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By Anna Brones, Ecosalon

It turns out that Americans consume 1.5 pounds of honey per person annually, and there are more than 300 types of honey in the United States alone. That’s impressive, and we figured the least we could do is give you 20 different uses for it. Enjoy!

1. How to Make a Honey Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm is as easy as tracking down some almond oil, beeswax and honey? Sure is. Makes you feel a little guilty about that $10 version you picked up at the health food store yesterday, doesn’t it?


* Place almond oil and beeswax in a microwave-safe bowl.
* Microwave on high for 1 minute or until the mixture melts.
* Whisk raw honey into beeswax mixture; stir well.
* Set aside to cool completely.
* When cool, pour into small containers with lids.

Apply to lips as a moisturizer or on top of lipstick for extra shine.

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2. How to Make a Honey Moisturizer

If you’ve got a handful of sweet-smelling herbs – think lavender – laying around, why not use them for your own homemade honey lotion?


* Gently warm raw honey over a saucepan until it comes to a liquid consistency.
* Pour honey over herbs and cover tightly; the ratio you want to use is one tablespoon of herbs per eight ounces of honey.
* Let sit for a week and then mix one teaspoon of liquid into an eight ounce bottle of unscented lotion.

3. Make a Goat Cheese and Honey Appetizer

In need of a classy hors d’oeuvre but lacking in the time department?

Recipe: Put a round of goat cheese in a ramekin, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle chopped walnuts on top. Cook in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is soft. Serve with a baguette or crackers and you’ll be the life of the party.

4. Stock it to Prepare for the End of the World or the Zombie Apocalypse

Honey basically lasts forever without spoiling, so it’s the perfect food to stock in your bomb shelter or your G.O.O.D. (get out of dodge) bag. You never know what’s going to happen, so stock it. Now.

5. Add Honey to Drinks for Extra Energy

We all know a drop of honey in tea is good for a sore throat, but you can add it to most drinks for an extra energy boost. And it’s a whole lot better than tossing in a few Sweet ‘N Lows.

6. Make an Easy Fruit Salad

One of my favorite and easiest fruit salad recipes uses just a touch of honey to enhance the sugars in the fruit, and it’s a perfect late summer dessert.

* 1 cantaloupe, cut into chunks
* 3 nectarines, cut into chunks
* 4 tablespoons chopped basil
* 2 tablespoons honey

Mix together and enjoy!

7. DIY Honey Facial

Honey is a natural humectant with antimicrobial properties, which means your skin will be happy when you give it some sweet honey love.

How to make a basic honey wash:
Mix a dollop of raw honey and two tablespoons of warm water and massage the mixture into your skin.

Or you can try our honey, lemon, and avocado mask.

8. Use Honey to Make Your Workouts Better

Forget energy bars and shots, go all-natural and just pop a tablespoon of honey before your next workout. Seriously, it has been proven to boost athletic performance.

9. Make a Honey Tonic to Remove Parasites

Got a post-Southeast Asia backpacking trip bug that just won’t leave you alone? Mix together honey, water, and vinegar, drink up, and you’re on your way to being parasite-free.

10. Clean Your Cuts and Scrapes With Honey, a Natural Antiseptic

Honey can actually be used as an antiseptic, like a natural Neosporin. Because of its many antimicrobial properties, it can be used to treat wounds and even burns.

11. Make a Honey Hangover Remedy

Forget a morning of popping ibuprofen or over-the-counter hangover remedies. Instead, spread some honey on your toast or add some to your tea. Because honey is loaded with fructose, it will help speed up the metabolism of alcohol.

12. Use Honey to Clear Away Dry Skin

Nothing’s worse than scratchy elbows, so next time, after you’ve washed and scrubbed, rub some honey on to soften the skin. Leave on for 30 minutes and then wash off.

13. DIY Honey Exfoliating Scrub

Honey is an excellent exfoliant. Pair it with ground almonds and lemon juice for a killer homemade facial scrub.

14. Make a Delicious Honey Gin Cocktail

After you’ve been busy reaping all the health benefits that honey has to offer, it’s time to celebrate –and what better way than with a Honey Gin Cocktail? You just need honey, gin, lemon juice, and orange juice to mix up this lip-smacking drink.

15. Snack on the Honeycomb

Yes, it can be done! One of our fave food bloggers Clotilde Dusoulier, of Chocolate & Zucchini, asked her readers how they would this ingredient, and she got some fun responses. The yummiest one? Mix it with crunchy peanut butter on toast.

16. Detox Your Caffeine Routine

Feeling a tad lethargic? Skip the coffee with sugar and milk and go for honey instead. Mix a tablespoon into a cup of tea and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

17. Make a Conditioning Honey Hair Wash

To tame split ends: In the shower, after you wash your hair, coat the ends with a bit of honey. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out, and you’ll find that your hair is less frizzy and extra conditioned.

Make a honey conditioning rinse: Make your hair shiny and bright by adding one teaspoon of honey to one quart of water. After washing your hair, pour the mixture over your head. Let it dry and enjoy your new shiny do.

18. Make 2-Ingredient Fruit Preserves

Jam is so five years ago. Show you’re truly cutting edge by preserving your fruits in a honey sauce.

Instructions: Mix one part honey to ten parts water and then cover your berries.

Pretty much the closest you’re ever going to get to bottling up a little bit of summer.

19. Enjoy a Honey Bath Soak

Add a few tablespoons of honey to your bath, for sweeter-smelling, softer-feeling water. Pure bliss.

20. Use Honey to Speed Up Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

Well, what were you expecting? With a list this long, it had to be pretty apparent that honey is in fact a wonder food, and as it turns out, you can even make it part of your next weight loss plan. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar and it also helps speed up metabolism.

Just remember: All things in moderation.

This article is adapted from Anna Brones’s list published at Ecosalon.

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