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It’s not that you “need” a personal lubricant to apply to your girl parts, it’s that you should want one. Slippery sex is just better.

A recent study by the Kinsey institute demonstrates the glory of slippery sex. Of 2400 women, ages 18 – 75, who had never used a lubricant before, 70 percent felt that using a lubricant made sex more pleasurable while 30 percent felt a lubricant made sex more exciting. All of the women committed to incorporating a lubricant into their lovemaking practices.

However, a quick purchase of lube at the local pharmacy may do more harm than good. Many lubricants introduce toxic chemicals, injure the delicate structure of the vagina, and may increase the risk of a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Most commercial lubes fall into two broad categories: water-based or silicone-based. Natural oil lubricants are usually only available at specialty boutiques or on the internet. Which lubricant is the best, though? And why?

Slippery Sex: The Cons of Water-based Lubes

Water-based lubricants have very few benefits and significant drawbacks as well as real health concerns. The benefits are they’re toy and lambskin, polyurethane, and nitrile condom compatible, low in price, and readily available. However, it’s not smart to bargain hunt for anything that will affect your sex life, sexual health, and most importantly your overall well being.

Water-based lubricants, by their very nature, are comprised mostly of water. The result is that they absorb and evaporate quickly, leaving the application site sticky and necessitating a reapplication often during lovemaking. This limits their use to sexual intercourse, as opposed to a tool for foreplay, massages, and other bodily pleasures.

Not only are water-based lubricants a poor choice as a lubricant; they have significant health risks. These lubricants need chemicals in order to make them slippery, as well as chemical preservatives to prevent contamination. Commonly used chemicals include glycerin, glucose, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, chlorlexidine, and parabens – all of which are known to cause harm.

  • Glycerin, glycerol, and glucose break down into sugars; this increases the likelihood of a vaginal yeast infection.
  • Phenoxyethanol is listed as a moderate chemical hazard with possible links to toxicity and skin irritation.
  • Chlorhexidrine also causes irritation in some women.
  • Parabens are a class of preservatives that mimics estrogen and can be absorbed through the skin. Parabens are thought to be a linked to breast cancer; more studies are ­­needed to clarify risks.
  • Finally, there is propylene glycol which is an industrial solvent and a main ingredient in antifreeze.

Meanwhile, many water-based lubricants are hyperosmolar, which means that they exert their lubricating effect by sucking the water out of vaginal cells. This is not a natural or safe mechanism; as it removes the water that the cell needs in order to function normally, and it results in micro-cracks or disruptions of the vaginal lining. Thus, the vaginal tissue becomes drier making irritation more likely, and there is an added risk of incurring sexually transmitted disease. Studies have demonstrated that in this drier environment, the risk of bacterial vaginosis may increase between 12 and 14 times when compared to someone who doesn’t use hyperosmolar products.

Evaluating Silicon-based Lubes For Girl Parts

Silicone lubricants are a little more expensive, and since they are very slippery, a little bit goes a long way. Silicone lubricants are condom compatible and don’t evaporate or absorb into the skin like water-based lubricants; this lessens the number of times they need to be reapplied.  The problem with silicone is that it is an industrial lubricant, and, as such, it can be difficult to remove from clothing or bed linen and is incompatible with silicone sex toys.

Boutique Specialty Lubes

The one type of lubricant that you can’t find at your local drugstore is an all natural organic lubricant. These are usually found in specialty boutiques or over the internet. Even though a lubricant may claim to be natural and organic, double-check the ingredients list. Sometimes, preservatives and chemical scents are added in order to make the product more appealing. Lubricants that are truly all natural and organic tend to be blends of naturally occurring plant oils and fats with many differing properties depending on the source.

Plant Meet Pleasure

As women, we know that our needs ought no longer be marginalized, but the embarrassing secret of modern women is that we still fall prey to traditional notions that subjugate our needs. We care about our bodies, yes. We also care about fulfilling our desires and exploring possibilities. So, yes. We’re Curious.

This led us to collaborate with Elizabeth Moriarty, Clinical Herbalist and owner of HERBOLOGIE and formulator of Superior Cannabinoid Hemp Oil to create Curious, made with naturally occurring plant oils and an array of potent medicinal plants that rejuvenate, nourish, and support intimate tissues while improving sexual pleasure. Curious is also formulated to promote a balanced pH, which plays a vital role in overall vaginal health.

Products placed on the skin or to be more specific the delicate tissue of the vagina, will be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Unlike the food you eat – which the stomach breaks down and the liver detoxifies – chemicals entering through the vagina have direct access to vital organs. It is surprising that more people aren’t concerned about this.

After diligent research, we believe Curious is safe and unique to any lubricants currently on the market.

Here’s why:

1. 100% Organic & Natural

This completely organic and all natural formula imitates a woman’s natural lubrication. Its ingredients are simple, well-known, and naturally derived. Pomegranate,  coconut oil, elderberry, jojoba oil, green tea and damiana are just some of the elements.

2. Free of preservatives, parabens, or chemicals

They are, quite simply, unnecessary. Ingredients in Curious are primarily organic, and 100% natural. No synthetic ingredients are used of any kind. We are non-GMO 100 percent.

3. Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria & yeast

Many commercial lubes, such as KY Jelly, include chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent that destroys natural bacterial flora in the vagina, increasing yeast and bacterial infections like vaginosis. Not only is Curious free of such risks, but it naturally inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast.

4. Supports vaginal health

Many of the water-based lubricants are hyperosmolar.This means that other lubricants take fluid out of the vagina or dry it up even more, as  water draws out water.  Oil does not do this.  The vaginal walls stay dryer after use of waterbased lubricants because of this. Curious is composed of naturally occurring oils that coat the vaginal lining, decreasing friction and preventing water loss, as well as adding lipids to the cells. Lipids are a fundamental building block of cell membranes and are important in maintaining a healthy vaginal lining.

5. Foreplay-Friendly

A great sexual experience is not all about the act itself, but the emotional, physical, and psychological bonding that occurs. Curious was designed to be used during foreplay as a sensual massage oil. Even the lightest of human touch causes friction.As you may know, the intensity of a woman’s orgasm is directly related to how long foreplay lasts. So, the longer the foreplay, the better the experience. Curious can be placed on more than sensual girl parts; it can be used anywhere that touching occurs: the feet, legs, bottom, breast, and penis.

6. Condom and sex toy compatible

This is unusual for many natural lubricants. The FDA requires testing to prove whether or not there are any negative effects on latex condoms when exposed to a lubricant. Curious has no ill effects on lambskin, polyurethane, and nitrile condoms. Unlike silicone lubricants, which are not recommended because they break down the outer layer of the toy and increase bacterial transmission, Curious has no effect on sex toys except to make them slippery and to help heighten sensation.

7. Silken to the touch

Curious is silken to the touch so when you massage alone or with company, the slip and glide allows you unbridled pleasure. The impulse is to think it won’t last- but it does. Unlike toxic mainstream lubricants, which can cause pH imbalance and infections, Curious contains naturally occurring ingredients that balance pH and actually help fight infection. This is particularly important for women who are susceptible to UTI’s or BV post romp. Semen alone can also cause an imbalance in vaginal pH, making Curious an excellent preventative addition. Curious boasts uncompromised therapeutic value and quality!

8. Stain-free

Sex can get messy, and many lubes can stain clothes and bed sheets. Curious is stain-free, so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

9. Beautifully Packaged

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your special someone, Curious is not only a quality formula but exquisitely packaged.

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