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On December 19, 2006, the federal government passed The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA) — signed into law by then-president George W. Bush — prioritizing the production and stockpiling of emergency therapeutics and vaccines, which were labeled  as “countermeasures.”  And now, we know that coronavirus vaccines are countermeasures also. 

What is not widely known is that the year before W. Bush also signed into law the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act). When applied, it takes away all liability from the manufacturers of these countermeasures. So, if the countermeasure kills or maims any person for any reason, they cannot sue the pharmaceutical company who made the product.

The coronavirus vaccines currently under development are already indemnified countermeasures

Was it voted on?


Who made this decision for us? And when? 


In early 2020 The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency (BARDA), an office of Health and Humans Services (HHS), made this decision, behind closed doors and we will never see any of the crucial documents related to how they made that decision because it is effectively exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The Secretary of HHS can exempt any “specific technical data or scientific information” the secretary believes will “reveal vulnerabilities” to biological, chemical, nuclear, or radiological threats in our medical and public health systems. There’s also a blanket exclusion from the federal open meetings act. So, no one will get to see their internal documents or find out how they really made any of their decisions. 

BARDA is a marriage between Big Pharma and Big Government where they decide what drugs and vaccines get the coveted title of “countermeasure.” When it comes to the coronavirus there are currently three vaccines and six “therapeutics” that have received countermeasure status from BARDA. (It is also of interest to note that ventilators — which kill at least 8 out of 10 COVID patients placed on them — have also received countermeasure status.


Here are the 3 vaccine countermeasures (so far) for the coronavirus:

  • Sanofi Pasteur is developing a novel coronavirus vaccine candidate using its recombinant DNA platform technology that BARDA has previously supported for the production of influenza vaccines. This technology produces an exact genetic match to proteins of the coronavirus. It’s also designed for more rapid production than traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Janssen Research & Development, part of Johnson & Johnson, is partnering with BARDA to help accelerate an investigational COVID-19 vaccine into clinical evaluation. Janssen will use the same approach used to develop and manufacture its investigational Ebola vaccine. The is supported by BARDA and is being used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as part of the response to the current Ebola outbreak. It’s also  being used to prevent the spread of the disease to Rwanda.
  • Moderna is partnering with BARDA to speed the development and manufacturing of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273, a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. BARDA will support Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials of the vaccine.

You can find these vaccines listed at HHS’s Public Health Emergency website. One of these vaccines may be available and injected into millions of Americans by the fall of 2020. However, WebMD recently reports “It is not possible to have a vaccine by fall or winter that has gone through the usual safety testing. Speed is a tradeoff with safety.”

Indemnifying Countermeasures

Once the Secretary of HHS files for a “PREP Act Declaration” and the countermeasure is issued, the manufacturing company is granted blanket immunity. On March 17, 2020, the Secretary of HHS Alex Azar made such a declaration

BARDA eliminates what the pharmaceutical industry calls the “valley of death” in biomedical research. This term refers to the gap between the point when companies have found potential medicines and/or vaccines, but before they are ready to be verified in clinical trials. This carries the potential of bypassing animal studies which is exactly what has occurred with the experimental coronavirus vaccines.

So are we now the guinea pigs? 

BARDA was created back in 2006 with a focus on bioterrorism. It was barely 5 years after 9-11. And barely after the anthrax letters sent in the mail to Senate Democrats and journalists. Biological terror attacks were still being discussed in the media with regularity. At that time it was anthrax and smallpox we kept hearing about in the headlines as the United States developed and stockpiled multiple anthrax vaccines.

Scientific Fraud?

Today, 14 years later, the government has created countermeasures for COVID-19. COVID-19 is a supposed infectious disease that was slated to kill millions. Yet it’s coming nowhere near those inflated numbers. In fact, Neil Ferguson of Imperial College revised his predictive models, going from 2.2.million mortalities to less than 200 thousand in the United States.

Now those numbers show all signs of falling below 100 thousand. It’s of interest to note Ferguson recently resigned from the UK government after he broke quarantine to have an affair with a married woman. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, “America’s Doctor’” states in the Journal New England Journal of Medicine that SARS CoV-2 is as fatal as influenza with a similar mortality rate. 

Let’s consider the very likely possibility that the mortality rates are bloated, given that CDC is requesting and incentivizing health workers to classify deaths as COVID-19 regardless of underlying conditions. Meanwhile, who is paying attention to specifics like actual complications from drugs or even ventilators?

How about the ramifications of dissuading others to go to the hospital? Stopping elective surgeries? Or what about people who are used to taking prescription drugs and can no longer get them because it’s made in China

How about the economic and social impact of locking the entire country down? What is really behind this virus? “Do what we say when we say, or we will trap you in your homes,” is the lesson billions of people are receiving right now. These are lessons that have been learned many years ago in China and have become institutionalized through their Social Credit Score Tyranny.

Marching Towards a Brave New Society

When the time comes to force a COVID-19 vaccine on everyone, those who refuse are going to not only be viewed as a public health threat, but as an economic threat. Friends and family will begin to distance themselves from those who refuse the vaccine. And that’s if a refusal is even allowed in any way, shape, or form.

It is highly likely Americans will experience various forms of economic blackmail to take the vaccine. Right now in America, adults are allowed religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination and medical procedures. Is that about to change?

We have seen a massive erosion of religious and medical freedom for children over the past 5 years as California, Maine, and New York have repealed their religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination for children to attend school. In Suffolk County, NY on September 19th, 2019, school security officials went door-to-door arriving in marked cars with yellow flashing lights brightly shining at night giving written notices to parents that their unvaccinated children could not come to school the following day.

The Liberal pundits are already claiming the coming coronavirus vaccine rollout will have greater demand than can be supplied. Is this true? 

Let’s assume this piece of propaganda is true. This will mean not everyone can get the vaccine when it is first brought to the market. How will they determine who does and does not get it? Will employers begin to have vaccine requirements?

Bill Gates himself has been wondering about just this question on his blog recently. Gates writes: “Most people agree that health workers should get the (coronavirus) vaccine first. But who gets it next? Older people? Teachers? Workers in essential jobs?”

Would such a vaccine requirement be constitutional?

Digital Identity

All of this is connected to Universal Digital Identification (UDI) and the ID2020 ALLIANCE. UDI is where every person is assigned a number that is linked to a biometric identifier and tracks everything about them in a database. Everyone would be required to have a UDI to buy food, travel, utilize government services, see a doctor, access money, etc. This has already been rolled out on the entire population of India — over 1.1 billion people.

ID2020 is a behind the scenes consortium consisting of founding members Accenture, GAVI, Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and IDEO.org with the apparent objective of tagging every global citizen with a biometric chip system (possibly subdermal) by the year 2030.

If you are worried about being tracked and trapped in your home, laid off from work while your savings quickly dwindle, don’t worry — BARDA IS HIRING!

You can go get a job helping to Make America Great Again through countermeasures! 

Also, read Coronavirus Pt 2: ‘Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste’, Replay by Dr. Sherri Tenpenney. Excellent piece that gives more critical info on the political situation surrounding the coronavirus vaccine situation in America.

And here are more important links regarding countermeasures, the PREP ACT, and Medical Fascism:

The Fed Up Democrat

The Fed Up Democrat#FedUpwithNY –  Follow me on Twitter @DemocratFed and visit my blog The Fed Up Democrat – I am a Dad from New York fighting for Freedom and Choice in NYC. My entire life I’ve been a progressive, liberal Democrat. However there is nothing “progressive” about mandating anything to be put into my body or my children’s bodies without informed consent. I don’t care what any Democrat says, that is not progress, it is regression. I am completely blown away by the notion that vaccine mandates and forced vaccination have anything to do with “progressive” politics. Big Pharma has captured Democratic Leadership, but they have not captured every Democratic politician or voter. We need to fight this battle from multiple angles – Dems, Repubs, 3rd parties, independents – we need everyone to win the battle for informed consent and medical freedom.

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