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Prelude To Seeds For Bees

A year ago, I read a disturbing and fascinating article in Time magazine about the bees disappearing. A phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder ( CCD) had been identified as a serious problem occurring across the world. Then I discovered the award-winning film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page and directed by HoneyColony founder Maryam Henein. Initially, scientists and the public had no idea what was causing  up to 90 percent of the bee population to disappear. Today we know that the root of the issue are systemic pesticides that compromise the immune system of the honeybee. Other variables include bee-feeding parasites and a global decline in wildflowers. Although I didn’t have any resources to stop farmers from using pesticides on crops and I didn’t know how to go about stopping the parasites from feeding on bees, I felt I could do something about the decline in wild flowers. So I launched ‘Seeds For Bees’ on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. I have provided a quick and easy solution for people who acknowledge how much of a problem this is. If  you fall into any of these three categories (or all three) ‘Seeds For Bees’ will bring you relief in knowing that there is a way to save the bee population:

  • You understand that one third of the food we eat daily requires pollination.
  • You realize that bees pollinate 70 of the 100 crop species that feed 90 percent of the world.
  • You comprehend that honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops.

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Seeds For Bees Seeds For Bees is a bee friendly seed super-mix designed to create the perfect environment for bees to thrive in. It is suitable for a wide variety of soil types and no gardening experience is necessary—simply ‘Throw to Grow’ on soil. Although the mix itself is top secret (due to the significant resources, research and product development needed to design and make the mix), we can reveal it contains: Alyssum, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Phacelia tanacetifolia, Cosmos, Echium, Common Corn-cockle, Reseda odorata and Mirabilis jalapa. So far, many people have generously backed the project. From as little as £3 (~$4.30), they have helped us to reach the modest start-up cost of £1000 ($1441) to make the mission a reality. People have backed us from every corner of the world from places like Denmark, Mexico, The Philippines, and of course the US, Canada, and the UK. I just need your help to go above and beyond that target. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, you ‘back’ a project so it has the financial backing to complete it’s mission whether it would be making a new ultimate travel jacket, jeans made for bodybuilders or in this case, saving the bees. You can back this project by purchasing 1, 4,10, 20, 50, or 100 packets of our Seeds For Bees. If funded, we aim to get the seeds to you in June this year—regardless of where you are in the world.

Scientific Background Of The Mix

The seed super-mix was developed at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in Cambridge, England. It contains 22 annual and 24 perennial seed varieties. Watch Their Kickstarter campaign video. The research behind CCD makes it clear that this is a global problem. In the US, there has been an average decline of 40 percent in bee hives nationally and a Harvard study announced neonicotinoids—the world’s most widely used systemic insecticide is responsible. The White House has even acknowledged how vital our bees are. President Barack Obama launched a national plan for improving the health of bees as well as proposing the spend of $82.5m on bee research. In the UK, in the last 60 years, the bee’s natural grassland habitat has diminished by 97 percent. Meanwhile 20 bee species have become extinct already and another 25 percent of the remaining species are on the ‘Threatened Species’ list. “In our busy lives, it becomes harder and harder to do ‘that little bit extra’ for the planet. So we believe we have made it as simple as possible for you to make a difference. No matter how large or small your contribution, we can make a difference together—simply ‘Throw to Grow’.” Watch Vanishing of the Bees Official Trailer Eddie Eastman is an ex-Bushcraft Instructor who believes in sustainable living.Eddie Eastman is an ex-Bushcraft Instructor who believes in sustainable living. After discovering the ultimate bee mix, he founded Seeds For Bees. These packages are designed for the general public to take part in aiding the preservation of the world’s bee population. In our busy lives, it becomes harder and harder to do ‘that little bit extra’ for the planet. So he believes he has made it as simple as possible for you to make a difference.” Submit your story or essay to Buzzworthy Blogs.

1 thought on “Seeds For Bees Makes Saving HoneyBees Easier”

  1. So what’s in the mix? Does it include anything that could be considered “invasive” or become a problem in certain parts of the world? Is it “region-specific” (ie composed of several mixes specific to certain ecosystems)?.. or simply a “temperate” mix that one might find in the European countryside?
    I’m ALL FOR keeping the bees happy. We have several species here, as well as the honeybees… which aren’t a native species, but have naturalized. I’d just hate to see another “foxglove invasion”, that has spread throughout our local forests and displaced valuable native plants that are also “bee-friendly”- and make great honey (like fireweed- epilobium spp). And I suppose I have a bit of the skepticism that provokes one to examine the teeth of “gift horses”. ^..^

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