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Stupid Americans? There are certain things that indeed make you less smart. Get a college degree, get a salaried job, get married, have children, pay your taxes, watch the telly, listen to the news, obey the law. Follow societal trends. Travel the safe path. Sweep real pain under the rug. Live in a straight jacket 2000+ hours a year. Read illogical books awash with “golden nuggets” of knowledge. Eat fast food full of artificial flavors induced by various processing techniques to maximize the odds of repetitive purchase and minimal cost. Figure out what you are passionate about, pursue it relentlessly and become a successful middle-class citizen. Get out of your comfort zone. The game is over when your buzzer beeps. Here are 5 things that are making Americans stupid.

1. Poor Parenting

Your crash pad rules or consequential lack thereof set pivotal limits and roadblocks for your child that help him or her critically, even though they will mesh well with other programmed children and adults. Children inquisitively watch your actions and how you handle your circumstances. As a parent, you set the unequivocal example and model the behaviors that you would like your children to adopt. Monkey see, monkey do… An alternative way to parent is called the Continuum Concept. It offers an alternative to parenting with the idea of achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional development and adaptability.

 2. Television

Another leading precursor to doom and dumbness is the almighty and prized television set. The rash and negligent behaviors depicted on television influence vulnerable human beings by showcasing verbal rubbish and physical violence as acceptable. As an innocent child, I strongly disliked when my parents wanted to have a conversation pertaining to the positive and negative consequences of exposing myself to raw violence. At the time, I perceived my parents had sticks up their a**es, but in hindsight, I attest that my parents were indeed protecting my psychological, mental and emotional well-being. Heads up, couch potatoes. Think for yourself. Studies have found that people who watch the most TV are twice as likely to have poor mental functioning.

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3. Sugar

Ever since the introduction of high fructose corn syrup and further sugar additives in processed foods in the 1970s, the consumption of sugar has risen alongside obesity. Sugar is added into nearly every packaged or canned food, whether blatantly labeled or disguised in the form of 61 names. You name it: peanut butter, jelly, dressing, yogurt, canned fruit, soda, fruit juice, pasta, frozen meals, etc.; be aware of how much sugar you are eating and how it is potentially contributing to your other health concerns. The substitution of factory and industrial processing rather than artisanal processing has diminished the quality and nutritional content of our food. Industrial processing survives on hydrogenated oil, synthetic food additives, and the extrusion of grains, sugar, and white flour. For instance, your morning bowl of breakfast cereal is full of mood-altering chemicals and subject to a science experiment portrayed as “food” drenched with a chemical-laden cup of milk. Therefore, you pay nearly seven dollars for a box of cold cereal that carries pennies worth of actual grains and costs a hill of beans to produce. Food for thought?

4. The Standard American Diet

As American hooligans perpetually soak down aluminum cans of soda overflowing with high doses of aspartame and chow down chemically-induced potato chips, ruthless corporations, who only care about the bottom line, fatten and brainwash individuals. Big Food continues to tirelessly utilize science and technology to get people hooked on junk food. Big Food capitalizes on the average American consumer’s inclination to fill an emotional void with sugary treats and greasy eats. Food and farming are continuously and conspicuously absent from political campaigns or carefully crafted to score political points from hippo-humans devouring row upon row of “sugar-free,” “low-carb,” “light,” and “lean” frozen din-din’s. Fast-food crooks are infiltrating school grounds and naive children are consuming genetically modified school lunches all across the nation. The creation of walls and shelves of insalubrious goodies are easy on the pocketbook of cockeyed corporations and diminish the individual’s overall well-being. We need to stop sugar-coating the truth about the food choices that an individual makes. Put a halt to the salt.

5. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

Disrupting your brain cells, the food additive that is known to enhance flavor, is potentially lurking around in your kitchen cabinets and disrupting your brain chemicals. MSG is widely used in many prepared foods due to its immediate response in enhancing flavor. MSG has been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and many autoimmune disorders. Studies conducted with MSG have shown that it causes swelling and destruction of mature neuron cells in the brain. MSG is a cornerstone ingredient that keeps the bottom lines of the food industry full. Jessica Golich writes about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life. She has an insatiable curiosity for the world. She is always learning, changing, evolving, and experiencing life on a whole new level.Jessica Golich writes about the thoughts and experiences that shape her life. She has an insatiable curiosity for the world. She is always learning, changing, evolving, and experiencing life on a whole new level. She finds pieces of herself and broadens her perception of others through getting lost in different cities and compelling environments. Submit your story or essay to Buzzworthy Blogs.

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