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Why Did BARDA stock up on doses of the Avian Flu vaccine? What’s in it? And are We Really Going to Do This Again?


About a couple of weeks ago, I learned via Independent Investigator and Content Influencer John Cullen that the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) just ordered 4.8 million doses of the Avian Flu vaccine. However, there have been only three cases in America and less than 10 worldwide.

This move does seem excessive, so what gives?

I listen to many intelligent voices who discuss the all-encompassing world of Vaccine Maniacs. John Cullen has a knack for seeing things others don’t, like the second apparent virus, H7N9, that was circulating in Wuhan in 2020. Cullen says it’s veterinarian Yoshihiro Kawaoka‘s H7N9, yet another Gain of Function or GOF virus. Except nobody is talking about that.

I interviewed Cullen on Friday, June 7, at noon EST. We discussed H7N9, the avian flu, and his other fascinating findings, which you can check out here.

For the record, others contend that gain-of-function research is a red herring. I personally think GOF, or “directed evolution,” is real.

Meanwhile, all viruses have the potential to develop into a secondary bacterial pneumonia infection, which is what kills. If you recall, the Chinese initially classified the sick with “unidentified pneumonia,” and there were rumors that the disease started as early as mid-November 2019. I think the ‘Rona Regime overlooked the bacterial aspect. They called it Covid pneumonia. But really, what is that?


Whatever the truth, the first patients in Wuhan had nothing to do with a wet market. The wet market narrative regarding COVID-19 was complete fiction. It’s literally a passage in the 2008 Contagion movie. Even ex-CDC Director Robert Redfield has said there is ZERO evidence of this being valid. And Dr. Larry Brilliant, who has worked for Google and the World Health Organization (WHO), said Hollywood was seemingly instructed to make the flick.

“We made that movie on purpose,” he said in 2015 at The Aspen Institute. Adding that it was made with “honesty” and “good science.”

Pre-Pandemic = Zoontic Jump?

The multi-year government contract was awarded to CSL Seqirus, “a proud champion of pandemic preparedness,” with a manufacturing facility in Holly Springs, N.C. They will complete the fill-and-finish process for the pre-pandemic vaccine as part of the National Pre-Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Stockpile (NPIVS) program. It’s their fourth avian influenza preparedness award. Yay! BARDA is ready. Are you? 

The company’s press release also states that “pre-pandemic” is also called zoonotic. It is? When did those two words become synonyms?

CSL is a global biotechnology company that started in 1916. For context, the American Medical Association (AMA) was formed in 1847. CSL Seqirus, built through a public-private partnership established in 2009 with BARDA, is the world’s largest cell-based influenza vaccine producer and the first such domestic facility. Under the agreement, CSL Seqirus will deliver millions of doses of a “pre-pandemic” vaccine “well-matched to the H5 of the currently circulating H5N1 strain.”

“The CDC maintains the risk to public health as low. We are closely monitoring the situation because we are acutely aware of the threat that influenza virus strains like H5N1 can pose and take seriously our role in preparedness efforts alongside our government and public health partners,” said Marc Lacey, CSL Seqirus, Global Executive Director for Pandemic Preparedness. “This agreement, … will help support the U.S. government’s ability to respond swiftly if the current avian flu situation changes.” Yes, if…

Did you know that in December 2022, we had the deadliest bird flu outbreak in US history? The culprit is highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The U.S. “endured” an unprecedented poultry health disaster, with a highly contagious bird flu virus triggering the deaths of some 52.7 million animals. As those birds traveled, so did the virus. It was the worst toll on the poultry industry since 2014-2015 when more than 50 million birds died. 

The WHO and World Economic Forum have amazingly predicted that the avian flu could mutate to become more infectious. In March 2023, former Wellcome director and WHO Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar said the pandemic potential of H5N1 was a “big worry” and is one of several voices suggesting we must do more to prepare for a potential outbreak.

Meanwhile, the FDA states that H5N1 – Avian Flu – will kill 1 in 5 Americans. And apparently, a new variant of avian flu derived from intensive poultry farming is supposedly decimating wildlife.

Other countries, such as the Netherlands, Russia, Australia, and the United Kingdom, are conveniently also affected by the Avian Flu. The European Union has ordered more than 40 million bird flu vaccines from CSL Ltd. for 15 countries to combat the virus’s spread. Finland is the first country to get the jabs. The four-year contract includes an initial supply of 665,000 doses, with an option for an additional 40 million doses. The vaccine targets high-risk individuals such as poultry farm workers and veterinarians.  What exactly is the avian bird flu vaccine made of?

On June 6, 2024, the  WHO announced that a 59-year-old man supposedly died from Avian Flu in Mexico. The guy supposedly had “chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes” and no prior exposure to poultry. Did he really die from the Avian Flu? He also died two weeks before the news. And a small detail: Mexico’s health secretary reported it was a chronic illness that caused the death.

By the way, these headlines read straight out of a tabletop exercise.

Natasha Bagdasarian, chief medical executive of the Michigan Health Department, said this suggests that direct exposure to infected livestock poses a risk to humans.

Zoonotic jump, anyone?

Let’s keep that at the back of our minds. Stay Tuned…


WATCH John Cullen and Maryam Henein on Truth Lives Here 

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