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EMF Sol Electronic Device Chip

EMF Sol Electronic Device Chip


Remediate Electronic Sources Inside Your Home

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EMF Sol’s Device Chip gives you targeted protection for your major “problem” devices. Device Chips are perfect for Wi-Fi internet routers, gaming consoles and their controllers, cordless phones, ceiling fans, and more. As clip-on devices that fit around electric cables, you can enjoy convenient, 24/7 protection as you work and play.

The electronic Device Chip can be used to remediate strongest Wi-Fi or Bluetooth EMF emitting electronic sources and other key culprits, such as:

  • Internet Routers
  • Gaming Stations & Gaming Controllers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wi-Fi printers, Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home), Wi-Fi Extenders, etc.
  • All Fans, AC Units,  Air Purifiers & other Rotating Electric Motor devices
  • Cordless House Phones
  • Beds which “plug in” – such as adjustable beds, beds with a grounding mat, etc.

Health Benefits

Shielding from EMF radiation seem to is especially crucical for your nervous system.

Cognitive Support

Using an electronic Device Chip may prevent the neurological effects of using EMF-emitting electronics. If you’ve noticed that you or your child has worsened work or academic performance; poor sleep; a lack of attention span; or mood issues around playing video games or when it’s hot enough to need AC, you’re not imagining it. Studies show that EMF radiation can cause or worsen all of these. EMF may also increase the severity of ADHD and the patterns of brainwaves that contribute to seizures.

Fortunately, EMF chips may prevent the negative changes in brainwave patterns that underlie neurological issues. One study showed improved attention span and task performance among volunteers using a device chip made for cell phones, compared to a placebo chip or no chip. Reducing EMF allows your brain to rest, while exposure causes chronic overstimulation and contributes to burnout.

Autonomic Function

EMF has a range of damaging effects when it comes to your autonomic nervous system’s everyday functioning. This is the side of your nervous system that controls heart rhythm, hormone production, and other processes outside of your conscious control.

One study using a 15-minute phone call as a source of EMF found increased levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone, alongside reduced heart rate variability. Your heart rate variability is a measure of its ability to adapt to changes. An increased variability means a stronger stress response and better cardiovascular health.

When volunteers applied a device chip to their phones, cortisol and heart rate variability were not only normalized, but improved beyond their starting levels. This may mean that attaching a chip to one electronic device neutralizes some of the “background” EMF, too.

Normalizing cortisol has a wide range of benefits beyond cardiovascular health. When your cortisol levels are able to fall at night, you can enjoy improved sleep and better immune function as a result. Additionally, as cortisol impairs tissue repair, you may experience faster recovery after exercise and an easier time achieving your fitness goals.

Why We Love The Electronic Device Chip:

  • Enjoy improved concentration and focus
  • May relieve stress and improve cardiovascular health
  • May protect your reproductive health and that of your children, especially if you sit near the relevant device for extended periods or are currently pregnant.
  • Chemical-free resin used in all EMF Sol products ensures you won’t be exposed to VOCs or other polluting substances
  • Protects you if you only have a few strong EMF emitters in your home
  • Perfect for rural, semi off-grid homes where home Wi-Fi is a far greater issue than external EMF sources
  • No need to worry if you require an adjustable bed
  • Sleep in comfort, as you can keep ceiling fans or air conditioners on

How To Use EMF Sol Electronic Source Device Chip:

The EMF Sol device chip is easy to install and move around. Simply attach the clip to your chosen device’s electric cable:

Weight 9 oz

0.25″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″


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