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wholesale intimate massageWhat happens when you fuse pleasure with plant medicine? Introducing Curious Intimate Massage. 

Curious is the only lubricant on the market to include an array of potent medicinal plants that rejuvenate, nourish, and support intimate tissues while improving sexual pleasure. Curious is also formulated to promote a balanced pH, which plays a vital role in overall vaginal health.

Curious is designed to support the healthful function of a woman’s intimate physiology while acknowledging the fragile relationship between cellular health and a balanced microbiome. This is accomplished using exclusively natural oils and botanical extracts, and there simply is no silkier, lighter, more natural skincare available. Curious Intimate Massage dispenses with the troubling ingredients that cause harm or interfere with intimate ecology and physiology, while providing an entourage of plant-sourced oils and botanicals that work synergistically to provide cellular structural support and therapeutic phytonutrients.

Curious is silken to the touch so when you massage alone or with company, the slip and glide allows you unbridled pleasure. The impulse is to think it won’t last- but it does. Unlike toxic mainstream lubricants, which can cause pH imbalance and infections, Curious contains naturally occurring ingredients that balance pH and actually help fight infection. This is particularly important for women who are susceptible to UTI’s or BV post romp. Semen alone can also cause an imbalance in vaginal pH, making Curious an excellent preventative addition. Curious boasts uncompromised therapeutic value and quality.

Why We Love It:

  • Convenient travel size that is carry-on compliant
  • Provides cellular structural support and therapeutic phytonutrients
  • Rejuvenates, nourishes, and supports intimate tissues
  • Aids in cellular repair
  • Improves sexual pleasure
  • Naturally balances pH
  • All ingredients are GMO free
  • Fights fungal and bacterial organisms that reside in the vagina and cause harm
  • Versatile for both internal and external massages
  • Vegan (100 percent plant sourced)
  • Gluten-free
  • Not tested on animals

Click here to the read reviews and see why people are raving about our Curious Intimate Massage and Pleasure Moisturizer. Curious is available in two sizes: 8oz and a travel friendly 2oz bottle.

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