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Chronic illness is hard on you physically and mentally. Luckily there are natural ways to regain your health and live a better life. Food is the best medicine, but it can be overwhelming to get all the best foods everyday. That’s why HoneyColony created Equilibirum Superfood to revolutionize and streamline the way you obtain your daily dose of superfoods. We’ve made it easier for you to enjoy benefits such as anti-inflammation, DNA repair, free radical destruction, increased stamina and endurance, and cognitive enhancement. Packed in each jar of Equilibrium Energy are 12 individual superfoods, carefully formulated to bring you a delicious teaspoon of energy potent enough to last the whole day.

Equilibrium Energy Superfood is the first of three varieties; Glo and Clarity are coming soon. Each Equilibrium variety has a specific function to promote a healthier, energetic, focused, and more beautiful you. Energy’s 12 potent and key all-natural ingredients include active natural prebiotics, phytoplankton, blue algae, double-directory adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, raw honey, bee pollen, ginger, ORMUS, organic turmeric, bee propolis, and royal jelly. Each Equilibrium batch is tested for consistency and quality. Once approved, Equilibrium is placed in a biophotonic jar that makes sure the sunlight doesn’t compromise the quality in each formula.

5 Superfood Perspectives for chronic illness

We sent free jars of Equilibrium Energy Superfood to a group of health bloggers to review via the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. We’ve compiled five of the most insightful reviews to show the impact Equilibrium Energy is having on people with chronic illness:

1. Lydia Beier of Being Lydia found three forms of support and relief using Equilibrium. Living with chronic illness like fibromyalgia, has brought on additional health side effects such as low energy and fibro-fog — symptoms manifest as poor short-term memory, disorientation with people and places, and difficulty with word substitution. Prior to using Equilibrium, Lydia suffered from prolonged fatigue, fibro-fog, and noticeable inflammation around her fingers. Once she began taking it, her overall energy increased, mental clarity was restored, and the inflammation around her fingers was gone.

For a couple of months before receiving the Equilibrium Energy I was noticing that my wedding ring was cutting into my finger and I had to get it off with cold water and soap. I hated going without it; however, it was better than having the circulation cut off. After being on the product for a few days, my hands didn’t feel so tight. After a total of five days, I was able to easily slide the ring back on. Now that I am without Equilibrium Energy my fingers tend to swell once again, though I haven’t had to take my ring off.

The naturally sourced phytoplankton, raw honey, organic turmeric, ginger, and medicinal mushrooms provided anti-inflammatory properties that allowed Lydia to feel the difference in using Equilibrium consistently.


2. Aaron Blocker of Support IBD lives with the autoimmune condition Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease causes severe abdominal pain that can leave sufferers momentarily debilitated. Prebiotics in Equilibrium Energy prevent gastrointestinal infections and turmeric work directly in the stomach to reduce IBD symptoms. As a graduate student in biomedical research, energy and focus are key to keeping up with lab research and coursework.

I started with one teaspoon a day but honestly, I think it worked too well as I had more energy than I needed so I ended up cutting my serving to about half a teaspoon. This product really worked for me! After a few days of using it, I realized I had more energy than I usually do and it also did not make me sick.

3. Ellen Yelton of Read Between The Lyme has been diagnosed with mono several times, fibromylagia, and chronic fatigue syndrome before discovering Lyme disease was the root of all her ailments. These chronic illnesses cause extreme fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, joint swelling, brain fog, depression, muscle and joint pain, in addition to migraines. Being an educator for 15 years, energy levels, focus, and movement need to be optimal to meet the mental and physical demand of high energy students.

At first, I didn’t really notice any difference at all. Then, I started back to work after my summer break (I am a teacher). And, a few weeks ago, I really started to notice a difference in my morning energy levels. Starting back to work after a couple of months off is difficult, even for a healthy person. I was dreading going back to work because of the daily challenge, especially in the morning, and especially with the fatigue.

Presently, I’ve been back at work for almost a month, and I have been diligently taking my Equilibrium Energy Superfood every morning as a part of my routine, and I am seeing a difference. In the past, by mid-morning, I am spent, and the rest of the day just grinds on. While using Equilibrium, I’ve been able to get past that mid-morning slump!

4. Chelsea Freud of The Sick And The Dating lives with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis — an autoimmune condition that limits weight loss, promotes fatigue, and is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. Chelsea also suffers withchronic illness such as fibromyalgia, hyper-allergies, and an unnamed disease that causes Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to pool and crush her brain stem when she is upright. Excessive medications have made her tired.

I have to say that even though I reserved judgment, every time I consumed Equilibrium, I felt a difference in my energy level for the better, and it lasted for a minimum of four hours. Every time I tried it I never consumed it later than noon so it would not interfere with my sleep that night in case it worked too well. Usually I only do one chore a day, but every time I had my teaspoon of Equilibrium, I managed to get 2-3 chores done and would make myself stop so I wouldn’t overdo it. I would officially consider this a success.

5. Cynthia Covert of The Disabled Diva suffers from chronic illness including fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative disc disease, endometriosis, and abdominal adhesions. While  she says that none of these conditions have “cures’, finding relief and being able to improve Cynthia’s day-to-day were the most notable results with Energy. Cynthia frequents Disneyland and incorporates her visits into her blog. She is developing a tool to help the disabled, chronically ill, and those with special needs while in the park. Having additional energy is a must for her.

One thing I noticed was that my “good’ days were better. … I didn’t expect it to stop a flare or turn me into Wonder Woman. I did however experience more energy. I wasn’t running marathons, in fact most days that additional energy wasn’t related to what I could physically do. Instead it was my mental energy that impressed me the most. The clarity I experienced, helped me write for longer periods, which is a big deal for a blogger and freelance writer.

Enjoy All The Benefits of Over 12 Premium Ingredients In One Teaspoon A Day

Chronic illness bloggers talk about "Equilibrium" superfood and how it worked to improve their physical and mental energy.


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