The Green Body Cleanse Book (PDF)

The Green Body Cleanse Book (PDF)


20 Years of Research To Help Restore Your Health

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Global Healing Center: The Green Body Cleanse Book is Dr. Group’s latest book with information to help you discover your path to living green and living well! Filled with twenty years worth of Dr. Group’s research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams, and facts, this book will teach you how to restore your body’s natural healing powers, reduce your exposure to toxins, live an organic lifestyle, and do it all efficiently!

In The Green Body Cleanse Book, he reveals lessons learned from more than twenty years of research and counseling people with serious health conditions.

The Green Body Cleanse Book contains simple solutions for:

  • Reducing and eliminating toxins from your home, workplace, and body
  • Restoring your body’s natural healing powers
  • Detoxifying your air and drinking water
  • Choosing and maintaining an organic diet and lifestyle
  • Preventing disease without harmful drugs or surgery
  • The True Secret to Health
  • The best cleansing methods, including Oxygen Colon Cleansing, Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing, Harmful Organism Cleansing, and Heavy Metal Cleansing.
  • Money and time-saving tips
  • Living a happy, rewarding, healthy life

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Body Cleanse BookThe Green Body Cleanse Book (PDF)