EMF Sol – EMF Band XL

EMF Sol – EMF Band XL


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EMF Safety On Your Wrist

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No one wants to be a shut-in. The EMF Band XL allows you to enjoy protection against EMF wherever you go. It even takes 5G radiation into account, which is a shorter-range but more dangerous form compared to older frequencies. As a result, you don’t need to worry about that friend who always uses a 5G-compatible device around you, your workplace’s technology setup, or driving in your cousin’s electric car.

Choosing the Right Band


  • Kids or adults over 100 lbs likely do best with the EMF Band XL
  • NOTE – the band does NOT need batteries or to be powered on.  It’s properties always work and increase automatically around EMFs

Health Benefits


Wearing an EMF-shielding device can have significant protective effects for your immune system. A study of people with autoimmune disease tested a shielding cap for eight hours per day. Although they weren’t experiencing the same 24-hour protection that you can enjoy from the EMF Band XL, 90 percent reported “definite” or “strong” positive effects on their symptoms.

The volunteers had autoimmune conditions including arthritis, celiac disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and Sjogren’s disease, meaning that the immune-protective benefits of EMF shielding can benefit a broad range of issues. These are unlikely to be the result of a placebo effect because the possibility of this mechanism becomes less probable with prolonged use.

Additionally, other reports show increased immune system activity after a drop in EMF exposure. If you’ve been experiencing colds, the flu, or other infections more often since a new cell phone tower or smart meter was installed near you, this may clear up with frequent use of the EMF Band XL.

The EMF Band XL one-ups these shielding caps. Not only is it a more discreet option, but you can wear it 24/7 regardless of where you go: to work, when travelling, shopping malls, and more. This is an important reason why we love the EMF Band XL, because wearable device could be one of the best ways to protect yourself because of how EMF interacts with the body.

Other research on a model of human skin revealed that EMF interacts with your sweat glands and may penetrate your deeper tissues through them. When you wear an EMF shielding device such as the EMF Band XL, it could divert and deflect the radiation away from your skin so it cannot damage your immune system.

Cognitive Function

Reducing EMF exposure from electronic devices such as cell phones is even more important if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. A huge study involving the mothers of over 13,000 children found an 80 percent higher risk of behavioral problems after exposure to cell phones during pregnancy and after birth. These included emotional dysregulation, conduct difficulties, and hyperactivity.

If they only had contact with cell phone EMF during pregnancy, their risk was 54 percent higher. This means that one-third of children with behavioral disorders would not have them if without exposure to EMF from cell phones.

Why We Love The EMF Band XL

  • You can protect your brain, immune system, and overall cellular health 24/7, wherever you go.
  • Peace of mind during pre-conception preparation and pregnancy, where your child is more vulnerable to DNA damage
  • Provides the protection you need even more if you have orthopedic metal implants and cannot get them removed.
  • Discreet device that looks very similar to a cell phone watch
  • Chemical-free plant-based resin
  • No batteries required
  • Can fit wrist sizes from 3.75 to eight inches with its adjustable band
  • You can wear it as a necklace with an Apple Watch pendant

How To Use

To use the EMF Band XL, just wear it like any other watch or cell phone watch! While the natural resin’s appearance varies slightly, no one will know what it is unless you tell them.

If you have a pacemaker or heart condition, do not wear the Device Chip near your heart.

To adjust the band so it fits your wrist size, here’s how:

Weight 10 oz

Fits Wrists 3.75 to 8.0 inch in


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