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By Blake Buford, HoneyColony

With the Monsanto Protection Act in its pocket, Monsanto doesn’t seem to care if its unapproved genetically engineered wheat is illegally showing up in Oregon.

After the new discovery, the company threw out a statement claiming test results from the U.S. Department of Agriculture are probably wrong, and there’s no need to worry even if the company’s patented, unapproved wheat is spreading:

“While Monsanto will work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to get to the bottom of the reported genetically modified wheat detection, there are no food, feed or environmental safety concerns associated with the presence of the Roundup Ready gene if it is found to be present in wheat,” reads the release. “We will work with [the] USDA to confirm their test results and as they consider appropriate next steps.”


Leaving study after study about the ill effects of Roundup aside, could those “appropriate next steps” actually stop Monsanto from doing whatever it wants? Not likely. Enter the Monsanto Protection Act, which became law in March after it was slipped into a wide-ranging budget bill by Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri. The shady legislation allows the unrestricted sale and planting of genetically modified seeds even if a federal court rules their health effects have not been properly examined. Considering this constitutionally challenged law and recent history, it’s hard to picture the government taking any kind of meaningful action.

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Monsanto’s genetically modified press release goes on to say that the Roundup Ready gene is welcomed by “every country around the world to which crops containing that gene have been submitted for cultivation or import approval, including Japan, Korea, and the EU” Of course this conveniently leaves out the fact that the EU is launching a major effort to seek out and destroy any trace of Monsanto’s tainted wheat, and the news that Japan just cancelled a large order of American wheat on fears that it will also receive frankenfood.

Clearly the rest of the world has the means to match Monsanto. Whether we can do the same here in the U.S. remains to be seen.

3 thoughts on “Bulletproof: Monsanto Not Worried About Illegal GM Wheat”

  1. We can blame Monsanto for many a horrible things they are doing right now, but how about putting blame where it is needed: our US government protecting big corporation instead of it’s own people. I think that’s a more important view point.

  2. Interesting to see Monsanto doesn’t even show false concern. I don’t see why if they are so adamant that their GMO crops are safe, then why are they so reluctant to label them? What do these other countries know that ours doesn’t? Or does the U.S. truly not care about the health, well-being and future of it’s own citizens?

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