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By HoneyColony Staff

It’s bad enough that Big Ag refuses to label genetically modified ingredients, but isn’t it arguably even worse to pretend your products are GMO-free when in fact they’re not.

Have you bought any Barbara’s Bakery products as of late? If so, you may be entitled to some money.

With the notice of a class action settlement, let us celebrate one small victory that teaches the food industry to label—or otherwise not use GMOs.

As reported on Undergroundhealth:

“If you purchased Barbara’s Bakery products in the last 5 years, you may be entitled to a class action settlement award worth up to $100…

The Barbara’s Bakery settlement resolves a class action lawsuit (Trammell v. Barbara’s Bakery) that all alleges the company mislabeled its cereal and snack products as “all natural” when they actually contain genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

Barbara’s Bakery denies the allegations, but has agreed to resolve the litigation by offering up to $100 in reimbursements to consumers and removing the terms “all natural,” “no artificial additives,” “no artificial preservatives” and “no artificial flavors” from its packaging on foods that contain GMOs or artificial ingredients.

The Settlement Fund is $4,000,000.00.”

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