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Beauty products are just one of many consumer goods that have come under scrutiny. Antiperspirant cancer risks, specifically, have become a major concern, receiving regular coverage in the media and being the focus of an increasing number of peer-reviewed scientific papers. Let’s examine some of the red-flag ingredients in antiperspirant and answer the question, once and for all, “Is antiperspirant safe?”

Is Antiperspirant Bad? Key Antiperspirant Cancer-causing Ingredients

You probably already know antiperspirants keep you dry, but did you know they do so by plugging your pores? And did you know that it’s metal aluminum that does this? antiperspirant cancer, antiperspirant dangers, is antiperspirant bad, is antiperspirant safe

According to CBS News, a study published by Dr. Kris McGrath of the Northwestern University School of Medicine discovered a link between the aluminum used in antiperspirant deodorant and breast cancer. McGrath also found prostate cancer ranked highly among antiperspirant dangers. antiperspirant cancer, antiperspirant dangers, is antiperspirant bad, is antiperspirant safe

“An unintentional, inadvertent, and long-term hormone exposure may occur from transdermal absorption of sex hormones and pheromones (androgens) from axillary apocrine sweat gland obstruction by aluminum-based antiperspirants,” McGrath writes. “The global rise in antiperspirant use parallels rises in breast and prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates.”

Meanwhile, a study published by the University of Reading Division of Cell and Molecular Biology further highlights the potential risks of aluminum-based antiperspirants: antiperspirant cancer, antiperspirant dangers, is antiperspirant bad, is antiperspirant safe

“Aluminum is known to have a geno-toxic profile, capable of causing both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects, and this would be consistent with a potential role in breast cancer if such effects occurred in breast cells,” the study states.

These results are, indeed, alarming; however the Food and Drug Administration’s current stance is that more research is needed to confirm these conclusions. The FDA states, “Definitive studies will be conducted in the near future,” acknowledging the possibility of a link to cancer.

All-Natural Antiperspirant Recipe

Other Deodorant and Antiperspirant Dangers

Another potentially harmful ingredient in deodorants are parabens, a family of synthetic preservatives popularly found in many beauty products. In 2003, Dr. Phillippa Darbre published a study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology to discuss the possible relationship between parabens and breast cancer. The study found a high percentage of the paraben chemical in all of the 20 tumors sampled.

Also reported by the Huffington Post, the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Technology found parabens in nearly 100 percent of all cancerous breast tumors tested. In addition, another study found 60 percent of all cancerous samples tested to have no less than five parabens.

Whether or not the correlation between aluminum, parabens, and cancer is proof of hazardous use, the concern is there. The LA Times reports that “the number paraben-free beauty items has increased dramatically.”

Though the aluminum used in antiperspirants has yet to be definitively proved to cause cancer, such effects are not disproven. Even the National Cancer Institute admits that the studies launched to tackle the issue “provided conflicting results.”
antiperspirant cancer, antiperspirant dangers, is antiperspirant bad, is antiperspirant safe

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