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It has come to our attention that the Silver Healer’s .999 fine silver rods occasionally arrive bent as a result of “overly enthusiastic handling” by delivery personnel, and so we ask that you…

Check the Rods Before Using

The rods should not touch or be in close proximity to one another. If they appear to be bent similar to the picture below, please gently straighten the rods with your fingers.


When straightening, make sure that the “J” shaped rods curve towards the front of the case, facing logo and control buttons, as shown in the photo below.


When you are done, the rods should be evenly spaced (1″ [one inch] apart) beginning at the point where they exit the case and along their entire length, as seen in this photo.

Processing Time Can Vary Greatly

We frequently receive questions from customers who are concerned that their machine is taking too long to produce nano silver. The most likely reason for this it that the machine is not a simple timer-based system like so many others; it continuously measures the amount of silver dispersed into the distilled water and only shuts off at the target level.

Factors That Affect Processing Time

  • Temperature of the distilled water
  • Room temperature
  • Subtle influences such as solar wind and cosmic rays

Tips For Faster Operation

  • Gently wipe the rods between uses
  • Keep your distilled water at room temperature
  • Use the machine in a room at 70 degrees F or greater.
  • Leave a small amount (perhaps a tablespoon or two) of nano silver from the previous batch in the jar. This will “jump start” your next batch by providing some silver ions to start with.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact feedback@honeycolony.com for assistance.

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