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By Andre Holmes, Buzzworthy Blogs

You think of someone completely out of the blue … “I have not thought about Lamar in months. I wonder what he is up to?” Then, also seemingly completely out of the blue, Lamar calls you. You say to Lamar, “It is so weird. I literally just thought about you, and boom, you call me. What a crazy coincidence.” This scenario sounds vaguely familiar, right? It’s not simply a coincidence. There’s something going on behind this seemingly magical connection we have at times.

Your thoughts, ideas, and personality don’t reside in a physical place per se. It’s “quantum information” energy. When your quantum information (QI) becomes intertwined with your future husband/wife’s QI, you are entangled from that point forward. When two particles are entangled, they stay that way. And no matter how far apart those two particles get, information passes between them instantaneously. No travel time! As more information happens to be entangled, the greater the “quantum bandwidth,” I believe, between the two parties. When you think of this person—especially with any emotional content—that message reaches them on a subconscious level immediately.

I practice this all the time now, to really test the validity of this theory, and it works with uncanny results. It works incredibly well with my mom, surely because we are so connected. Not only have I been able to text her just as she is about to call me, because I receive a “message,” but I also know what she’s calling about.

It has been proven by Einstein and others before him, and it continues to be proven, that consciousness creates all things. It is the driver of what we call “reality.” If we allow stress to take over, it causes inflammation—the precursor to all ailments—and things can go downhill from there. For example, a doctor friend of mine told me about a patient who had suddenly developed heart failure shortly after his wife died. His heart filled with hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, and others. It began to fail. This is called “broken heart syndrome.”

The New England Journal conducted a study on this exact phenomenon, stating grief can actually cause heart failure. Our relationships can fuel our quantum information or “souls,” if you’d like to call it that. So when we lose relationships, our energy can be grossly affected. However, in the same way, it has also been shown that we can heal ourselves and help to heal others through connection and shared energy.

Quantum entanglement is one of the amazing theoretical premises of quantum mechanics that invigorates my soul and gives me reason to live. I think we feel a collective consciousness more and more these days, and I for one am proud to stand on the precipice of true self-actualization for the oft inexplicable human mind.

We are a collective consciousness that is capable of so much more than we have been led to believe. We seem to be privy to the information that the group has collectively. The “hive mind” seems to be not only a collective bank of current information each of us can access, but we also seem to possess passed down ancient knowledge.

Consider a case where one person makes some discovery or breaks some kind of record, and then the same record is broken in several different, non-connected areas. I believe what we are encountering there is evidence of the collective consciousness. We have figured out many solutions for getting healthy and staying that way over many millennia, and tapping into the collective seems to provide some of these answers.

Simply meditating and asking questions of the super collective mind does indeed provide you with the answers. This is an idea that makes practical sense to me, but I can also feel some level of providence in it, in much the same way that people who talk about God are referring to this collective.

So, the next time you seem to be sharing the same thought with a friend in the room, or someone you just happen to think of out of the blue calls, you can educate them on quantum entanglement. Don’t forget to send all compliments and adulation my way as you impress future mates with this phenomenon … From one cool nerd to the next – ladies love quantum entanglement!

Andre Holmes is your stereotypical, run-of-the-mill, singer/artist, former Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a passion for Quantum Physics. A single father with a love for art in general, he sees art everywhere. Quantum Mechanics, to be specific, is an area of passionate intrigue for him. Having started his physics coursework, and given himself a Stanford education via YouTube, he follows Leonard Susskind and physicists of the like. He has also followed the career of Dr. Neil Tyson Degrasse, and is enamored by physics with the childlike wonderment of Carl Sagan. He has an increasing liquid IQ of 185 at last check, and plans to continue to confound experts by getting to 200 by 40 years of age. Having amassed a reasonable amount of info, he loves to have a good time and loves even more to be able to help people. When he shares his quantum mechanics knowledge, expressing how it really helps one understand existence and how it all realistically comes together, he has had some of the most rewarding connections life has to offer.

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