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We often forget the original roots of Valentine’s Day amid the corny commercials and endless odes to guilt (we seriously have to buy flowers for our mom now????), which are as fascinating as they are utterly dreadful.

During the reign of then-emperor Claudius Gothicus, the original Saint Valentine performed hundreds of secret weddings for people who were forbidden to marry, such as soldiers and Christians. He was eventually caught, jailed, tortured, and eventually executed for his “crimes.” Before his execution, however, Valentine’s jailer asked if he could heal his blind daughter.

The legend goes that Valentine took one look at the daughter and fell madly in love, and that his love caused her to miraculously regain her vision. Today, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a symbolic day with lots of bad chocolate, carcinogenic candles, and hormone disrupting lubes.

So, to honor your lover’s spirit and temple, we’ve created a gift set that is safe, sexy, and fit for all who have ever fought for love.

Valentine’s Day Fun #1: Vitality & Sweetness

JEM Hazelnut Raw Cacao Butter offers a sweet and tasty treat with every tablespoon. With four amazing ingredients the jar might end up empty before you blink.

Each ingredient is unique and combined make a delicious spread for anything you can grab! The sprouted organic hazelnuts are soaked in pink Himalayan salt crystals to offer a natural integrity, while boosting muscle and heart health. Raw organic cacao nibs are sourced from South America and are a superfood meant to provide the body with essential nutrients to combat disease and damaging destroy free radicals. Coconut crystals come from coconut tree flower blossoms and provide a natural sweetener for much needed energy. Lastly orchid vanilla offer a calming scent to reduce anxiety.

Valentine’s Day Fun #2 Light & Purity


valentine's day

Big Dipper Wax Works’ handcrafted beeswax candles are virtual aromatherapy generators. Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using natural plant essences to promote health and well-being. It utilizes pure essential oils, which are naturally extracted from a wide variety of plants. Beeswax is known for its healthful properties as well, being an anti-bacterial agent and releasing negative ions, which purify and cleanse the air.


Valentine’s Day Fun #3 Pleasure & Sensation

is ky jelly safe

Did you know that commercial lubricant brands claim to be safe but actually contain synthetic or toxic compounds designed for use on automobiles and in oven cleaners? Curious is made from the highest grade of natural botanicals available. This organic and exotic personal lubricant complements a lasting pleasure while heightening sensation. It has no petroleum or silicon, so you can use it as a sensuous massage oil for foreplay on all areas of your loved one.

Jan Wellmann was born in Helsinki, Finland, in a very cold atmosphere. Later he rebelled, believing that he belonged to an extinct Gecko species that could only thrive in tropical climate, and escaped to California. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he projects multiple fractured images of himself, some of them reminiscent of human behavior.

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