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SaunaSpace Luminati: Home Infrared Sauna


SaunaSpace Luminati: Home Infrared Sauna

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Incandescent sunlight has been nourishing life here on Earth for millions of years. From growing the food we eat, to nourishing and healing the body, incandescent sunlight is a vital necessity to wellbeing. But too much sunlight can be a bad thing – the reason being that sunlight produces several wavelengths of light, including the infamous UV ray – which is responsible for the DNA-denaturing effect that can ultimately lead to skin carcinomas.

Fortunately, with the invention of the incandescent light bulb, it became possible to recreate natural sunlight indoors. But the question remains, which range of incandescent light wavelength is most beneficial? And is it possible to get the good without the bad? The answer is yes – and is precisely why we love SaunaSpace Luminati home infrared sauna.

Using tungsten lamp-powered incandescent light bulbs (with near-zero EMF), the SaunaSpace Luminati home sauna kit produces a natural, thermal light spectrum of red, NIR and thermal infrared (all minus the UV). And unlike other home sauna kits – namely LED kits that only emit monochromatic light in narrow wavelength bands – the Luminati home infrared sauna by SaunaSpace produces a full spectrum light reaching into the Near Infrared light range.

Here it is important worth noting the difference between Near Infrared and Far Infrared. While Far Infrared light provides therapeutic benefits, Near Infrared has consistently shown to penetrate tissue 2 to 3 times than Far Infrared. Furthermore, Near Infrared light raises core body temperature from within, as opposed to Far Infrared, which raises core body temperature by increasing the ambient temperature (an outside-in process that results in a hotter light).

The actual therapeutic benefit of being exposed to these light waves is based on Photobiomodulation (PBM) – which broadly speaking – is the study of the effects of light wavelengths on living organisms. PBM therapy (also called low level light therapy and red light therapy) is the process of exposing cells to a wavelength range (specifically 600-1,000 nanometers), which encompasses both red light (600-700 nm) and near infrared (700-1,500 nm). This wavelength range is known as the Mitochondrial Stimulation Band (also called the healing band), as it enables living tissue to absorb light photons, by means of stimulating a very powerful mitochondrial light receptor enzyme: Cytochrome-C oxidase.

PBM low-level light therapy has been shown to provide anti-aging benefits, improve memory and cognitive abilities, accelerate cellular regeneration/healing, and enhance athletic performance.

The importance of cellular mitochondria cannot be overstated. By stimulating the healing band, cells respond with increases in both ATP production and Reactive Oxygen species, while stimulating the release of cellular Nitrous Oxide.

All of this culminates into what amounts to a full-body detoxification – all without raising the temperature of the air (traditional sauna therapy), ingesting substances or partaking in high-impact activity.

Why We Love the SaunaSpace Luminati Home Infrared Sauna:

  • No UV, blue light or flicker stress
  • Offering both low-EMF and Zero EMF kits with no off-gassing
  • Includes new bamboo grounding mat and our comfy stool
  • Peaks in the Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths to provide optimal therapeutic-grade mitochondrial stimulation.
  • A completely natural means to effectively lower inflammation and help repair damaged cells
  • Provides a no-impact workout and healing in a parasympathetic state
  • Promotes better sleep, balanced mood, energy and overall vitality
  • Aesthetic design, hand-worked basswood and superior craftsmanship
  • Easy-to-assemble; No tools necessary for the Pocket Sauna
  • 100-day, Risk-free Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Outstanding customer testimonials and endorsements by leading health experts
Product Specs

Bundle Weight: 55 lb (25 kg)
Light Panel Weight: 15 lb (6.8 kg)
Frame Weight: 11 lb (5 kg)
Mat Weight: 4 lb (1.8 kg)
Stool Weight: 8.5 lb (43.9 kg)
Dual-Layer Cover + Curtain Weight: 16 lb (7.3 kg)

Entrance Width: 52 in (132 cm)
Rear Width: 24 in (61 cm)
Depth: 52 in (132 cm)
Height: 63 in (160 cm)

North American Basswood (Tilia americana)
Double-Chromed Steel
Unvarnished Natural Bamboo
SaunaSpace Signature Hypoallergenic Cotton Canvas

Can be installed in any indoor location protected from outdoor elements.
Can be installed on any indoor flooring: wood,
laminate, tile, synthetic. Heat from sauna does not heat up surroundings to any significant degree. The Enclosure’s Dual-Layer Cover & Floor Mat ensures all external home materials cannot be heated and
therefore will not outgas into your SaunaSpace.

1 review for SaunaSpace Luminati: Home Infrared Sauna

  1. ryan1

    When I received it I was battling a mean upper respiratory bug. I have not gotten sick like that in a very long time. My husband set up the sauna for me…which all I kept hearing while he was setting it up was comments on how great the design was! He is a wood worker and was impressed by the whole design and quality.
    The sauna helped me kick the bug rather quickly and was extremely soothing. It has really made winter much more bearable for me since I struggle with autoimmune issues. I look forward to getting in my sauna everyday and so does my furry friend.

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My bulbs vary in color: Is this normal?

Each ThermaLight™ Infrared Bulb is made of mouth-blown, hand-rolled dark-red stained and tempered glass for durability and beauty. Each bulb has slight irregularities and may appear to be a different shade due to the nature of handcrafted items.
Any color variations will not affect the level emission of the bulb or their irradiance. The Tungsten filament in the bulb, not the colored glass, is responsible for generating the quoted wavelengths. This tungsten filament in our signature bulbs will burn at the same temperature and produce the same wavelength regardless of shade. As incandescent bulbs are an analog technology, the same broad spectrum emission and same power will be generated for the life of the bulb when it turns on. Your bulbs need testing and possibly changing if they do not turn on. 

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home infrared saunaSaunaSpace Luminati: Home Infrared Sauna
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