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NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer

NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer

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(21 customer reviews)

New! Bees and Ozone Unite!

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NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer rejuvenates your skin with nature’s most efficient healing agents: Jojoba oil, Ozone, Beeswax, and Bee Pollen!

Jojoba oil is almost identical to your skin’s natural oils, so it’s easy to absorb and doesn’t clog pores. By infusing it with ozone, it becomes an oxygen-rich moisturizer. Then we mix nutrient-dense bee pollen, which nourishes cells and tissues and prevents premature aging, and Beeswax, which forms a protective barrier against irritants while allowing skin to breathe. The combined effect is greater than using all these ingredients individually!

Why We Love It:

Wonders of Jojoba:

This woody shrub covers about 40,000 acres of desert in the southwestern U.S. and has countless beauty benefits. For one, jojoba is replete with all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and hair: vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. And it’s even gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions. Jojoba’s also a miracle worker when it comes to dealing with a shiny, uncooperative T-zone — it mimics the activity of your body’s natural oils, so your skin won’t overdo it.

Jojoba is also wonderful on unsightly scars and can speed up the healing process of wounds. Finally, it’s also beneficial against acne because of it’s anti-microbial properties. Jojoba contains iodine, which may fight harmful bacteria growth that causes pimples, blackheads, and breakouts.

Activated Oxygen:

Activated oxygen — also known as ozone — is produced by adding an electrical charge to pure oxygen. Ozone contains three oxygen atoms rather than the two we usually breathe (O2 O1= O3). Ozone is actually nature’s way of cleansing. It works like this: Since ozone is heavier than oxygen, it “falls” through the air. As it does, it attaches to pollutants and cleans the air we breathe. That third atom is like a scavenger, destroying pollutants, bacteria, viruses, odors, and free radicals. Unfortunately, this powerful third atom lasts only about 20 minutes before it perishes, leaving behind pure oxygen. But while it lasts, ozone’s extra atom is a natural powerhouse of healing. Ozone has a long track record and over 3,000 medical references demonstrating its safety and effectiveness. Seven thousand European doctors use medical ozone with their patients.

O3 is used in operating rooms, swimming pools, and municipal water systems. Some alternative practitioners even fight infection with intravenous ozone — discretely, of course, since the treatment is not FDA-approved. Meanwhile, the process of bubbling ozone through plant and vegetable oils dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. People with lung infections and other respiratory disorders would inhale the fumes from the ozonated oils as part of their treatment.

Anti-Aging Effects of Beeswax

Beeswax has been shown to lower cholesterol, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive ailments. It’s also been proven to protect liver health because of its antioxidant effects.

Beeswax is natural and non-toxic and helps protect skin from environmental assaults, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness.  Unlike yucky, unsustainable petroleum, beeswax doesn’t “suffocate” the skin, and won’t clog pores. Meanwhile, like honey, beeswax has antibacterial properties, helping to keep skin clean and reducing the risks of contamination in the formula itself.

In fact, a 2005 study found that a honey/beeswax mixture inhibited the growth of bacteria and fungus, making it a potential treatment for diaper rash and other bacterial skin conditions. And when you put it on, you attract water molecules, helping to keep the skin hydrated over time. Beeswax is also a wonderful source of Vitamin A and helps with cell turnover and reconstruction. Not to mention it naturally smells divine!

If you suffer from dry skin, beeswax can help. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help encourage the healing of wounds. Studies have even found that beeswax may be effective against hemorrhoids.

Ancient Bee Pollen 

Bee pollen is a nutrient-dense superfood from the hive. It is loaded with ‘skin health’ boosting substances like zinc and silica. It also contains an extremely high amount of antioxidants that prevent free radicals from stress, pollutants, chemicals in your environment, and radiation from the sun.  Read more about bee pollen here.


For skin use only: if irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult a health care professional before use. This product has not been approved by the FDA.

Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*. Beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs. Bee Pollen from HiveMind. Fractionated cocos nucifera (coconut) oil**. Activated oxygen (ozone). *Organic. **Wild-crafted. How to use: Apply a thin layer as needed. Store below 80°F/26°C. For long-term storage, keep refrigerated.

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Please note:

  • A little bit of this product goes a long way.
  • Those with lymphatic issues can develop a rash when using ozonated jojoba oil. What the oils is attempting to do is detoxify the person. Typically the rash will go away with use.

For wholesale inquiries please email wholesale@honeycolony.com

Weight 10 oz


Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*. Beeswax from Mountain Rose Herbs. Bee Pollen from HiveMind. Fractionated cocos nucifera (coconut) oil**. Activated oxygen (ozone). *Organic. **Wild-crafted.

21 reviews for NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer

  1. Marlene (verified owner)

    Clean and healthy product for the face and neck area. It’s light on the face and does not feel greasy. I’ve been using it for a year and I’m satisfied.

  2. Susan Cain (verified owner)

    I am beyond ecstatic that I discovered the HoneyColony store.
    I have been exclusively ordering only from this company as they do have the best and most natural products!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my favorite moisturizer!

  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’m 36 and have sensitive skin. Nourish does an amazing job of leaving my skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and healthy while not irritating it. I’ve also noticed the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead have diminished after using Nourish for 4 months now. I highly recommend giving this product a try!

  5. N Evonne Miller (verified owner)

    Works well,but should only be used at night as it is very heavy and takes a long time to soak into skin.

  6. gallo4871 (verified owner)

    again the ingedients seem good. Don’t love the price.

  7. Robin Pride (verified owner)

    This is the only moisturizer that doesn’t affect my rosacea! Love it!

  8. Isabella Bruzzese (verified owner)

    I love this moisturizer. I’ve used it for three years and I probably won’t use anything else in the foreseeable future.

  9. Isabella Bruzzese (verified owner)

    This product is excellent– great for my sensitive, acne-prone skin.

  10. lucistern (verified owner)

    I like this moisturizer because it really seems to do the trick—it moisturizes. I use it at night, because it has a slightly heavy texture and sheen, but it can be used very sparingly in spots for daytime. Most important: it doesn’t cause breakouts while some other “natural” moisturizers like Ann Marie do. Also, it is fragrance free. Very good.

  11. Isabella (verified owner)

    Great product for acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and dryness! I’ve been purchasing this product for over a year.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  13. Linda (verified owner)

    So far so good only been using it for a week. The fragrance is wonderful.

  14. Richard (verified owner)

    Works well to hydrate skin.

  15. Isabella B. (verified owner)

    This product helped immensely with my acne scars and areas of hyper-pigmentation. It left my skin feeling incredibly hydrated and smooth without being greasy or unappealing to the touch. Definitely worth the money!

  16. Kristal (verified owner)

    Nourish is THE best moisturizer! I have been through several laser treatments for my seborrheic dermatitis and it didn’t seem to be helping but after a lengthy trip out of the country this was all I had left for moisturizing and my skin has never been better! I will be a lifelong fan! I’m 49 and I’m told I look 30! 🙂

  17. Bianca Fortis

    I’m fortunate to have a pretty clear complexion, but this still makes a difference for my skin. I put it on at night before bed and my skin feels hydrated and soft when I wake up. I think the price is worth it because a little goes a long way and one jar can last awhile.

  18. info2

    This cream is like no other I’ve ever put on my skin. I was blown away by the smooth texture and wonderful natural scent. As a natural skin care practitioner, this product has my vote and I’ll be working it into my natural skin care protocol!

  19. krhoss201

    I am so thrilled with this NO3URISH Ozonated Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I’m all about all natural personal care, and to find a natural moisturizer with anti-aging properties was not easy to do. This company has truly figured out the best combination of natural, nourishing ingredients to protect, soothe, and nourish the skin. My redness and loss of elasticity has improved. The condition of my skin is much better, softer, and more radiant. The oils in this moisturizer don’t clog my pores or make me feel oily either.

  20. Suzymartin88

    This moisturizer has limited natural ingredients, but is in no stretch of the imagination simple in what it accomplishes for my skin. This blend of natural ingredients really does more for me and the condition of my skin than fancy skin creams formulated in labs with the intent of reducing the signs of aging.

    I’ve had great experience with Jojoba oil, but has not found it in any other formulation with other ingredients I was excited about. Combined with the beeswax, it is a very potent moisturizer that has excellent smoothing capabilities without making my skin oily or greasy. It has made my skin more clear than it has been in a long time. I have read that honey and beeswax prevent bacterial overgrowth on the skin. I’ve never had my skin be both incredibly nourished and free of breakouts.

    I’ve heard amazing things about bee pollen when taken internally, but I had not head much about its use on the skin. I see a great reduction in dullness and uneven texture on the surface of my skin that I would definitely attribute to the bee pollen.

  21. missystephy954

    There are so many choices for anti-aging products, it is hard to decide. My friend purchased the NO3URISH as a gift and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t tell my friends I was doing anything different, so when I started getting compliments, I knew it was really working. I can see a difference as well. I am looking much more awake. I will definitely buy more!

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What is No3urish's shelf life?

After opening, No3urish will last 1 year. We recommend refrigeration storage after opening to keep the product fresh.

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