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By Blake Buford, HoneyColony Original

It appears Monsanto has successfully slipped a law through Congress that will allow it to continue selling genetically modified products even if a federal judge orders them off the market.

Food safety and environmental advocates say the legislation will essentially eliminate the court’s ability to stop the sale of genetically modified products while their harmful effects are under review.

The amendment was quietly added to a wide-ranging budget bill that passed the Senate yesterday and sailed through the House this morning. (You can read the legislation here, on page 80.)

Fortunately, this constitutionally challenged amendment often referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act” is tucked into a temporary bill, which means we can fight back in a major way.

The Center for Food Safety says it is already gearing up to “launch a major campaign to make sure this deception is not included in the next round of appropriations bills,” and Food Democracy Now is urging people to send a message to Washington, D.C.

For more on this shady legislation and the dirty politicians making it happen, take a look at this story from Mother Jones.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Approved By Congress”

  1. This didn’t happen quietly. Many petitions have been signed over the past few weeks. But congress chose not to hear them. It will take a very large fight to keep this from happening permanently.

  2. If Monsanto were honest corporation and GMO’s were the inocuous, helpful bioengineered products they’ve consistently claimed, they wouldn’t have gotten this shady piece of legislation pushed through which effectively removes the U.S. Judicial System as an obstacle for them. Common sense dictates that GMO’s should not be sold in our supermarkets as food UNTIL their safety is established, over the long term.

  3. It’s no surprise that our government is, once again, swayed by those seeking to profit on the abuse of public health.

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