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By Laurene WilliamsHoneyColony Original

Here are ten steps to genetically modify Monsanto.

On September 10, 2013, The Monsanto Protection Act was extended. This provision gives biotech companies far greater latitude to produce GMOs, retain patents on nature, decrease biodiversity, encourage pesticide resistant weeds and insects, evade peer-reviewed scientific studies, and help serve up more questionable transgenic food products.

On November 6, 2013, they scored another victory with the defeat of Washington State’s Initiative 522, which would have made Washington the first state to require the labeling of genetically modified foods.

The key to Monsanto’s virulence is its own engineering. The company has been fortified several times over by injecting its DNA into Capitol Hill.

While citizens around the world believe that biotech seeds are poisonous, ruinous, and unsafe because they not only create illness but also necessitate unsustainable farming practices that ravage the land, Monsanto has been able to promote and protect its two major tenets in the US: “Science does not support the ill effects of GMOs” and “We need GMOs to feed the world.”

Monsanto needs a makeover.

Step 1

Make them label foods that they genetically modify and give people knowledge.

Step 2

Instruct them to remember that they have children, grandchildren, spouses, and friends who are suffering from increasing levels of auto-immune diseases, inflammation, and chronic illnesses. The outcome: They can work with policy makers to enforce the Precautionary Principle.

Watch HoneyColony Founder Maryam Henein on “Breaking The Set” for a discussion on the vanishing honeybees, genetically modified foods and systemic pesticides:

Step 3

Insist that they conduct real clinical trials by scientists who are not connected to Big Agra’s payroll.

Step 4

Have them disclose the number of farmers they’ve sued for seed patent infringement while explaining how wind actually works—namely, it blows seeds, pollen, and organisms around the biosphere.

Step 5

Instruct them to stop parroting the FDA’s party line that there is no significant difference between nature’s seeds and GMOs, and to acknowledge that the “special sauce” routinely sprayed onto conventional crops are engineered to withstand more and more chemicals, creating super bugs.

Step 6

Have them acknowledge the obvious conflict of interest that’s trumping our health: They sell chemicals. Monsanto sells Round-up (glyphosate—exposed in a review of 287 studies linking it to a number of diseases), the most prevalent herbicide product on the market.

Step 7

Allow them to denounce their assertions about needing to modify seeds in order to feed the world’s population, and have them discuss, instead, how GMO-cum-pesticide practices are contaminating our groundwater, depleting our soils, poisoning our bodies, altering biodiversity, and giving rise to superweeds.

Step 8

Make them admit that the world they intend to help with their wonder seeds has already rejected them. The number of countries with widespread bans or partial bans on GM crops continues to grow.

Step 9

Revoke their right to patent seeds.

Step 10

Stop the shuttle bus between Monsanto and the government.

Laurene Williams is the Senior Editor at HoneyColony.

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2 thoughts on “10 Steps To Genetically Modify Monsanto”

  1. As Propsguy says – if only. But when stores find they cannot sell stuff things might well change. It happened here in the UK, we told ’em.


    The Lord in His great wisdom gave us everything we need:
    The birds and beasts, and every sort of tree, fruit, flower and seed.
    He bid us till the soil and of all living things take care.
    The richness of His handiwork was meant for all to share.

    He set the heavens: the shining sun, the gently falling rain.
    They warm the earth and give it life and swell the growing grain.
    There is a season for all things, the rhythm of the years;
    A time for peace and happiness, a time for mourning tears.

    But there were those who did not cherish Nature’s wondrous store.
    They plundered all she had to give and still demanded more.
    They poisoned soil and water to ‘maximise the yields,’
    They ‘factory farmed’ their animals, who should be in the fields.

    They lost the understanding of how things were meant to be,
    With healthy food from healthy soil for a healthy you and me.
    Now science probes still deeper, to manipulate and change;
    And Nature’s perfect patterning they seek to re-arrange.

    They tinker with the web of life so delicate and rare.
    They don’t know what they’re doing but they do not seem to care.
    What? work WITH Nature? not a chance, we’ll beat her in the end.
    But Nature does not want a fight, she wants to be our friend.

    For everything is ordered and we’re part of Nature too,
    If only we could see and understand what we should do.
    We have to be more humble and forget our foolish pride,
    For if we DID conquer Nature we’d be on the losing side !

    Huge businesses are now deciding what we eat and drink.
    Since growth and profit are their gods they do not stop to think.
    They cannot see – they’re blinded by their arrogance and greed –

  2. nice ideas, but dream on! not a single suggestion as to how to implement a one of them. sure, we all know what needs to be done but all the petitions in the world won’t get us there

    i have some real constructive ideas- things people can actually do without changing entirely the way our government works

    1) let’s face it- monsanto has the bucks to influence any state’s referendum to label GMOs. in the rare states where they win, they have the legal clout to threaten the governor with costly legal challenges. of course, we have to keep trying but what can we do while we’re waiting for a miracle?

    since they won’t label GMOs, only buy products clearly labeled “Non-GMOs”

    go to your supermarket manager and ask why foods aren’t labeled for GMOs. tell him that since you can’t be sure, you’re going to err on the side of caution and NOT buy anything

    trust me, when product sits on the shelf for ages, the supermarkets will lobby for labeling. the government will listen to them way sooner then it will listen to you!

    2) yes monsanto has control of the food system, but it doesn’t have to have control over your food system. any time you save seeds from an organic vegetable and use them to grow some food in your backyard, you are striking a blow for freedom and taking a dollar out of monsanto’s pocket

    find a farmer, become a farmer, go to a farmer’s market. avoid anything in a can, carton or box. cook for yourself. don’t have time? turn off the TV and you’ll have time and just think of all those other advertisers you are depriving of your attention!

    when your health improves and you can stop taking all those drugs that keep you barely alive, you’ll also be sticking it to big pharma!

    you won’t put monsanto out of business but you’ll put them out of your business

    3) talk to your friends. some of them will dismiss you as a kook but eventually when they see how great you look and feel, they’ll start to ask why.

    invite them over for dinner and show them what real food tastes like. take them to the farmers market. give them food items for holiday gifts

    soon, they’ll be rebelling against monsanto too

    you can make a movement

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