Natural Health Solutions

We tested, compared and customer-proofed over 1,000 alternative health products in over 3 years.

We picked some consistent winners that deserve the Honey Colony label.

Find out more about each product below and what they can do to transform your health and well-being.

Silver Healer

Access high-quality natural antibiotics at your disposal

Silver Excelsior

Highest potency natural antimicrobial

Equilibrium Superfood

Specially formulated raw honey-based blend


Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose. Essential To The Origin Of Life.

No3urish Ozonated Moisturizer

Rejuvenate your skin with nature’s most efficient healing agents

Curious Intimate Massage & Pleasure Moisturizer

Fusing plant medicine with pleasure

Liposomal BeeBlue

Methylene Blue – Enrich Your Mitochondria. Invigorate Your Life.

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