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By HoneyColony Staff

Cancer drug researchers turned anti-aging moguls? As of late more and more pharmaceutical companies are using their know-how to compete in the $1.2 billion U.S. luxury skin-care business. Take Kleanthis Xanthopoulos, for instance, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology; he recently created Senté, an anti-aging skin-care product line that combats sagging skin and under eye circles.

“I was thinking, ‘How can we take the rigor of high-end science and apply that not to drugs, but what we call life-enhancing consumer products that aren’t regulated by the FDA?’”says Xanthopoulos.

The advantages are many. These products can be sold for high prices without the expense or years of clinical testing, which appeals to biotech executives.

You can read this article in full in Bloomberg Businessweek.

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