Story Of The Week

Shocking Stuff Swirling Inside Infant Formulas

HoneyColony decodes the list of ingredients in several different infant formulas and uncovers the shocking truth behind the marketing hype. If you’re a new mother, you’ll want to read this!

Behind The Label

King Corn—The Subsidized Crop That Drives Our Fast-Food Nation

The average American consumes 132 calories a day of this toxic substance without even realizing it – elevating your insulin levels and increasing your risk of diabetes and premature aging.

Setting The Record Straight On Bayer CropScience

Bayer’s nicotine-based systemic pesticide is a veritable, global bee killer. And so far, the company is taking zero accountability, and getting away with it.

The Carrageenan Controversy

Does a questionable sea creature additive need to be floating around in vegan almond milk?

New USDA Poultry Rule Is Bad For Food Safety And Bad For Workers

An activist and poultry processing worker drafts a fast-moving petition to stop the USDA from dismantling necessary food safety regulations.

Target: Monsanto

Hidden Sugars And The Future Of GMO Sugar

A lawsuit against Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater shows why the ability to decipher food labels is a must.

Whistleblower Says Whole Foods Trained Employees To Lie About GMOs

Did Whole Foods tell employees to lie about the countless number of genetically modified products on its shelves?

What Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert Told Me About The Politics of Health

A powerful new documentary OMG GMO aims to revitalize common sense about what is happening to the seeds of our food supply.

Sweet Deal Of The Week

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