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Story Of The Week

Tell Congress To Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides!

Congress is considering a new bill that could save the bees and put an end to Colony Collapse Disorder. Join our fight!

HoneyColony Originals

Prime Time For The Plight Of The Honeybees

Just in time for National Honeybee Awareness month, the mainstream media puts a spotlight on honeybees. But what are they neglecting to tell us?

How To Deal With An Alien Invasion—By Thinking Like A Parasite

Deadly parasites invade the body and mind of HoneyColony co-founder Jan Wellmann, sparking an all-out battle for survival and sanity.

A Scary Look Inside Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos

With over 100 ingredients, the Doritos Locos Taco is the most addictive food-like product Taco Bell has ever designed.

Let It Burn: The Truth Behind Bikram

Sizzling and sweaty, Bikram yoga is anything but traditional. Here’s a look at the hottest trend in health and the scandalous man who started it all.

Target: Monsanto

93% Of The Public Wants GMO Labeling—Monsanto Plans To Spend Millions To Change Our Minds

Polls show it will take a lot more than new public relations tricks to convince consumers.

Behind The Label

Grape Seed Extract Outperforms Chemo In Killing Advanced Cancer Cells

And the more aggressive the cancer cells are, the more effective the grape extract works at targeting and stopping the growth.

How To Prevent And Treat Insect Bites Without Harsh Chemicals

Repel bugs without exposing your skin to a cancer-causing chemical that melts plastic.

Sweet Deal

Celebrate National HoneyBee Awareness Month. Buy an organic Bee The Change t-shirt and HoneyColony will give part of the proceeds to Beyond Pesticides and Pesticide Action Network North America for helping us get poisons out of our environment. Use the coupon code ‘beyondpesticides’ or ‘PANNA’ to choose your (bee) cause.
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