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Avocado Green Pillows


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  • Non-toxic & Eco-Friendly
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The perfect complement to the Avocado Green Mattress, these luxurious, vegan, non-toxic pillows are just as comfortable and eco-friendly — and with all of the certifications you come to expect from as transparent a company as Avocado Green.

Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly

Being eco-INSTITUT Certified means there is no petroleum-based polyurethane foams, synthetic latex, memory foam, chemical fire retardants, oor VOC’s – only GOTS certified organic cotton, natural Dunlop latex rubber foam ribbons, and natural kapok fiber that is sustainably grown and harvested.

The Dunlop latex, in fact, is upcycled from their mattresses, and is tree-tapped from sustainable sources. More eco-friendly and durable than Talalay latex, the naturally anti-microbial Dunlop latex requires less processing and is more cooler than memory foam.

Being Greenguard Gold Certified essentially means these are the Bee’s Knees of non toxic pillows. Tested for prolonged exposure in sealed environmental chambers, there is no VOC outgassing, formaldehyde, or phthalates to be found in any Avocado Green pillow. Hardly any other non-toxic pillows hold a Greenguard Gold certification – let alone while providing amazing comfort and durability.

The biodegradable kapok fiber used to complement latex foam ribbons is sustainably grown (pesticide-free) and sourced form the Ceiba Tree. Naturally hypoallergenic, Kapok fiber provides a similar smoothness to silk, while maintaining the fluff of cotton. Needless to say, it’s a brilliant vegan alternative to down.

Being Vegan.org Certified means just that – no wool, animal byproducts, and certainly no testing on animals.

Luxurious Comfort

There is one other certification worth mentioning: the Customer Comfort Certification. While not an actual certification per say, we think it’s vitally important to get a restful sleep – and what your head lies on can make a big impact in this regard. To this end, Avocado Green’s non toxic pillows are finished with a premium lux, breathable organic cotton that is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic. Not only does this textile curb moisture and stay cool, it holds the toughest organic Class 1 certification any other pillow has.

Take a look at their rel=”nofollow noopener”>customer reviews to see for yourself. These non-toxic pillows contour to the head and neck, never bottom out (kapok fiber can be fluffed), and provide zipper access to comfort-customize with Avocado Green’s rel=”nofollow noopener”>refillable Kapok fiber packages. That means an even longer lasting, more voluminous pillow without all the VOC’s common to other pillows.

Why We Love Avocado Green Mattress:

  • Greenguard Gold, eco INSTITUT, Organic & Vegan Certified
  • Refillable & Fluff-able Kapok Fiber
  • Luxurious, Breathable and Contouring
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Free Carbon-Neutral Shipping
Product Specs

Pillow Fill Content
70% Natural Dunlop Latex
30% Natural Kapok Fiber

Pillow Cover Content
100% Certified Organic Cotton

Dimensions & Weights

Standard: 19" x 24" — 3.4 lbs. (fits standard pillow case)
Queen: 19" x 28" — 3.9 lbs. (fits Queen pillow case)
King: 19" x 35" — 5.2 lbs. (fits King pillow case)


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