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By Joanna Runciman, Buzzworthy Blogs

Each day women are bombarded with ads to buy beauty products, some of which have dubious ingredients.

What about happiness and radiance in non-toxic beauty? And peace with those around you? Deeper issues obviously, but likely to stand you in good stead.

A friend of mine once said to me, “Joanna, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is inner confidence and peace.” I think more and more women are aware of the benefits of focusing on inner confidence and worrying less about whether their boots are designer wear. Meanwhile, the planet struggles to sustain our purchases.

So what is a woman to do who wants radiance?

The first step is to accept where you are today, warts and all. You are unique and wonderfully flawed. Being human means we are by our nature not perfect but guess what? That is totally okay. You are unique and that must be celebrated not hidden.

The second step is to consider “edible skin care,” as I call it. The less-is-more approach to skin care is trendy, and I hope this is a trend that lasts for many, many years to come.

I opt to use non-toxic skin care—ingredients like honey, shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil (such as Sinfully Wholesome’s argan oil) or jojoba oil. A little goes a long way, and I am not washing synthetic chemicals down the drain. Since what I put on my skin gets absorbed, I prefer to use edible ingredients.

But do natural products work?

Yes! I have used nothing but edible skin care for years. I’m always mixing fruits and other oils for facemasks. In my book “The Radiant Woman’s Handbook,” I explain how women can look radiant whilst avoiding synthetic chemicals.

The third step to looking radiant is slowing down. Can you relate to being fabulously busy and wondering how on earth the months have whizzed by so fast?

As the flight attendant always says, “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else.” Taking time to care for yourself is not selfish but necessary. Taking time to sleep and wind down is vital. It’s kind of handy that it gets dark; it is like nature saying, “Hey, now you can rest.” And yet we fall into bed exhausted having been going at full tilt all day. Is it any wonder many of us are not sleeping well?

Creating a down time before bedtime is necessary, and one way to maintain your radiance. Why not run a warm bath, add some magnesium bath flakes, make a face mask from local honey, then relax.

Sleep tight radiant woman.

Joanna Runciman writes for Actual Organics. and has recently published a book called The Radiant Woman’s Handbook: Sensible, Positive Solutions for Reducing Toxins and Loving Your Body which shares sensible solutions for reducing toxins and loving your body. Submit your story or essay to Buzzworthy Blogs.

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