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By HoneyColony Staff

Just throw money at the problem. If you’re Monsanto, DuPont, or Bayer CropScience and you’re fighting to keep the truth about your foods under wraps, that’s what you do. And it apparently has worked.

These companies and others waged an anti-labeling campaign on foods with millions of dollars in Washington state, reports Justin Bachman at Bloomberg Businessweek. They spent more than twice what advocates have spent in support of the initiative.

The proposal would have required labels that identified foods that have been genetically modified and would have made Washington the first state to require such labeling. Instead, it appears that the argument that such labeling would have  led to higher grocery prices won out in the vote this week.

Monsanto and DuPont sell corn and soybeans, among other foods, that have been genetically altered to withstand weedkillers used on crops. They also enrobe the modified corn with systemic pesticides so it can ward off pests. Honeybees often get killed in the crossfire.

Unfortunately for advocates of GMO labeling, it was an uphill battle, not just because companies like Monsanto and DuPont can write endless checks to get what they want. It’s also because Monsanto and other multi-national agriculture interests supply a steady stream of high-ranking officials to the USDA, FDA, and EPA.

Other countries seem to be taking a firmer stance against GMOs and their purveyors than does the good ol’ USA. To find out more about these and other GMO facts Monsanto doesn’t want you to know about, click here.

One final and perhaps more significant fact that supports clear GMO labeling is the simple truth that genetically modified foods make you fatter faster than non-engineered foods.

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