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By Star Stone, Buzzworthy Blogs

Here are 9 ways to live life happy.

1) Drink plenty of water

Re-hydrate and renew upon waking with a large glass of purified water. Place a crystal quartz in your water or stickers that say “Love” to remind yourself how loved you are and that what you are taking into your body is love and nourishment. You are sacred and so is your water.

2) Lather your skin with oils

Oils also have a sensual nature and by massaging organic oils like sesame, coconut, or cacao on your body, you are giving yourself sensual nourishment. Before you go to sleep, rub your feet; rub your shoulders; affirm to yourself, “I am loved; I am healthy; I am enough.”

3) Holy food

Bless your food by holding your hands over your meal and giving it your own energy. Silently thank the farmers, the chef, or Great Spirit.

4) Water therapy

Soak in baths with roses, honey, and vanilla by candlelight. Plunge your body in cold water. (Then jump in hot waters if you can.)

5) Get naked

Sleep naked. Eat naked. Swim naked, and lie in the sun naked. Expose your skin to the elements. Feel your body. Look at your skin. Look at your vessel that has taken you everywhere.

6) Get outside the box

Do you live in a box? Well, get out of it. Touch the earth. Feel her. Get your feet on the soil (not concrete or sand). Sleep outside in a geometric dome, a tent, or on a mattress underneath the stars. Implement box liberation.

7) Creativity

Do you keep a journal? When was the last time you danced, made love, performed in front of a group, or showcased something you created? Have you shared your dreams with at least one other person? Share. Be bold. Do handstands and cartwheels, be playful, and re-create regularly.

8) Slow life

Meditate before you do anything else in the morning. Live slowly. You will make it to the meeting in time; you will make it to the plane in time; you will pick up your daughter on time. There is never a need for “rush.”

9) Give yourself permission

Some of us feel we need permission to feel alive. For example, unless we have achieved X, Y, and Z we may not feel worthy of joy. Liberate yourself now. You have permission, regardless of any present external circumstances, to feel joy now. Give yourself permission to be great and live a big life.

Star Stone is a freelance writer and poet. Her work has been published in LA Weekly, Elephant Journal, and Shakti Yogi Journal.

Visit her website for up-to-date blog entries and other creative projects at

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