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By Valerie Solheim, Buzzworthy Blogs

The honeybee in the field neither toils nor sweats. On sunny days she rolls in flowers and drinks their nectar. She serves creation. As a byproduct of her bliss, she creates honey, a perfect, eternal food. She is 200,000,000 years old without evolving.

For more than 10,000 years we have celebrated honeybees as divine intermediaries and healers (one and the same). For those who experience her as an insect, she can ‘bee.’ For those who experience her as a pollinator, she does. For those who experience her as a highly evolved ‘beeing,’ she is.

The honeybees occupied my mind-as-hive in December 2008. Prior to that time, I was bee-less, a state similar to clueless. Then I experienced bees as insects needing my protection; hence, I became a beekeeper. Before beekeeping I was a Jungian therapist. This gave me the discipline of listening internally for guidance.

It was during Bee class 101: Application of Medications for Bee Health and Survival. Repeatedly I heard in my mind: Frequencies. I was sure that it didn’t mean Healing Touch.

Within a few weeks I was in Hawaii recording bees inside their hives.

Fact: Bees respond behaviorally to recorded bee sounds. Theory: Play healthy beehive recording to bees to keep them in a healthy-frequency state.

More research was required of me beyond the confines of entomology. Initially I turned to quantum physicists, Bill Reid and Slim Spurling. Bill became my mentor, friend, and translator, from physics to English. Together the two created a simple copper tool called a Star Burst, based on precise dimensions drawn from ancient Egyptian astronomy that establish coherent energy fields.

The more coherent the field is, the more efficient and effortless the transmission of energy. These energy fields harmonically couple with the earth’s universal gravitational wave. Think of … a vibrating tuning fork activating a stilled fork within its harmonic range. Once the frequencies between the two forks come into resonance, the energy required to maintain that level is less than that required of a single fork.

What does this have to do with honeybees? Colony insects tend to locate their hives in high energy fields. These energy fields are higher than the earth’s natural vibrational pulse of 7.83 Hz. This is due to underlying geological structures, such as fault lines, fissures, mineral deposits, and underground water flow. They are referred to as geopathic stress zones or lines, because they are typically non-beneficial to most living organisms. In contrast, they are bliss to densely packed insect colonies: bees, termites, ants, ladybugs, and wasps.

These zones provide the colonies with an effortless source of free energy. This means less work is required to maintain a level of heat and vitality to support the hive.

Since most beekeepers are unaware of the beneficial effects of these energy zones, they place the hives based on personal convenience or space available. The use of a Star Burst, however, increases field coherency within its perimeter, regardless of location. This results in more effortless information transfer (social colony organization), both within and beyond the hive. During a severe drought in my mountainous region, at an altitude of 7,200 feet, I harvested more than 180 pounds of honey from three hives. My beekeeping-neighbor, half a mile away, harvested 60 pounds from four hives.

In my research into quantum physics, I learned that I did not have to actively ‘play’ the hive recorded CD to the bees. The hive sound pattern is burned on to a CD through electromagnetics. When the HealingBees CD is clipped to a Star Burst, this sound pattern piggybacks on the generated wave. As such, the coherency field gets infused with the frequency pattern of a healthy beehive. The beneficial effects are significant, as it surrounds its environment and raises everything within it to a sacred space with high levels of coherency and organization.

A bee colony is a super organism: all members are interdependent and as such serve the same sacred purpose. This focus energetically creates a unified field, and the matrix of the unified field is divine. The beehive’s sound pattern has a unifying effect on chaotic energy.

The honeybee hive’s greatest gift is the transmission of the spiritual field, a unified field of Love that is life altering and sustainable, if you choose. The bees roll in the flowers and drink their nectar. That we struggle to have a good day is our choice. Choose again. Bee Love.

Valerie Solheim, Ph.D. is a Jungian Depth Psychology, Author, Spiritual Healing practitioner. Her goal is to extend what she learns from and with the honeybees: Gratitude, trust and light-heartedness. She lives in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado with her husband, dog, cat, chickens, bees and neighbors. For more detail read The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites – Quantum Principles. Visit HealingBees.org and HealingBees.us for research and product information.

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