enema tip nozzle Medical-grade women's douche nozzle (not for enema use) 1 lb of PureLife Organic Enema Coffee

3 reviews for PureLife Coffee Enema Kit W/ Organic Medium Roast

  1. Kierstyn Berlin (verified owner)

    I ordered what I thought would be the first photo. I paid $80 and received the second photo- still no coffee received.
    I’m not impressed- I choose the stainless steel style with coffee included and received neither. I feel ripped off.

  2. Branden Wood (verified owner)


  3. Marc Landry (verified owner)

    Top notch professional advice, fabulous customer service. Honey Colony is now my go-to resource for health products.

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