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Are there natural antibiotics for dogs, cats, and other pets? Yep! Silver is an excellent natural antibiotic and won’t cause superbugs or other drawbacks of conventional antibiotics.

[Editor’s Note: Over the holidays, my cat Sexy Tony spent an entire day curled up in a ball. When nightfall came and he had not eaten, I realized something was wrong. And then on his way outside, I noticed a severe limp. It took me a moment to rule out a bone break and then i noticed that his right paw was twice the size and had a huge gash. Looks like Tony got one of his nails torn off.]

It was literally New Year’s eve and a if we even found a vet, they would likely give him some form of antibiotics, so we smeared a healthy dab of our silver ointment and wrapped his paw up. The next day we noticed that Tony had more pep. The bandage had been chewed off but we noticed right away that the swelling had gone down considerably. We applied more silver and when Tony started licking his paw, rather than be afraid he was ingesting poisons, we were glad the silver would now also work internally. That’s because our silver ointment is edible and safe.

On Day three, Tony was applying weight on his paw again at about 70 percent and he was eating again. And well that was that. We trusted that silver coupled with Tony’s immune system would fight any infection and start healing muy rapido.

6 Amazing Ways To Use Silver: Natural Antibiotics For Dogs and Cats

Ionic colloidal silver is useful for the entire household, including your beloved pets. It’s an excellent way to boost your pets’ immunity and prevent illnesses, infections, and diseases. Silver is a great natural health supplement, and a cleansing/disinfecting agent for all your pet gear. Silver for pets can save you from costly trips to the veterinarian  – let alone the steep price of medication. What’s more, the antibiotics that are commonly prescribed to animals are immune system suppressors and can be the cause of antibiotic resistance.

Although there haven’t been many studies on silver’s effect on pets, many pet owners have experimented with the use of colloidal silver and have had excellent results. We even have one customer who administers silver to her horses.

It only makes sense that the natural healing powers, which have been proven scientifically effective for humans, would prove to be effective for other living creatures as well.

1. Keeping Your Pets Clean and Fungi-Free

There’s no better cleaning/disinfecting agent than ionic/colloidal silver. It’s a natural antibiotic for dogs and cats but unlike traditional antibiotics, can be used to prevent disease. So when it comes to your animal friends who run and prance around in many not-so-pristine places, it’s important to make sure that they and their environments receive the most natural cleansing/disinfecting. You can spray your pet cages and sleeping areas with silver. You can also add a bit of silver to  your pet’s bath water  – the amount varies based on the size of the animal. For a bird bath, we recommend 1/4th of a cup, for a dog or cat bath, we recommend a full cup. Also, make sure you add an ounce of colloidal silver to your pet’s water dish each time you fill it up. These easy additions will make a world of difference in your pet’s life.

2. Avoid Infections

Let’s face it. If you’ve got an outdoor pet, especially a frisky dog or cat, they’re bound to come home with all sorts of scrapes, cuts, and injuries. Many times, these injuries can lead to serious infections. You can avoid this by spraying all your pet’s injuries with silver. Silver works as a natural antifungal agent and provides natural antibiotics for dogs, cats, and many other pets. What’s more, it helps speed up the healing process- so much so that even medical doctors use bandages with silver drops stored in them – sold at ridiculously steep prices!

3. Treat Infections

If your pet does incur an infection or seems under the weather, the best thing to do is to give them a good dose of colloidal silver. Just as colloidal silver goes to work fighting bacteria and infections in the human body, it does the same for pets.

Give your pet an oral treatment of silver, several times a day, for up to a week. You will have to judge how much silver to give your pet based on their weight and size. Large dogs can handle up to 10 mL colloidal silver, two or three times a day. Small dogs should be given around 5 mL silver, two or three times a day. You can either give the treatment orally, via a syringe (with the needle removed), or mix it into their drinking water or wet food bowl.

Ralph Walters, a farmer in North Carolina who’s been making and using his own ionic collodial silver for over 20 years vouches, “My dogs have an intrinsic sense of just how healing silver is – and exactly how much of it they need. Sometimes, when I’ll leave a bowl of silver out. Depending on how sick they are, they’ll either take a few sips or drink down the whole bowl.”

4. Get Rid of Nasty Pet Odors

As much as you might love your pets, you’ve got to admit that sometimes they can be stinky. Especially if you’ve got cats or dogs who like to mark their territory with urine. Well, you’ll be happy to know that colloidal silver is not just natural antibiotics for dogs and cats but can eliminate pet urine (and other) odors too. Simply clean the area/carpet as you would normally, and then spray colloidal silver all over it.

5. Healing Your Pet’s Skin Issues

From rashes to ringworm, virtually any skin problem your pet has can be alleviated by spraying colloidal silver directly on the infected area several times a day, for a few days. It relieves itches and rashes, heals eczema-like dry, rough skin in a matter of days, and makes pimple-like bumps fade away. If the problem does prove persistent, it’s a good idea to try topical colloidal silver gel or cream products. These natural antibiotics for dogs and cats can reduce your need for expensive vet visits and other medications.

Silver Ointment Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Medicine Cabinet. Protect Your Pets, Kids, And Yourself.


6. Pet Stomach Aches

You know that every time you turn your head your pet tries to eat something or another that’s not good for it. And many times, this can result in a sad tummy ache. One of the best treatments for your pet’s belly ache is silver given orally several times a day, for up to a week. Again, you would have to judge how much silver to give your pet based on their weight and size. Large dogs can handle up to 10 mL colloidal silver, two or three times a day. Small dogs should be given around 5 mL silver, two or three times a day. You can either give the treatment orally, via a syringe (with the needle removed), or mix it into their drinking water or wet food bowl.

Using these tips for natural antibiotics for dogs and cats will keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy.

Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh is a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about preserving the natural beauty and wonder of our bodies, this planet, and the world. She is the cofounder of Crunchy Buzz, a digital wellness marketing firm that serves the health and wellness industry.

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14 thoughts on “Natural Antibiotics For Dogs And Cats: How Silver Saved My Cat”

  1. I have heard that taking it internally can assist with infection & wound healing since it is suppose to have antibacterial properties. And I have heard that even people who take it internally have benefitted from these properties. I need to find out how much to give & how often though.
    I sure hope it works, because poor old “Bob” is looking pretty rough.
    I should include that microparticles are what you want. The smaller the particles the more bioavailable they are. That way you also do not need to use as much per dose & ppm can also be less.
    This is the site I have been looking at

  2. it sounds like you are currently trying a colloidal silver internal treatment on Bob to see if it will clear up his abscess and other ailments given capture and topical treatment is not an option.

    Is the abscess on one of his cheeks? That’s where our indoor/outdoor kitty has had three abscesses and mgmt. of them using the vet standard of care [ clean/flush, give him antibiotic to prevent infection and steroid to help with inflammation then take home and apply E collar until healed ] is not only expensive but a huge pain in the put as mentioned earlier given he hates being kept inside, using litter box and wearing an E collar.

    Would be good to know if ultimately your lad Bob’s abscess and other matters show any improvement using internal doses of colloidal silver by mixing it with food and/or water. That sure would be a nice way to manage face abscesses arising from catching face on thorns or getting into territory skirmish with another outdoor kitty.

  3. I found this site because I was looking for a natural antibiotic or treatment for a feral cat that comes to my yard. My cat is totally indoor since his first owners had him declawed on all four & he has never been outside that I am aware of. I got him at 4 they got him as a kitten. He’s now 6. Anyway, the feral cat “Bob” (since he has a bobbed tail) appears to have an open abscess & since I cannot take him to the vet or treat the abscess topically I was looking for ways to help him that could be added to his food. I remember seeing him a few years back & at that time he looked cared for but maybe a bit thin, then he disappeared. I started seeing him again a couple of weeks ago & he looks pretty rough. When I spoke to him he stopped & looked at me, he seemed to remember my voice, so I started putting out some cat food for him, just enough for him, since we have coons I don’t want to waste it by having it just sit there or get eaten by coons or other cats. I feed him away from the house but where I can still see him from my desk to make sure he is eating. Anyway, I found a colloidal silver product 32oz. for $35. I am looking into that right now. I may need to live trap “Bob” & take him to the vet to be tested. If he tests positive, I think it would be best/kinder to have him euthanized. If he is negative, I wouldn’t mind having him vaccinated, neutered, wormed & his ears cleaned since he acts like he may have mites, then I guess just release him again. I would continue to feed him & will provide him with a shelter for bad weather, but I doubt he would ever make a pet but that may depend on “Bob” & his age.
    Anyway, good luck with you cat, hope the colloidal silver is a good quality product & helps you out.

  4. Thanks for the additional details on diy kits and product variations. Given the $17 spray bottle product I purchased is sold in a retail storefront and on the label outlines spraying topically as well as in the mouth of the pet, the latter just for breath freshening and keeping teeth/gums healthy, i’d expect its either the pure metal in its 45ppm concentration or a homeopathic placebo where they know in reality its no more dangerous than ingesting water.

    Its the latter kind of product for pets and humans that frustrate me as the last thing I want to be doing is treating pet/human ailment that is just relying on your mind’s optimism to drive the healing. I’m also seeing the $295, reduced from $350, diy colloidal silver healer product ad in my view of this article comments section. Its that kind of overpriced diy product offering with zero randomized control trial backed evidence supporting its treatment claims that I find doesn’t help with the case that colloidal silver is an effective treatment. Not saying it isn’t just that it sets off the “this is a scam” or “homeopathic placebo” based solution.

  5. To clarify its not on the back side of the front leg but rather on torso just behind front leg and as you suggest in a location that kitty can mess with it.

    I am not giving kitty the colloidal silver orally either directly or via his water. I’m spraying it directly on the wound as directed by the product label and by the person at our local specialty pet products store that said they’ve used it in the past on their pets. I was treating the wound with 2-3 spritzes vs just 1 spritz every 4 hours as the product label instruction implied. It does appear to be in final phase of healing with kitty, during times I am watching him, appearing to not be constantly messing with it.

    As noted in earlier response given the point at which I started treating the wound with colloidal silver + aloe spray its hard to know if healing over past few days was what one would expect doing nothing 5-7 days out from when wound original showed up or if it in fact was helped by the topical application of these two products. I imagine i’ll only know if I do this from the first day the wound shows up in the future and notice things healing much faster than the normal 7day+ window in case where things are going well vs an infection arises.

    We are always looking for ways to avoid having to go through an “E[lizabethan collar]” session with our kitty. He is an indoor/outdoor kitty and makes a huge ruckus over wearing and being kept inside and having to use a litter box. To get through those cases in the past we end up having to spend lots of supervised time with him with collar removed for various parts of the day to get him to cope with wearing it, and being kept indoors, during unsupervised times. Really wish there was a better solution for this when its required in case of a stitched wound or wound that is not healing quickly due to licking.

  6. We were told to only use distilled water. That maybe the difference. Watch out for people trying to take advantage. Back in the 90s when we first heard about colloidal silver, it was made with a 9 volt battery, some wires with metal clips in it, distilled water, pure silver rods (sticks) & a heavy paper bag since the silver was to be made & stored in a dark container only seeing light when it was used. Now I see colloidal silver “kits” that are $295 & such, just people trying to take advantage……..

  7. Behind the front leg can be a tricky place to treat a cut. Like an abscess it may look like it is doing good then reappear days later. If the cat is messing with it, licking the topical products off you may need an “E” collar to prevent it & give the topicals a chance to work.
    Out of curiosity, are you also putting the silver in the cat’s water or giving it orally? Don’t know if doubling down will speed recovery, just wondering.

  8. Back in the 90s a disease was going around the horse world caused by possum feces. The disease is EPM (Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis) & the prognosis was very grim. There were so called treatments but they were VERY expensive & even working as a vet tech. at the time, I never really saw that the treatments worked. When my uncle’s mare contracted it we were pretty sure she would have to be put down then we met a veterinarian who was trying a new treatment he had come up with that included vitamin & mineral supplements & colloidal silver. Since the mare was going to but put down anyway, my uncle decided to try it out. Back then the colloidal silver was not shelf stable & had to be prepped & stored in the dark. My uncle would make the colloidal silver at home using a 9 volt battery, wires with clips, a silver stick, distilled water & a quart mason jar. The supplements & colloidal silver were mixed into her grain. She never hesitated to eat it so it must have had little to no odor or taste. The treatment worked! The mare who was down was able to stand again & went on to make a full recovery. She even ended up have two foals. Maybe colloidal silver isn’t the be all end all cure for the number of things they claim it works for, but it cannot be denied that it DOES work on many things. The vet who saved my uncle’s mare went on to develop shelf stable colloidal silver & has a line of supplements designed to aid equine health.

    I do know one thing though, it never cost my uncle $295 for a colloidal silver healer.

  9. Well you don’t really want to make a lot of it at one time unless you will be using a lot of it in a short period of time. As for the $295 kit, I have no clue. The silver rods (sticks) at least the ones my uncle used were I would say the diameter was slightly larger than the lead in a #2 pencil & about 3″ long. After using it you want to be sure to clean it as directed also. If I recall my uncle wiped them with baking soda, then wiped it off. I was just saying $295 because that is the amount I am seeing off to my right under “Related Products”. You just need to be sure that the silver you buy is actual silver. No idea how to do that these days, but I would guess looking for pure or maybe 99.99%. You don’t want to be ingesting or having your pets ingesting other metals or impurities.

  10. My local pet store sold me liquid health spot shot 59ml / 45 ppm spray bottle of colloidal silver for $17.

    The label says spray [ which presumably means one spritz ] affected area every 4 hours for first 2 days and after that spray twice a day as needed. It also says for healthy breath and teeth spray in pets mouth morning and night . . . which has me wondering if this is better or worse than plaqueOff powder I’ve been using in poochy’s morning meal.

    How much product does the $295 kit produce and how does it recommend applying it and in what quantity for topical wounds and likewise when ingesting it for use as internal antibiotic and other matters.

  11. @akdreamin:disqus thanks for the input on this matter. Not sure where the $295 price tags are coming from. Local pet store sold me spray bottle dispenser of colloidal silver for $17.

    Been using it 2-3 times a day for the past couple days on kitties 3/4″ gash just behind front leg on torso and a minute or two latter adding a couple of spritzes of diluted aloe they suggested I also use to speed things along.

    Things seem to be doing no worse, and possibly improving but hard to know what the reason behind that at this point since we are 7 days out from this initially happening so I might expect at day 5 and onward a wound that wasn’t badly infecting to start healing up, and kitty messing with it less, than from day 1 through 5. Somewhat like cold medicines that say they cure your cold in 5-7 days which just happens to be about the same amount of time it takes for an untreated cold to clear up under most circumstances.

    Will have to try this colloidal silver spray + diluted aloe spray combination right from the get go with any future wounds our little guy comes home with and see if it shortens the healing time to less than 5-7 days or keeps him from messing with it better use of simple topical cleansers.

    The diluted aloe spray as a wound healing solution is in a similar situation as the colloidal silver where I can find a lot of articles in search hits singing its praises for a myriad of skin matters and an equal number of hits calling it an expensive alternative/functional/integrative/homeopathic medicine placebo.

  12. How does one rationalize all the positive topical usage matters discussed above, not apparently backed by any randomized control trial or epidemiological study evidence, against all the “colloidal silver” search hits calling it an alternative/functional/integrative/homeopathic medicine hoax?

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