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Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal

Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal

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Purify Your System And Digest Easier

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Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal is the only activated charcoal on the market to provide ultra-fine grains and highly purified charcoal in order to remove excess toxins.

Activated charcoal has been used for over 10,000 years in Chinese, Ayuredic, and Western Medicine as a potent detoxing agent. It’s been used to remove poisons, settle digestive issues, and promote a longer healthier life-span. Modern medicine uses it for general detoxification, digestion issues, gas, bloating, heart health, and anti-aging.

Many detox systems absorb toxins, but activated charcoal uses a process called adsorption. This allows it to bind to toxins, and since the body cannot absorb it, toxins are easily removed.

Activated charcoal is made by burning a source of carbon such as wood, debris, and in Bulletproof’s case, coconut shells. When burned at a high temperature, all the oxygen is removed. The end product is a highly adsorbent material with a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged, unwanted toxins and gas.

Activated charcoal has been used to quickly combat bleach, fertilizer, and alcohol poisoning. Foods we eat contain non-essential chemicals and toxins. As activated charcoal passes through the digestive tract, it binds to these non-essentials to remove them and only allow absorption of necessary nutrients. In addition, it has been shown to promote anti-aging through preventing cellular changes throughout the body and promoting brain resistance to toxins.

Through regular use of Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal, your intestinal, brain, and skin health will improve, due to the removal of toxins. Toxins can lead to inflammation, a lead factor in many ailments and diseases of the body.

Suggested Use: Take two or more capsules when consuming food. Can also be used when you feel that you have food poisoning. Or for instance to help remove toxins in conjunction with coffee enemas.

Warnings: The high adsorption of charcoal may reduce the effectiveness of certain medications. Consult your healthcare provider before taking charcoal. Don’t take charcoal at the same time as medications. May cause harmless darkening of stools. At high doses, may cause constipation.

Why We Love It:

  • Absorbs toxins that can cause digestive issues and brain fog
  • Supports relief of gas and bloating
  • Made from pure coconut shells
  • Can flush out drugs, poisons, mold, and chemicals
  • Removes bad breath, body odor, and skin ailments
  • Promotes healthy, vibrant skin
  • Ultrafine grain for maximum adsorption
  • Fully washed to remove heavy metals
  • Decreases cholesterol
  • The only one of its kind on the market!

Environmentally sustainable coconut charcoal from pure coconut shells, vegetable cellulose (capsules)

1 review for Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal

  1. Eve Fackler (verified owner)

    Just started and excited to see ongoing results.

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