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With bee populations in decline, it’s more important than ever to arm kids with bee facts so we can help shape the next generation of bee advocates. But, with the importance of bees often evoking controversy and conflict among adults, how can we effectively educate kids without getting them caught up in the complexity of it all?

Naturally curious and compassionate, kids are primed and ready to be bee advocates; we just have to show them why bees are essential to their lives. The best way to start is by teaching kids why healthful food is important, especially to them, then bring it back to the bees, who help us keep that food on our plates. Find fun bee facts for kids!

Establishing a Bee-Loving Role Model

Kids always learn more when they’re having fun. Our mission at Vitamin Bee™ is to insert the fun factor into educating kids about healthful food. We believe it’s just as important as learning the ABCs and 1-2-3s. The younger you learn this lesson, the healthier you’ll be as an adult. And yet, sadly, some kids aren’t necessarily apt to jump on the health-food bandwagon without some major persuasion. Find fun bee facts for kids!


Vitamin Bee is the role model that speaks a language kids understand, the language of fun! Vitamin Bee isn’t preachy, nor does he tell kids “they must” eat this or that. He leads by example, displaying his enthusiasm for the healthful foods he promotes.

Since kids tend to mimic people they like, we’ve found that some of our fans have been more apt to like broccoli because Vitamin Bee likes broccoli. Wow! Kids eating broccoli … Now, that’s progress! Find fun bee facts for kids!

How does this lead us to the honey bee? Vitamin Bee™ is leading the way by helping kids understand the effect of nutritious food on their bodies and minds. He’s a bee advocate, showing kids how essential the bee is to getting healthful foods like avocados on the table.

Videos That Make Nourishing Food Fun

Glorious, delicious, sometimes messy, interactive food! Vitamin Bee™ promotes fruits and veggies first through his videos, in which he explains key concepts about nutrition that will be reinforced by other activities. Our first step is to encourage our audience to experience and understand the importance of carrots, peas, blueberries, and a host of other fresh, nutritious produce. We offer up fun facts like how blueberries are brain boosters and avocados have heart-healthy fats.

For example, check out Vitamin Bee’s episode on the blueberry below! Find fun bee facts for kids!

Getting Kids into the Kitchen


Kids are natural scientists, curious about the world around them and ready to explore. So our next step is to stimulate their senses by getting them into the kitchen. Using simple recipes, kids can create and taste how fruits and veggies are one of many possible components in our everyday meals.

Vitamin Bee has created recipes that are easy for kids, parents, and teachers to cook in both the kitchen and classroom. This hands-on experience lets kids really enjoy food using touch, taste, sight, and cognitive skills. And kids are more likely to eat what they create themselves, so bring on the produce!

Growing Young Minds by Growing Plants

Once we’ve established that fruits and veggies are important for our health, the next step is to teach kids where all that produce comes from and how it’s grown. We’ve developed “The Growers Club,” a section on our website where parents and teachers can find resources, games, and activities. In one of our fun “Growers Club” activities, kids learn how to plant seeds and watch them grow, which naturally makes them more curious about the science behind it all.

But seeds, soil, water, and sunlight are just the beginning. How does Mother Nature do this herself? How does one flower continue to grow year after year? Curious minds will want to know. This is when we bring up the subject of pollination. Find fun bee facts for kids!

Creating Little Bee Advocates with Fun Bee Facts for Kids

Enter our little friend, the honey bee! By showing kids the importance of fruits and vegetables, how things grow, and how much fun healthful food can be, we help them understand that bees are an important part of their daily lives. Once they know the purpose of our favorite little pollinator, they can appreciate the hard work of the pollination team, which keeps our tummies full and our plants strong and beautiful! Find fun bee facts for kids!

As part of Vitamin Bee’s call to action for children to advocate for bees, he has created a three-part series called “Pollination”, “Preservation” and “Bee Aware”. These episodes are packed with fun bee facts for kids and are meant to educate our audience about the science behind pollination and the yummy, edible results.  Find fun bee facts for kids!

Kids will naturally want to help out their newfound bee friends, so as part of the activities associated with this series, we’ll introduce ways for kids to “Help the Honey Bee Do its Job” by creating bee-friendly gardens, “bee condos,” and other proactive bee projects. By engaging kids through stimulating media and fun activities, we have laid the groundwork for a lifetime of bee advocacy!

The Future of Vitamin Bee

Targeting grades K-5, Vitamin Bee is already working with elementary schools, apiaries, farmers, and bee advocates all over the world to educate and promote our cause. Additionally, the Vitamin Bee nutrition program is in its first year of action in the classroom, and we expect to see tremendous results with our kids eating yummier, more nutritious foods and loving the honey bee all the same.

Bring your little ones to www.VitaminBee.TV for episodes, games, music, and more.Find fun bee facts for kids!

Vitamin Bee represents a collection of individuals who believe learning about nutritious foods and creating healthy habits are just as essential to young growing minds and bodies as learning the “ABCs and 1-2-3s.” Our creative family and valued contributors include individuals who have experience with promoting education through TV media, a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Public Health, and perhaps most importantly, health-conscious parents and young consumers.

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