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We know there are a lot of scam products out on the market, so at HoneyColony we take pride at vetting vendors for integrity, quality, and overall simply transformative value. These are products we personally consume. To help illustrate the all natural benefits of Equilibrium Energy Superfood, we curated 8 commonly asked questions and answers.

All natural Equilibrium Energy is the superfood of superfoods. Infused with 18 potent ingredients, along with a rich raw honey base, the all natural blend packs a mixture of delightful flavor in a small serving to provide you a bevy of nutrients.

1. What is Equilibrium Energy Superfood?

With a 100 percent raw honey base and a combined 18 superfoods, all natural Equilibrium Energy Superfood is a rich source of nutrients that allows you to “bee good to yourself”. Individually each ingredient is beneficial to your health; combined Equilibrium can deliver an energy boost, suppress appetite, and promote weight loss. It also happens to be a tasty treat.

The product is 100 percent hand-made and held to the highest standard and purity available. Nothing is ever pasteurized or mechanically modified. Each ingredient is individually backed by a Certificate of Analysis, which eliminates any possibility of contaminants, toxins, chemicals, and bacteria.

2. What Are Some Of The Health Benefits Of All Natural Equilibrium Energy Superfood?

With a combination of so many superfoods, Equilibrium Energy Suerfood’s health benefits are numerous. Some of the key ingredients and benefits are:

3. How does this help me lose weight?

Because it stimulates energy, people who begin taking Equilibrium become more active. We get feedback from customers who start going to gyms and yoga classes, increase their walking, sit around less, and become more active. The infused herbs and superfoods in Equilibirum Energy Superfood  have been known to help to detoxify the body. You tend to eat less of what is unhealthy. Raw honey has a healthy balance of glucose/fructose and a lower glycemic index than regular honey. Customers take a teaspoon of Equilibrium in place of a high-calorie dessert.

4. Is Equilibrium Energy Superfood safe for individuals who are allergic to bees?

Most people who are allergic to bees are actually allergic to the venom in bee stings, not actual bees. Bee pollen, raw honey, bee propolis, and royal jelly have different properties than bee venom. If you are allergic to any of these, we would advise against taking Equilibrium.

If you are allergic to bee stings/venom, you should speak with your physician before trying Equilibrium to ensure no allergic reactions will occur.

5. How is Equilibrium Energy Superfood harvested? Does the process harm bees?

Equilibrium is a mixture of many different superfoods, so it is not actually harvested. However, all bee related products in Equilibirum are individually harvested and then combined with the other various superfoods.

Our intent is to find a way to end CCD, so none of the bee products in Equilibrium harm bees or the bee population.

6. How does Equilibrium affect the bee population?

With sustainability as part of their focus, the bee products used in Equilibrium have no harmful effect to the bee population.

7. What are the directions for taking Equilibrium?

The potency of the Equilibrium only requires a single serving per day! One teaspoon will be enough to enrich your entire body. Try some of these amazing recipes(insert Linda article) to give life to a favorite smoothie or meal.

8. Can children consume Equilibrium?

Unfortunately, Equilibrium is not intended for use by children

9. Can I consume Equilibrium Energy Superfood even if I have a health condition?

Before taking any dietary supplement, we recommend consulting with your physician first. Women who are pregnant or nursing, and people who have any existing medical conditions or are on any type of medication should especially consult with their physician before adding the all natural Equilibrium Energy Superfood into their daily regimen.

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