Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose


Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose

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The Miracle Molecule

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We’re offering a special 60% discount on Hydra+ products that have passed their manufacturing expiration date. As per the Hydra manufacturer, this date represents a manufacturing expiration date and not the actual expiration of the product. The manufacturing date on the label signifies when the product was produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing (GMP) regulations. The date you’re observing is the manufacturer’s date, not an expiration date. Generally, supplements maintain their potency for about two years after the manufacturing date before the concentrations begin to decline below 100 percent of the amounts specified on the label.

Take advantage of this great discount and enjoy the benefits of Hydra+ at an unbeatable price!

HoneyColony proudly introduces Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen! Molecular hydrogen (H2) is one of the most talked about antioxidant supplements in the world, due to its all-around natural healing abilities. Hydra+ is a groundbreaking tablet that makes it easy to obtain a high concentration of H2-infused water (or other non-carbonated beverage) with OPEN-GLASS convenience (WARNING: If placing Hydra+ tablets in a glass bottle, do not place a top on the bottle until the Hydra+ tablet has completely dissolved in the liquid solution.).

There are now over 500 medical studies available on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen, with researchers linking it to benefits such as fighting more than five dozen diseases, primarily by reducing oxidative stress, one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related illnesses, cancers, and the aging process.

A closer look:

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest of all elements. When two hydrogen atoms combine, H2 (molecular hydrogen) is formed. Being the first element in the periodic table and the most abundant element in the universe, H2 has better cellular bioavailability than most other nutrients. The ability to rapidly enter organs, cells, mitochondria, and fluids allows H2 to provide its numerous health benefits instantly. All life is dependent on hydrogen; it is the base for all matter in the universe. Thus, adding an extra boost of pure hydrogen greatly improves our health. Hydrogen is already present in our gut. Certain bacteria produce hydrogen from the non-digestible fiber. In fact, this is why diets rich in fiber support anti-inflammation, cardiovascular health, diabetes, various cancers, and numerous other health benefits.

Oxygen therapy has shown extensive benefits for supporting health, but a balance between both oxygen and hydrogen is necessary to truly support and enrich the body.

Hydra+ tablets are potent and easy to use. They contain a mix of H2 and other beneficial supplements. Tablets are simply placed in a liquid beverage, preferably water, and take 2 minutes to completely dissolve. As the tablet dissolves, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate the water. Once ingested, your body begins to reap the benefits of this essential element.

Hydrogen has been noted as having therapeutic effects in the body since the 18th century. However, it was not until 2007, in a Nature Medicine article, that Western medicine truly accepted molecular hydrogen’s numerous health benefits, such as antioxidant and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) properties. Molecular hydrogen has become so important in medicine that a foundation (Molecular Hydrogen Foundation) was created to further study its benefits.

Benefits of Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen

Hydra+ works to benefit the body in many ways:

  1. High bioavailability allows it to destroy free radicals in the body, protecting DNA, RNA, and proteins from oxidative stress.
  2.  H2 works as a signaling molecule, allowing Hydra+ to improve cell signals, cell metabolism, and gene regulation. This allows for anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-apoptotic (or anti-cell death) properties.
  3. Hydra+ supplies additional energy to the body, through generating electrons in the liquid it is dissolved in. Electron-rich properties are exclusively found in fresh, raw living foods and juices, mother’s milk, and many of the world’s healing waters.
  4. Hydra+ may also help hydrate the body, according to a recent study.

What’s New In Hydra+

  1. Significantly higher H2 concentration
  2. Significantly better taste
  3. Significantly less residue
  4.  More beneficial magnesium
  5. Easier to use/less prep time
  6.  Dissolves in 90 seconds
  7.  Higher portability and ease of use.

Hydra+’s Active Ingredients:

Hydra+ is comprised of these basic, natural ingredients:

Magnesium – Each dose contains 80 mg, which makes up 15 percent of the content. As one of the most vital dietary minerals, it is a required mineral co-factor in more than 300 enzymes used in the human body. Eighty percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

Malic and Fumaric Acid – These natural molecules are produced within the mitochondria (cell’s energy source). Malic acid supports energy, improves mental clarity, and reverses muscle fatigue. Fumaric acid aids in ATP energy production, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.

Maltose – Helps to increase the activity of the enzyme catalase, protecting cells from oxidative damage from free radicals.

H2 – Hydra+ contains an ultra-high concentration of H2 (2-4 ppm), making it superior to silica hydride and chemical hydride formulas, magnesium hydrogen sticks, alkaline ionizers (electrolysis), and medical hydrogen gas. In addition, each bottle of water infused with Hydra+ becomes an alkaline pH beverage with a high negative ORP (-600 to -800 mV). A negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) offers positive health benefits, although not at the same level of Molecular Hydrogen. Regularly consuming water with a potency of H2 at 1.6 or higher offers more health benefits and is ideal for maximum benefits.

Other Ingredients: Proprietary Hydrogen Matrix (DL Malic Acid, Dextrose, Tartaric Acid, Stearic Acid)

Suggested Use: 

*Do not swallow the tablet

Drop one tablet in an open glass of 10-12 oz. of cool water, juice (fruit/vegetable), tea, or other water-based beverage. Wait for the tablet to react and dissolve completely (<2 min). Observe a cloud of H2 bubbles and drink immediately, once the tablet is fully dissolved. Use 1 to 3 tablets per day depending on your needs.

WARNING: If placing Hydra+ tablets in a glass bottle, do not place a top on the bottle until the Hydra+ tablet has completely dissolved in the liquid solution.

Why We Love It:

  • Converts the body’s most harmful free radicals to water
  • Regulates the body’s antioxidant systems including SOD and Glutathione
  • Supports cell metabolism, cell signaling, and gene expression
  • Increases hydration
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Promotes cancer-cell death
  • Provides natural energy
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Limits muscle fatigue

Molecular Hydrogen Institute Founder, Tyler LeBaron, discusses the benefits of H2

NOTE: Magnesium mineral residue will be observed on the bottom of the bottle after several Hydra+ tablets are reacted. This residue can easily be removed by simply pouring in a small amount of white vinegar, sealing the top and agitating it until the residue dissolves. Rinse the bottle with clean water.

When to use:
Try Hydra+-infused water before and after physical activity to limit oxidative reactions and to enjoy more rapid recovery of physiological function. Hydra+ is especially useful for sports participants.

Water can be distilled, RO, purified, spring, or potable tap water. Sparkling water and high mineral content (>500 ppm Total Dissolved Solids) water should not be used.

Fruit juice or vegetable juice can be fresh or prepared. Do not use Hydra+ with juice blends, smoothies, or protein drinks.

Weight 8 oz



Maltose, Malate, Pure Magnesium, Magnesium Fumarate, Malic Acid, Fumaric Acid

55 reviews for Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose

  1. Stéphane G. (verified owner)

    I realy liked it !

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Feel more energized, and a general well being.

  3. Susan (verified owner)

    Me and my son have been using the Hydra for over 8 months and we both love it!
    It dissolves quickly in water and is also tasteless.
    We’ve been using several products from Honey Colony for over a year and we’ve both feel amazing!!!

  4. Colette K. (verified owner)

    I use this product every day to help me stay hydrated along with electrolytes. It makes all the difference for me trying to fight off migraines and stay active.

  5. Susan C. (verified owner)

    Hydro+ Molecular Hydrogen tablets is now one of my favorite products from HoneyColony and it’s so easy to use.
    I just drop a tablet in a bottle of water once a day, it’s tasteless so it doesn’t alter the taste of whatever you’re drinking!

  6. KEVIN P. (verified owner)

    fast shipping great product

  7. Christine J. (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a must. My body functions much better when I use this every day.

  9. Hamid (verified owner)

    This is the best Molecular Hydrogen available. I use it daily!

  10. Hamid J. (verified owner)

    I love this Molecular Hydrogen. Several years ago I received an early iteration of this supplement in my Dave Asprey bio hacking box. It was amazing but you had to use a bottle. The new formula is so much easier and seems to actually work better.

  11. Victoria Leake-Lewis (verified owner)

    I just started taking Hydra and so far so good. It gives me added energy.

  12. Ron (verified owner)

    I am a senior citizen and well aware I am not the person I used to be. I had six symptoms of oxidative stress plus an unquenchable thirst that water didn’t satisfy. When I read how the hydroxide molecule from oxidative stress would combine with the hydrogen atoms from Hydra A I was intrigued and decided to purchase. I have been taking twice a day per the instructions for a week and my unquenchable thirst is almost completely gone. I can’t remember when I was like this. Now I have included Hydra A in my supplement regimen. Thanks, and I know I am the one responsible for my own health. and continue seeking information.

  13. Christopher (verified owner)

    It has helped me stay more hydrated as well as avoid headaches. Recommend 100%

  14. Anthony (verified owner)

    Hydra+ is very effective at cleansing the bowel. I think it’s because of the magnesium it contains.

    I used only purified water purchased from the stores. I am not even sure whether I can use water filtered using the Brita carbon filter at home because the label of this product says use only non-carbonated beverage.

    Drinking 10 – 12 oz water at a time is a difficult task (it is too much) especially since the water is cool. Because of this reason, I have taken only a few tablets (1 tablet per day). So far I don’t see other benefits except with the BM.

  15. William M Cooper (verified owner)

    Sorry to be the square peg in your nice round hole of positive reviews, but I cannot claim any benefit from using the hydrogen pills in water. That said, i will use up the two bottles and hopefully come back with good news. Take care.

  16. Pamela Whittemore (verified owner)

    I have done a fair amount of reading about h2 therapy and came across your product somehow, somewhere. I then explored around on the ‘honey colony’ website.

  17. r2ki4 (verified owner)

    Difficult tablet to love, must be dissolved first and then drunk in a timely manner, which is easy to forget, if you are a busy routine person. If forgotten, the drink doesn’t retain its potency. Plus leaves a questionable residual in the glass and even floating on top- to drink or not to drink? It smells peculiar and tastes like, well…hydrogen. I can’t keep up with this one.

  18. holitteb (verified owner)

    All your Products work in providing immune support, energy and uptimal health.

  19. michaelbobbysr52 (verified owner)

    I’m feeling more alert I’m looking forward to more results

  20. Richard Hopkins (verified owner)

    If it didn’t improve my wellbeing I wouldn’t have spent $62 to re-order it.

  21. Kelly Capers (verified owner)

    Great product!! I feel much better when I take this supplement

  22. Engracia (verified owner)

    I was introduced to hydrogen water this past year and found it to VERY much help my body. I mean a very distinct and noticeable relief from inflammation. As a Honey Colony devotee, I decided to try these tablets and am very happy with them.

  23. Cindy Taylor (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for over a year. I can say it is very noticeable when I haven’t taken it for a few days. It provides the needed flow and flexibility my body needs.

  24. angiebeckman11 (verified owner)

    So very pleased with this product. Honey colony delivers again! All of their products are top notch!

  25. Sean Cooper (verified owner)

    Great daily source of hydrogen first thing

  26. holitteb (verified owner)

    I love this product. If you are feeling tired or went out the night before and have a few drinks. After taking it you feel energetic. I also noticed the pains in my knees and hands is not occurring as often

  27. Peter Bush (verified owner)

    Really just getting going with this product after hearing about it on some podcasts on healthy living! Already feeling some results and definitely reordering!

  28. Paul Kennedy (verified owner)

    I love it only wish it was in Canada ?? I don’t like to pay for shipping

  29. wntaichi (verified owner)

    In addition to the many benefits already espoused in using this product – I recently discovered that “IF” or when I enjoy one too many glasses of Cabernet a glass of Hydra+ really helps with a gentle recovery along with a restful night’s sleep. Great stuff!

  30. Colette (verified owner)

    I have used this product for years. Living in altitude and never being one who likes to drink water it has helped keep me hydrated which also keeps the migraines at bay. A wonderful product!

  31. Connie G. (verified owner)

    Each of the products in this bundle are worth their weight in GOLD!

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    helps my energy

  33. cy4707 (verified owner)

    I can’t tell, yet, if it’s doing any good but will keep using it until I run out. Then I’ll know for sure.

  34. Kelly Capers (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  35. Rosie Helling (verified owner)

    Great product and it is making my body feel really good.

  36. PKARLHEIM (verified owner)


  37. Kelly F. (verified owner)

    This is my all-time favorite supplement!!!

  38. Phillip Sullivan (verified owner)

    I drink a glass or two per day.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far, it appears to be working well. I have more energy and less aches and pains.

  40. Kari (verified owner)

    Feels good! Not totally sure what its doing, but i have noticed my energy is better!

  41. Janice (verified owner)

    I haven’t had this product long enough to notice anything yet, but I might see a bit of difference my energy level and sleep patterns. I sleep much deeper. I decided to just use 1 tablet for this bottle and see how I feel and then move up to twice a day. I’m definitely ordering it again.

  42. Melissa

    New idea for me sounds just like what I need! Wish I could afford a plan! I am in need, tired and ready to give up!

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product, been using for a week and feeling better, cant wait to see how I feel after using it longer

  44. james mcgovern (verified owner)

  45. Coleen (verified owner)

  46. jamesturnerlop

    I was very skeptical of the entire Hydrogen fad. I’ve been in natural health for over 10 years now and have seen trends come and go. I’m also skeptical of the science and the ability to keep the hydrogen molecules in the water long enough to be ingested. But I followed the instructions to use a glass bottle filled to the top with filtered water and put in one tablet and then drink when the tablet is done bubbling. It takes about 30 seconds for the tablet to dissolve and the resulting water is quite bubbly. The water does have a slightly metallic taste, but it is not unpleasant. Most surprising of all, it seems to work and fast! Within 10 minutes of drinking the treated water, I feel alert and energetic and the energy lasts for 4-6 hours afterwards. The bonus; there is no crash like a sugar rush and no jittery feeling like with caffeine. Well worth the money.

  47. marcuswright475

    It kept my blood cells from clumping (clumping significantly decreases the efficiency of the cellular exchange of nutrients and cellular waste). I actually had a microscopic test for this. This exchange in all cells is vital to life, because if the nutrients that you put into your body are not properly absorbed into the cells, those nutrients are worthless, as they are passed through your system unused! If the cellular waste is not expelled quickly, then the absorption of more nutrients in the cell is slowed or blocked as long as it still contains used nutrient matter (waste). A huge benefit to me was the extreme boost to my immune system. One of the more significant examples is that for many years before I started taking this product, I would have at least 2 extremely bad colds each year that would linger for at least 2-3 months. After I started taking this product on a daily basis, now I have NO colds! That alone impressed the hell out of me!

  48. euphonioustones

    Working as a telemarketer, frustration is a part of my everyday life. Thus, detoxification is very much necessary for me to keep going all day long, for which I depend on this medicine. Before taking this medicine, I used to arrive late in the office. But, all of that is passé now.

  49. samanthatroovy

    I have always wanted an anti-oxidant supplement that is all rounded in fighting diseases and reducing oxidative stress in my body. When I read about Hydra Molecular Hydrogen and its therapeutic effects including its ability to provide the body essential elements, I was strongly convinced that this is the product I should be using.
    I later purchased Hydra Molecular Hydrogen from HoneyColony so as to get rid of my allergic symptoms that kept on recurring. This product helped hydrate my body as well as giving me an immense energy to get me going. As I continue using this product I feel that it is the perfect solution to living a healthy lifestyle free of illness, stress and aging process.

  50. maryjone

    Hydra Molecular Hydrogen is the best. I have seen the positive effects of molecular hydrogen for two months and I’m very happy to find this product on the market! When I started using this product I noticed a great change in my whole body, this product is great, I so recommend it!

  51. JeffreyBurnett1

    I am usually sceptical about new antioxidant supplements,however,after taking Hydra Molecular Hydrogen,I am totally convinced.After consuming this product for few weeks,I no longer felt lethargic and able to focus better during my working hours.Thanks,HoneyColony!

  52. EdwardBugg

    I have tested other antioxidant products and none of it comes close to Hydra Molecular Hydrogen from HoneyColony.I am sore and tired normally after each workout session,however,I feel great after taking these.I would recommend people to take this to rehydrate after working out.

  53. dsadasd

    I am very impressed when I discovered all those benefits that Hydra Molecular Hydrogen is supposed to provide.It offers a new approach to detoxification and claims to be all-natural.I have been taking this for 3 weeks now and this product definitely boosts my energy.I would gladly recommend this product.

  54. benadelrichard

    Amazing Super Hydration
    This is the one powerful antioxidant supplement that I wouldn’t leave home without. My health, in general, has also considerably improved as it promotes essential full-body hydration for a healthy lifestyle, you will find it increases your energy immensely. In case you are wondering like I was, this product is a replacement for Hydrogen Boost. Great product from HoneyColony.

  55. Alyssa Williams

    Hydra Molecular Hydrogen is the wave of the future. I’ve been reading about the positive effects of molecular hydrogen for months and I was so happy to find this product on the market! The big question for me is how can I get something into my body that would help to support and bolster my immune system while also fighting inflammation. Honey Colony’s hydrogen helps clean and clear the body of the ever-present danger of free radicals.

    Some of the biggest improvements I’ve seen (so far) are feeling more hydrated, my skin appears to be less dull and dry. Overall, I feel much better and much more alert. This is significant, considering it usually takes at least a month or two before I see any progress with regular vitamins.

    I was strongly attracted to Honey Colony’s Molecular Hydrogen because I wanted a product that could be quickly absorbed into and accessed by the areas in the body that needed it the most. I’m excited to see how my system continues to improve as I continue to use this product!

    I highly recommend Honey Colony’s hydrogen for immune support. Many of us don’t remember what it feels like to feel good and this product can help us get back onto the road to optimal health.

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What is all that residue at the bottom of my water bottle?

Magnesium mineral residue will be observed on the bottom of the bottle after several Hydra tablets are reacted. This residue can easily be removed by simply pouring in a small amount of white vinegar, sealing the top, and agitating it until the residue dissolves. Rinse the bottle with clean water.

What is the difference between Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Peroxide?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is a master antioxidant and works through a process referred to as “reduction.” When someone drinks H21 infused water it is delivered throughout the body and the H2 neutralizes the most common and damaging free-radical, the Hydroxyl Radical (OH).
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a master oxident and works through a process referred to as “oxidation.” So when someone consumes a solution of H2O2 or has it injected into their blood, it oxidizes microbes (bacteria and virus) and oxygenates the blood and tissues.
H2 and H2O2 are the opposite of each other but both offer physiological benefits.

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