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I’m excited to conduct this interview with Dr. Julian Neil on Friday, April 19th, at 3 p.m. EST. This will be my second interview with Julian; the first focused on Neil Naturopathic haircare line and the power of naturopathics. The company is dedicated to using ingredients derived 100% from Nature to heal the hair, skin, and body.

When I first tried his shampoo and conditioner, I told him it was like washing my hair with a forest. I get so many compliments on my curls. I’ll share a little secret — given that I am lucky enough to live by the beautiful sea, after a dip, I use his wooden brush to run some conditioner on my hair and let it dry naturally. His product, plus sea water, makes my curls come alive, and it’s amazing.

I haven’t used any other hair products ever since he debuted his hairline. Nothing compares.

Julian is a holistic practitioner, iridologist, psychoanalyst, and yoga master. He has a private practice in Los Angeles and specializes in the mind/body/spirit healing of all illnesses. I met Julian in November 2017 on the set of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. For the past twenty years, Dr. Neil has been the health consultant for the show.

Bill, Bees, And Brand

I have been communicating with Bill Maher sporadically since 2010 over the making of my film Vanishing of the Bees. Bill was actually the only one who did not charge us for the footage we featured from his show. I reached out to him in 2017 when it dawned on me that it was the tenth anniversary of the discovery of colony collapse disorder.

We agreed that if I could find a celebrity willing to discuss bees and neonicotinoids, we’d move forward. I had a long list of people who had watched my film, including Zack Galifianakis, Susan Sarandon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I was a digital nomad then, building my company from all over the world. I could travel with abandon as unvaccinated vermin. I was in a small village called Kardimilli in the Peloponnese, Greece, listening to Rusty Rockets on my waterproof iPod while snorkeling with my Ninja snorkel. Russel had watched my film, and he was coming out with a new book.

Maybe he would do it?

I emailed Bill, and he gave me the green light. You may wonder why Bill would need my help to get him a guest. But I had also helped him get my narrator, Ellen Page, on the show before she transitioned to Elliot Page. I reached out to the producer of Rusty Rockets and made the intro. And soon, the show was scheduled for November.

I had press passes for the show, which was taped on the grounds of CBS Television City. I was familiar with that studio. I did a stint there. I was at CBS but had been hired by the BBC for a reality show about millionaires for ABC. It’s all one big alphabet soup of bullshit.

I worked in an edit suite that I joked dated from the days of Joker’s Wild. There were no windows, and the a/c system was full of mold. I was the only one sensitive to the shitty epigenetics of it all. I spent a weekend at Cedar’s Sinai. I was ill with walking pneumonia, and I was resistant to the antibiotics they administered intravenously.

In any case, that entire building is full of mold, so I brought a jacket with me and watched the show from the green room. If you watch the segment, you can see that Bill tried to get serious and mention Vanishing of the Bees but didn’t quite make the mark. When Russell Brand gets on national television, he turns into a ham. Alas, he talked about the bees in a very superficial way and certainly did not talk about the poisons.

And yet, I was still grateful I helped make the show happen.

Afterward, I introduced myself to Bill, reminding him I was the “Bee Lady.” He was sweet enough to apologize on behalf of Russell, who I took a picture with before he disappeared into a black limousine.

No photo description available.

The next day, I went to Bill’s comedy set and ended up in the green room once again. I mustered up the courage to ask Bill what it would take to get me on the show. Of course, the only viable option for discussing the politics and poisons of bees was to have the Bee Lady, aka ME, on Bill Maher.

My message would be that we are the bees, slowly being poisoned by sublethal doses of toxins, which now include genetically modified information.

Bill was very open to the possibility. Months later, I learned that the environmentalist Bill McKibben would be on the show. I wanted to meet him and asked Maher if I could get a press pass. This time, Julian was there, and they asked me if I wanted to join them for a bite. We went to Swingers Diner on Beverly Blvd.

I liked Julian straight away. I found him wise with a kind demeanor. We were talking, and I was in the back seat when Bill turned around and said, “You know your shit, don’t you.”

“Fuck yeah, I do, “ I responded.

I think he wanted Julian to vet me. I passed. Julian was a psychoanalyst, and the truth is I would later spend many an afternoon literally lying down on his couch, sharing my woes.

Back then, I was still full of hope. But when Rona occurred, I gave up on the possibility of getting on Bill Maher, realizing that someone like me could never go on national television. It’s too dangerous. For Realzies. I am TOO true. However, for the record, I did keep in touch with Bill during the entire RONA REGIME, telling him what was going on. He still got jabbed, and that’s when he got the virus.’


Neil, Cancer, And Scorpions, Oh, My

Dr. Neil has appeared as an expert in naturopathic medicine on national television and radio, as well as in publications. He has taught, lectured, and studied in countries around the globe and continues to travel the world, bringing ancient and modern technologies and remedies to his healing practice. One cornerstone of his practice is the belief that the intrinsic, holistic, intuitive, and nourishing healing of nature functions effortlessly and spontaneously once one has removed obstruction or resistance. True harmony with nature then becomes established in the profound knowledge of the true self.

In 1988, Dr. Neil founded the Gurudev Yoga Center along with the Neil Naturopathic Clinic, where his motto has been to “educate, not medicate.” He has taught the gentle art of self-healing to thousands of patients, therapists of all types, students, yogis, and physicians. In the same year, he also became the West Coast Director/Consultant to the Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapy (FACT), one of the world’s leading organizations in alternative cancer therapy. A position he held for 17 years.

Ironically, Julian was later diagnosed with cancer. I actually don’t know all the details yet, but he put his confidence in me to share his story about cancer for the first time.

He did immunotherapy and told me that it was just another form of chemo. I didn’t know. Eventually, it was Scorpion venom that healed him. He went into a coma, and when he woke up, he was healed.

Neil consciously created Neil before he himself was diagnosed with cancer; he wanted to make sure people don’t use products with toxic ingredients that SEEP into the brain. Ironically, my aunt died of brain and breast cancer. When I was older, it dawned on me that it was because of the dyeing of her hair regularly. All of those toxins used to seep into her skull and brain. I remember being in the hospital. She had electrodes on the side of her temples,  had lost all her hair, and had grey fuzz instead of a mahogany-colored coiffe. She was a wild aunt. I loved her dearly. Her name was Rita.

Join me on Friday. This will be a special show, and I have no doubt you will be inspired.


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