EMF Sol – XL Home Harmonizer

EMF Sol – XL Home Harmonizer


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Less EMF Exposure For Your Everyday

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The XL Home Harmonizer is perhaps their most important product, and the best home harmonizer on the market. It’s designed to protect you and your home against external sources of EMF. These include 5G towers, cell phone towers, smart meters, solar panels, battery storage systems, electric car chargers, and even your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. The XL Home Harmonizer can even shield you from minor sources of EMF inside your home.

Health Benefits

Shielding materials can be an effective way to reduce EMF exposure. Studies show that certain materials, such as silver or combinations of zinc and iron, absorb or deflect EMF away from your home. They do not capture and concentrate EMF, or divert it in another direction that may harm you.

Biological Age

Coming home to a low-EMF environment, thanks to the Home Harmonizer, may have significant benefits to your immunity and biological age. You don’t need 24-hour protection, even eight hours of shielding can be enough. A study using an EMF-blocking mattress as an example found that just two months of sleeping on it every night improved antioxidant levels and dramatically reduced biological age.

Volunteers’ average biological age, which is far more meaningful than your age in years, fell from 61 to 49 years (their average age in years was 52). Even better, their immune cells showed improved activity, including the ability to move towards potential threats and destroy them.

Energy Production

One aspect of aging is declining function of your mitochondria. These energy-producing parts of your cells are passed from mothers to their children but are more vulnerable to mutation. The Home Harmonizer mitigates the EMF expsoure in fetus’.

Even EMF levels from commercially approved cell phones is enough to cause significant harm. Mitochondrial DNA, which already deals with the oxidative stress generated through energy production, is damaged by exposure to “normal” levels of EMF.  As a result, using an EMF shield could protect your mitochondria and relieve fatigue.

Why We Love The XL Home Harmonizer

  • No need to move away if there are overhead powerlines above your home
  • Makes installing solar panels or a charge point for an electric car safer
  • Protection for your entire home
  • Provides some protection against indoor electrical devices
  • Can protect you if you live in an apartment and are exposed to neighbors’ Wi-Fi routers.
  • Strong enough to trigger a detox reaction once your EMF exposure has reduced
  • May protect your house against hidden, toxic mold
  • Helps to keep your immune system youthful
  • Assists in restoring healthy cellular energy production
  • Gives your body time to clear inflammation and oxidative stress after exposure to EMF all day
  • Fantastic addition to pre-conception care when trying to conceive, so you can protect your baby from DNA damage.

How To Use the XL Home Harmonizer

It is best to install the XL Home Harmonizer at the point where electricity flows into your home, or the fuse box. Do not place it between two objects that are either metal or carry an electric current.

Spending most or all of your time under the protection of EMF shielding devices may give your body the opportunity to ramp up its detoxification capabilities. This can cause flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headache, and other issues as your body mobilizes and removes toxins. EMF Sol recommends increasing your water intake, and using food or supplements such as apple cider vinegar, protein-digesting enzymes, or bentonite clay.

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