Silver Excelsior Serum: Chelated Silver Concentrate


Silver Excelsior Serum: Chelated Silver Concentrate

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Full Spectrum, Highest Potency Natural Immunity Booster

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NOTE: The whole bottle of Silver Excelsior Serum is a 4,000 parts per million (PPM) chelated silver concentrate, which is up to 800 times stronger than a typical colloidal mix you buy in a store. You only need a full dropper or two in a glass of water to have a superior silver mix, which is why it is also the market’s most cost-efficient solution. 

Silver Excelsior Serum can change your life! Many times more powerful than the popular colloidal silver, this silver serum uses chelated silver to create a 200X more bioavailable natural immunity booster. That means, when you’re looking to buy silver serum there is no need to worry about antibiotic-resistant superbugs, new gut health issues, or the toxicity that comes with pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Silver Excelsior Serum can be used for immune boosting. Immune boosting is essential:

  • During bacterial and viral infections
  • For fighting off sore throats and ear/eye infections
  • For relieving sinus and upper respiratory issues infections
  • Fighting Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • For the prevention of plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bleeding gums
  • To relieve food poisoning symptoms
  • For the disruption of mold and mildew buildup
  • To support relief from cuts, sores, and boils
  • To limit the reaction and discomfort of insect bites and rashes
  • Athlete’s foot and nail fungus

Chelated Silver: A Biologically Superior Form Of Silver

The chelation process attaches silver molecules to amino acid molecules (chelators). These chelators are then able to bring the silver into the body so that each particle of silver can come in contact with the infected area. Therefore, each drop of silver excelsior serum is hundreds of times more potent than other forms of silver.  

Why Silver Excelsior Serum?

Formulated as extremely potent bioparticles, Silver Excelsior Serum works hand in hand with your body’s cell structure.

Each bottle of Silver Excelsior contains about 660 drops – and a single dropper full of our product will give you 40 ounces of 10 ppm of silver oxide in a liquid which gives you better value than most silver serum reviews.

Save money and protect the entire family at home, on vacation, or on the road with our three-pack of Silver Excelsior serum.

Does silver oxide kill good bacteria?

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, silver oxide doesn’t kill helpful probiotics along with pathogens. According to researcher Gordon Pedersen, Ph.D., ND, “Silver has a remarkable ability to selectively destroy pathogenic bacteria while not causing harm to healthy probiotic bacteria.” Chelated silver disables the platform from which harmful bacteria grow, keeping them from multiplying. 

Silver Excelsior Serum’s Mode Of Action

Silver and silver oxide has a unique immunity-boosting action. Silver attaches to the bacteria cell and blocks respiration, causing it to die. It works so well in killing pathogens (but allowing good bacteria to flourish) that even mainstream physicians use it.

Can NOT cause resistance

You’ve heard that bacteria such as MRSA are mutating and becoming resistant to the most powerful antibiotics? Professor David Avnir says, “Silver isn’t vulnerable to the same pitfalls as antibiotics. Silver chemically disrupts pathogenic bacteria’s ability to produce cells, but remains impervious to resistance.”

Suggested Use: Use a full dropper squeeze (fills about 3/4 of the way) in 8 ounces of any water-like liquid to make pure 100 ppm chelated silver oxide in solution. Stir gently before drinking.

The hive is buzzing about the benefits of silver. Want to learn more? Visit 51 benefits of silver today!

Great deal! 

Silver Excelsior (Serum) is a chelated silver oxide (not colloidal silver oxide), that is both bioactive and bioavailable and priced at below $85. For the silver oxide concentration and associated value, it is only 5 percent the price of the other manufacturers and we’re sure at least 100 percent more effective.  We’ve truly uncovered the best of both worlds – ridiculously low pricing with incredibly effective results.

How Much Silver Excelsior Serum Do I Need

One dropper full of Silver Excelsior Serum equals 40 oz of highly potent 10 ppm chelated silver solution when mixed with distilled water. Add one full dropper (fills about 3/4 of the way) per small glass of water (8 oz) to create a 100 ppm solution that is sufficient for any condition. Best on an empty stomach. Repeat if necessary the next day.

Please Note: Due to supply changes our current batches of Silver Excelsior are off-colored from their usual clarity. We’ve spoken with our supplier who has done numerous tests on each component of the Silver Excelsior, and we assure you that the silver quality is exactly as it always has been. If there’s any sediment at the bottom of the bottle, this is concentrated silver particles. Shaking regularly before use should break the deposits apart.

Why We Love It:

  • Natural immunity booster
  • Increased bioavailability for quick absorption
  • Can be used with any water-based liquid including fruit juice, etc.
  • Boosts immunity when bacteria, viruses, infections, superbugs, and parasites are present
  • Travel-friendly with the ability to assist with combating infections and  bacteria
  • Boosts immunity for sore throat, ear infection, and eye infection response
  • Boosts immunity to support sinuses and upper respiratory issue response
  • Helps prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bleeding gums
  • Reduces food poisoning symptoms
  • Fights mold and mildew buildup
  • Alleviates discomfort of cuts, sores, and boils
  • Alleviates itches occurring from insect bites and rashes
  • Alleviates athlete’s foot and nail fungus
  • Soothes burns, including sunburns

Weight 11 oz


chelated silver oxide


50 drops

87 reviews for Silver Excelsior Serum: Chelated Silver Concentrate

  1. Heather (verified owner)

    I feel this keeps sickness away when you feel it approaching

  2. Katherine (verified owner)

    It is very efficient in helping with ph balance

  3. Akil Mychal (verified owner)

    Excellent product!

  4. Peter Horvatek (verified owner)

    i have been buying this product on regular basis for more than 3 years now … due to high energies coming in and upgrading human body …my gut flora goes crazy ….silver helps infinitely

  5. Annie (verified owner)

    I just feel more settled when i use just 10 drops a day in water

  6. Hannah Cain (verified owner)

    This is my second time purchasing silver excelsior from Honey Colony. The last time I purchased it was a few years ago; it healed one of my sons’ pink eye in one day, and cured a tummy ache of another one of my sons within 15 minutes. If you’re pregnant/nauseous/throwing up, it’s great to have around. It also quickens the healing of cuts and bruises, and helps with sore throats. It’s pretty much the only product you need in your medicine cabinet. I’m really excited to be able to afford it again!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t used yet

  8. Rosemary (verified owner)

    I purchased the Silver Excelsior and I have to say that it is a very high quality silver. I am very happy with my purchase

  9. RSG (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my mother. She is a double nephrostomy patient which means she has plastic tubes coming out of her body from her kidneys at all times. This is an extreme infection hazard and we have run through too many antibiotics, sepsis attacks requiring hospitalization, and chronic elderly UTI brain confusion on top of a dementia diagnosis. The antibiotics are failing now. Two silver treatments in two days and she is already clearing up. My mother’s days are numbered; it is nice to think we may actually be able to enjoy the time with her we have left! I think my dog with the chronic ear infection is about to get lucky also!!!

  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    Delivery was so fast!

  11. Mar Fishman (verified owner)

    It was thicker than I expected indicating strong silver content, a plus.

  12. Joyce Riggs (verified owner)

    Love this product. I don’t want to be without it

  13. Dolores McNamara (verified owner)

    I love the silver excelsior

  14. Thomas E Alexander (verified owner)

    I am not sure what kind of benefits to expect. I do like how quickly it arrived and the instructions make it easy to know the dose need per glass.

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  16. Susan Cain (verified owner)

    The Silver Excelsior Serum is the one product I reach for daily, as it has become a part of my wellness routine.
    I have made multiple purchases of this item and will continue to do so, as I am now a HoneyColony customer for life!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff!

  18. ngavrilyuk (verified owner)

    I love this as well it helped clear out my sinuses.

  19. Carolyn F. (verified owner)

    I have only been using Silver Excelsior for a couple weeks. I haven’t had the usual sinus issues!
    Also, I was happy to learn that children can use it too. My grandson had a stomach virus and this helped tremendously!

  20. Mary Ann Fuller (verified owner)

    Been using about 10 days. Helped sinux infection and allergies. Allergies did return though. I highly recommend. Would like more info on how long to use on daily basis since I have many issues.
    Appreciate reccommendations.

  21. holitteb (verified owner)

    I don’t usually write reviews unless I truly believe in a product.
    This is one of the best product yet. I have been using the Silver Excelsior for a while now and I can tell you it really works. During the cold months I often get six with cold and flu where I am out of work for a week, suffering from fever, sinus infection and sometimes bronchial infection. (yes, this is true. I am 57 years old and in my younger days had a bout of pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 weeks) Ever since I started taking the Silver Excelsior I have not gotten sick. I have also used it on my husband’s leg. He has Sciatica and it knocks his pain out in no time. I have used it on my gums when it.. The Silver is a life saviour, I am sure there are many other uses for this little gem.

    I have used other products from Honey Colony and I can say they are all good.

  22. clarity100 (verified owner)

    Silver Excelsior helped me tremendously in treating a tooth infection — thank you!

  23. zibibbo2011 (verified owner)

    Excellent supplement for immunity booster. Keeps you away from flu & cold bug.

  24. zibibbo2011 (verified owner)

    Excellent health supplement for immunity. This works well on my tendonitis too. İt’s a boon to those who are looking for natural immunity support.

  25. zibibbo2011 (verified owner)

    Excellent health supplement for immunity. This works well on my tendonitis too. İt’s a boon to those who are looking for natural immunity support.

  26. Laura (verified owner)

    I’m still trying this out

  27. Nina Witt (verified owner)

    I love this product because it is a concentrated form of silver oxide. One bottle is enough for my whole family. I have been using silver products since 2011 and I am impressed by the quality of this item. I ordered 3 for my family and one for my mother who lives in NY state. I am recommending this product to all my love ones during this critical time of the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak.

    B.S. Complementary & Alternative Health , M.A. OMM

  28. Jeanette Hartt Mackay (verified owner)

    It’s supposed to help you stay healthy….. so far, it seems to be working!

  29. Charlotte Vrooman (verified owner)

    the best I have found

  30. aroseg09 (verified owner)

    Love this product keeps our family healthy. Haven’t went to the doctor and dentist in 3 years.

  31. Linda Shaw (verified owner)

    Love it

  32. aroseg09 (verified owner)

    This is the best stuff on earth!

  33. Martha (verified owner)

    not sure yet

  34. Carrie Mackay (verified owner)

    A+, this stuff works!

  35. Michael (verified owner)

    Great to have as defense against Coronavirus.

  36. imagemaker101 (verified owner)

    After contracting a staph infection (possibly MRSA) due to a scraped knee in a jacuzzi, I first successfully treated it with a silver wound gel containing silver nitrate. Unfortunately, due to shaving my knee/leg, that infection later spread to other areas I had also shaved. I realized then that I needed something more systemic to stop these skin & lymph node infections & eliminate the possibility of becoming a carrier of this infection, threatening the health of my family & others.
    I found Silver Excelsior Serum online & ordered it. Whenever I saw any sign of skin infections, I would use the Silver Serum as directed for a couple of weeks until those signs disappeared. I now feel I am free of the MRSA.
    But of course, we’re under attack from other infections all the time. I’ve used my Silver Excelsior Serum to stop a sinus infection, my first in several decades, by gargling with it, then swallowing, a couple of times a day. The sinus infection was getting into one of my ears, but the Silver Excelsior stopped that, along with my sinus infection in about a week, without any antibiotics.
    I’ve also found Silver Excelsior Serum to greatly speed up the healing of scrapes from ocean coral (i.e., approximately one week with SilExS, vs. four+ months without!). As claimed, swishing with SilExS also helps eliminate tartar from your teeth and I’ve found that swabbing your gums using a soaked Q-tip will improve your gum health too.
    All in all, I’ve found Silver Excelsior Serum to be a valuable, cost-effective tool for protecting my health.

  37. Tengku Mastura (verified owner)

    Great product on earth. Alhamdulillah. Ive not been sicked due to flu/ cough/UTI for more than 3 years since i bought this silver. Thank you honeycolony for producing such an amazing product. I have had enough with pharmaceutical products and the big pharma agenda.

  38. Harry Kiolbassa (verified owner)

    I’ve used this for a week only so it’s to early to tell anything yet.

  39. Peter Horvatek (verified owner)

    it does everything it says and than some

  40. pslavin69 (verified owner)

    Great product!

  41. Gina (verified owner)

    Truly rids the body of toxicity, even in those with neuropathy. It stops it if you continually use it. You’ll lose weight that doesn’t come back, it’s AMAZING for ANXIETY and the yuck feeling. I won’t live without it!!!

  42. Angela (verified owner)

    Silver is needed in my home! I will never be without this! Since I found this I use it as needed, keeps me from getting sick and no more UTI’s , this sure beats the antibiotics given to me per the doctor !

  43. mary felzien (verified owner)

    Works well

  44. pslavin69 (verified owner)

    Great results!

  45. Connie G. (verified owner)

    Each of the products in this bundle are worth their weight in GOLD!

  46. Jane Ellen Sexton (verified owner)

    The product is fabulous

  47. shanesblondie (verified owner)

    Cured my sinus/ear infection in 3 days!

  48. AshleyJ (verified owner)

    I was diagnosed with a case of bacterial pneumonia about a month ago. Found this product after 2 rounds of antibiotics and still suffering from a terrible productive cough and shortness of breath. After taking for a couple of days – I noticed a dramatic improvement in my lungs and cough. Plus my energy levels have rebounded so quickly! One week out and my cough is almost gone and my lungs are feeling great. I will always keep this on hand as my first line of defense.

  49. pslavin69 (verified owner)

    Very happy with this product. Haven’t caught a cold since using it!

  50. MaryEllen (verified owner)

    I love this. Clears up an infection without messing with good gut bacteria like pharmaceuticals do. Recently had two worrisome localized infections that several doses over several days cleared right up!

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I see reduced in pain after using it for a week.

  52. Jennifer Vaccaro (verified owner)

    The silver is excellent. Takes away even trace sore throats.

  53. Rita (verified owner)

    Just starting to use this product. I had diverticulitis with inflammation for 4 months. After 3 rounds of antibiotics, I still had it. After 3 days of the Silver, the inflammation was significantly improved.

  54. pslavin69 (verified owner)


  55. pslavin69 (verified owner)

    Love this product!

  56. degraham444 (verified owner)

    Works better than any antibiotic, especially since antibiotics give me horrible side effects and they destroy good bacteria. It’s an essential addition for anyone who wants to maintain a life free from prescription drugs, as I do. The plus is that I don’t get what’s going around!

  57. Daniela (verified owner)

    I use to get UTIs every single month and nothing worked . I would Take antibiotics and the infection would come right back. Every since I started Taking this about 4 months ago, I have Not experienced a UTI or even getting sick at all. I buy one every month and a half. So blessed I found this product. Saved my life honestly . Thank you so much, best thing I have Ever bought.

  58. Patrick Chamberlain (verified owner)

    i love this product…its amazing!

  59. anger3 (verified owner)

    So far so good, I keep getting recurring sinus and bronchial infections. Been taking for 1 week and I’m feeling so much better.

  60. Tracey Nolan (verified owner)

    Only thing that works for IC from Lyme

  61. Brenda West (verified owner)

    I bought I use

  62. pslavin69 (verified owner)

    I love this product. I had an absessed tooth & it cleared the infection.

  63. kgustavis (verified owner)

    This is the real deal it really helps with so many ailments

  64. wadsworth (verified owner)

    This the best product on the market for you if your sick it works the best

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am still trying to figure out if this serum has been working or not. I’ve had a staph aureus infection for a very long time (we’re talking several years), which manifests itself as small puss-filled obtrusions on my skin all over my body, with concentrations in certain areas (chest, back, shoulders, gluts). I’ve applied the rash block product on them, which hasn’t given me any results – I expected to see results within a day or two, but I didn’t. I’ve also been ingesting the serum (about 6-9 drops in a cup/cup & half of water). The protrusions are still showing up, though a bit smaller. In the concentrated areas of the skin infection, they are still there. I’ve been drinking this “special serum water” for about 2 weeks now. I’m going to keep at it and see whether this stuff really does make a difference and maybe I’ll be on here to comment then. I will also say that I’ve changed my diet for over a year now, drastically limiting gluten, sugar and dairy. I’m on a natural multi vitamin and a probiotic. Still no major results, but trying to be patient. Really hoping that if I persevere for just a little longer, silver excelsior will help clear this aggravating, embarrassing and painful problem.

    I can tell you that when I’m on doctor prescribed antibiotics, the protrusions completely disappear, but only for a period of time before resurfacing.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Less pain and have not take rx and otc medication for a month. I take every am with empty stomach. It’s work!

  67. Phillip Sullivan (verified owner)

    Helping with my bacterial sinus infection. Recommend!

  68. Paige I. (verified owner)

    This is actually making my stomach bacteria go away! It’s night and day as to how I feel. Digestion has done a 180!!

  69. Nina (verified owner)

    This stuff works!!! I used it on my daughter and son both had different aliments but it helped stop what ever they had and bounce back quickly . I would highly recommend and will definitely buy again! So glad I found this product !!!

  70. Rylan (verified owner)

    Works great, great quality, and very easy to use.

  71. Nancy B. (verified owner)

    I”m grateful for this product…..

  72. Sylvia D. (verified owner)

    So glad to find the 4,000 ppm strength. My husband has MRSA and recently had an open wound that would not heal. It still needs more healing but is showing improvement. Halleluyah! We are giving him 2 drops internally every 6 hours and mixing 2 drops per 2 tsp. bentonite clay and 1/2 oz. water. Mix together and apply to wound and cover with non-stick pad. We change it every 6 hours. Peel off the pad and the clay or rinse off with lukewarm water. Let air-dry one hour and re-apply the clay and non stick pad. Repeat until well.

  73. Jaimilee KALICH (verified owner)

    Only received one bottle in my order of 2 bottles. It was quickly mailed out and I received it within a few days.

  74. Jason Levitt, owner, Moon Temple Dreaming

    I had swollen and painful gums around a tooth that clearly needed a root canal. I couldn’t chew on the one side and had to floss and rinse after every meal. Eating became a chore. My dentist wanted me to get on antibiotics, but since I’m not a fan of those, Maryam, owner of Honey Colony, suggested I try Silver Excelsior. By the end of my 3rd day on it, ALL the swelling and pain was gone. Gone. I’m still going to the dentist, but Silver Excelsior is now part of my ‘always keep on hand’ healing stash of nutrients. Thank you Honey Colony!

  75. Linda Newton (verified owner)

    Was using silver water for my cat Bella’s bladder infection. Seemed to be taking too long. So for a few days I added one drop of the Serum to a dropper filled with silver water for the first day. For the next 2 or 3 days I put 1 drop of the Serum in her water bowl plus 1 drop of the Serum in the dropper of silver water once a day for three days. So glad to see the large pee ball in her litter that day! And no more straining! This product is a Godsend. I will always have it on hand. Thank you!

  76. Stacey K. (verified owner)

    I had a bronchial infection with a wicked cough for over 2 months which my MD couldn’t relieve – tried prescription cough syrup and inhaler. After reading up on silver chelate, thought I’d give it a try. After 4-5 days felt significantly better. It’s been 2 weeks and cough is gone. Pretty suprised but very relieved and annoyed coworkers happy my coughing finally subsided.

  77. guisseppi7

    After 9 years of daily migranes combined with sinus problems after only 6 days my headaches had almost completely cleared and sinus problems gone.
    Clear breathing and clear head……small price to pay for a TOP TOP product.

  78. bulldogsgia (verified owner)

    I hav had cronic bronkitus sence Oct last year ..Took every BIG PHARMA MED.
    As soon as the meds ran out it was back i couldnt breathe very scary.
    Got my beautiful SILVER SERUM today put 2 drops n my nebulizer and literally n 5 min i could breathe agan… WONDERFUL PRODUCT

  79. Clifford Genece

    My physician told me I had an H. pylori infection (which I was able to regularly see in my stool) and wanted to put me on antibiotics for 8 weeks. No thanks! I purchased a bottle of Silver Excelsior and within 3 weeks my stool was normal and when I returned to my physician she said the H.pylori was gone. Natural is always best.

  80. samreenrivera

    I tried this product to cure my sinus and respiratory issues. This product has become an absolute staple for me. I use it for a range of sinus issues, from sinus pressure and burning, to allergies, to a stuffed or runny nose. Within a day of taking it, I find relief. And without any side effects or dependence, as with medications. So far, I am very happy with the positive change!

  81. samreenrivera

    I tried this product when I read that it uses chelated silver to create a natural antibiotic for killing bad bacteria. From the 1st dose, I felt an improvement in my digestion over other brands I’ve tried. I have less cravings am less constipated. For me this may be one of those new quietly very effective supplements offered at a very good price. Hopefully others may go out on a limb like I did give it a try find that it helps them as well. So far, I am very happy with the positive change!

  82. vincentolago

    A friend of mine recommended to me this natural antibiotic product by Honey Colony when my son was suffering from bacterial infections on his ear and sore throat. After some considerable research I decided to use Silver Excelsior Serum on my son and see the outcome. I was amazed by the results. My son’s ear infections and sore throat healed completely with no side effects following up.
    Another observation I noticed in my son after using this natural antibiotic product is that his immune system improved remarkably and he was able to fight off bacterial infections effectively. The fact that Silver Excelsior  Serum uses chelated silver instead of colloidal silver makes quite effective which is why I will continue to use it and advice my friends and colleagues to use it too. I even started using it treat insect bites and rashes on my skin.

  83. lillythomason19

    Best silver I have ever used to strengthen my immune system. It works real well for both internal and external use, helped keep me healthy through flu season. No bad taste. I will definitely reorder this product.

  84. Peter Cherepanov (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling with a recurring bacterial infection for over three years, which became worse with antibiotics. It has shown up as cellulitis on both legs, rashes on my arms, face, neck, and arms. The worst part is that it became embedded in my left iris, that was the most painful. I’ve radically changed my diet, spent thousands on treatments, including herbs, and expensive solutions from Europe, and also other brands of colloidal silver. I’ve taken the Silver Excelsior for two days, using one dropper full in eight ounces of water on an empty stomach, twice the first day, four times yesterday. I’ve also used the Rashblock product on my skin for the cellulitis on my legs. For the first time, the bacteria in my iris has diminished more than it has in three years! My legs didn’t itch last night and the bumps on my skin are gone! I know it’s just a matter of time for the scars to heal, but I am compelled to write this review by the amazing effectiveness of this product!

  85. christopherjoseph141

    This silver excelsior serum came at the perfect time, when my health started to crash with this crazy change of the temperatures every week. For the last two weeks I felt as if I was trying to fight with my health. I felt down as if I had no energy and my eye, throat and chest hurt. I was taking my regular vitamins and trying to get some rest but I could not shake it. When this arrived I felt like my immune system has boosted up. I immediately took the serum and I can honestly say the next day I felt so much better. I did not expect this to work so quickly but it absolutely has made a difference. Now, I feel great!

  86. lollyhiggins

    Product seems to be working good so far as I use it as a natural antibiotic – for pink eye, ear infections, to prevent colds/ cases of flu, etc. I am happy to have found this Naturally Sourced Silver Excelsior Serum as it is a great brand, reasonably priced and very effective. Everyone should have a bottle of this amazing product at home as it helps boost the immune system!

  87. hannahmarland

    I have loved Silver Excelsior Serum since I recently purchased it. I initially bought it to try to treat an ongoing sinus infection, and it has worked wonders for me! I don’t think there’s anything like this on the market, for a start it even looks beautiful, but it is well worth the purchase, it has done wonders for me and I’d happily recommend it to anybody!

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Usage Instructions

How Much Silver Excelsior Serum Do I Need

One dropper full of Silver Excelsior Serum equals 40 oz of highly potent 100 ppm chelated silver solution when mixed with 8 oz of pure or distilled water. One dropper full (dropper fills about 3/4) per small glass of water (8 oz) will provide a 100 ppm solution that is sufficient for any condition. Best on empty stomach. Repeat if necessary next day.

I let my Silver Excelsior sit for a few months and it turned black; is it safe to use?

Absolutely safe! The “black” means some of the silver oxide has settled out of solution which reduces the concentration of the silver oxide in solution. So it may be a little less concentrated than if it hasn’t “settled” at all – but absolutely completely safe.

Will shaking the bottle – after prolonged settling – get rid of the black color?

Remedying the color by shaking could work but not likely. Once the silver oxide comes out of solution, it will not go back in. Again, this is normal over time and even if it looks like a lot has settled out. We are at 4000 ppm  and super saturated, so think of it as crystal candy made from a sugar solution in water: super saturated leads to crystals coming out of solution – similar to what’s happening here.

Does Silver Excelsior expire?

When we chelate the silver oxide and put it into our glycerine base, some of the silver does not fully chelate leading to a “settling residue” over time in some cases. But there is absolutely no expiration date – as the efficacy may slightly reduce but it is an imperceptible difference.

I see some silver sediment floating around my bottle. The sediment doesn’t dissolve when I shake it. Is it still safe to consume this way?

Yes, it's still safe to consume. Over time there may be some settling or precipitation as we are at the very limit of silver concentrate (4000 ppm) which is similar to too much sugar in solution leading to the formation of rock candy. If you still wish to replace the bottle, please contact us.

Is it true that silver is deposited in the liver and the liver is unable to clear it out? I am using about 4-6 drops of Silver Excelsior daily.

Silver Excelsior is not silver oxide but chelated silver oxide that is complexed with citric acid.  This molecule is both bioactive and bioavailable, and if you follow the directions then your consumption is less than 150 ppm per day; which is .015% in solution (not very much silver oxide chelate).  The chances for bioaccumulation in the liver is much lower for our product as the silver oxide chelate with citric acid will enter the biological cells very rapidly. It is likely that the absorption is so rapid that the main absorption occurs in your body’s fluids (initially in your mouth). If the liver filters out the silver oxides from colloidal silver or ionized silver over time and bioaccumulates it, which is possible, my best guess is that our product would not do so – or at least not very much as all your body’s cells will absorb the silver oxide chelate quickly and very little would find its way to the liver – and even if it did – the liver would receive the chelate and not just the silver oxide.

I have noticed recently that a weird thing is happening on several of my fingernails and I wondered if it had anything to do with the silver depositing in my body.

This is an issue everyone has because Silver Excelsior is 4000 ppm silver oxide chelate and this will stain just like “rust” – which you know as iron oxide (think rusty nails).  This means you are unintentionally getting a bit on your fingernails when you use it.  When we fill the product we have seen this issue occur if there is any spillage – and yes – it will stain your white clothes as well.  So be careful – but understand this is not from your internal use of our product but external slight spillage.

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