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As the COVID-19 takes over mainstream media, we wonder: why all the censorship?

“It’s not the germ, it’s the false announcement of the germ. It’s the concoction of an apparition, a ghost, a phantom. That’s how you launch a fake pandemic. That’s how you sell fear. That’s how you try to make people take their vaccines and keep their mouths shut.” Jon Rappoport, March 26, 2016

COVID-19: Infodemic Insanity — Connecting The Dots 

“How can the whole world be lying,” my mother innocently asked me. This is after I told her that COVID-19 is the largest human experiment in history. While also adding that the mainstream media isn’t giving us the full picture. There was a silent pause. “But what about Dr. Fauci?” my mother asked.  

The following below is dedicated to my mom and anyone who cannot fathom a Houdini magic trick carried out on a global scale. To all “drifters” who cannot deal with negativity and grasp onto wisps of information without context or substance. And/or those gripped and immobilized by fear. I also dedicate this to those who feel that something is off but were too busy buying toilet paper or washing their hands.  

My hope is that you are looking for answers based on some inkling that there’s something nefarious happening behind the scenes that violate your civil liberties.   

While the possibility of an arguably orchestrated “artificial” event is a huge (red) pill to swallow, I request you suspend your beliefs and take a journey with me through time. Never before in history has an outbreak brought a global economy to a screeching halt.

Coronavirus Chronicles

The Coronavirus Chronicles aims at helping readers navigate COVID-19, an “infodemic” of epic proportions, defined as an excessive amount of information making it difficult to suss out the truth. 

coronavirus and censorship

To put things in perspective, this is not our first manufactured epidemic littered with excessive noise. Same playbook. Different “virus.”

A 2014 poll concluded that with regards to the Ebola “epidemic,” the more information people consumed, the less they knew. (Ironically, this epidemic only became “real” for the West when two American mercenaries brought it home. They survived, unlike countless Africans. Up until then, Ebola was largely an “African Plague” by consideration.)

Early on, investigative journalist Spiro Skouras of Activist Post described coronavirus as a “Global 9/11.” I separately found myself calling it “a 9/11 to the 9/11.”

Because the “virus” involves all of us “together but apart,” COVID-19 is like a fast-moving train that delivers “news” 24/7 through a variety of channels. Yet, when you investigate, you learn that only six corporations own 90 percent of what you read, watch, and listen to. This sheer fact alone should indicate how a narrative can be co-opted, maligned, and turned inside out. 

Coronavirus And Censorship: Who Runs The World?

coronavirus and censorship

coronavirus and censorship

Citizen journalists and the we-are-the-news movement have shined light between truth and the mainstream media. We’ve caught them spreading lies about COVID-19. Examples include passing off footage of hospitals from another country as though it was from America. Then getting caught, and then doing it again and again. Unpunished. Incredulous. 

coronavirus and censorship

coronavirus and censorship

The mainstream media (MSM) or “lame street media” presstitutes continue to spread and publicize bloated death data to scare people. The May 24 cover of The New York Times was basically an obituary for the state of New York. Fear porn aux max.

coronavirus and censorship

And yet these are not accurate numbers. First off, a primary reason the numbers are so sky-high is doctors and coroners are saying just about every cause of death is COVID-19. If corona is present in present in any way, the death makes the cut. 

Next, the tests need to be tested. The CDC itself, whose tests were initially contaminated with coronavirus, state that the RT PCR tests are not a diagnostic tool and result in “presumptive positives,” a.k.a an assumption.

“History-making decisions are being made due to these figures even though they’re flat out wrong,” said Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek back in April.

Inventor Kary Mullis himself stated these tests are not diagnostic tools. Plus, none of the tests have FDA approval. It’s all FDA-issue under “Emergency Authorization Use (EUA). This is where this story could end. But no!

Is It Fatal Or Not?

Meanwhile, NIH’s Dr. Anthony S. Fauci stated himself in the New England Journal Of Medicine that COVID-19 is no more fatal than the flu. The CDC also now estimates the case fatality rate (CFR) of COVID-19 is only 4.4 percent. 

And yet “[W]e were subjected to hundreds of stories like this one from CNBC headlined, WHO Says Coronavirus Death Rate Is 3.4 percent Globally Higher Than Previously Thought,” writes RedState

To add insult to injury, the CDC has been combining active infection rates with those that detect recovery from COVID-19, further bloating the numbers. “One of the agency’s data tracker websites has been lumping them together,” reported Yahoo News. 

And pre-existing conditions are not even considered as a cause of death when it comes to signing off on a death certificate, something Dr. Deborah Birx concluded herself during an April 7 presser. 

Finally, if you need a cherry on this coronavirus-flavored cake to convince you that it’s full of genetically-modified information, empty calories, and toxic, bleached, sugar-coated bullshit, the Gates-funded predictive models were also flawed. What made Neil Ferguson of Imperial College reverse his claims and admit he was wrong? He ended up resigning from his government advisory group SAGE after The Telegraph revealed he broke lockdown and met with his married lover. Was he let go once his mission was determined a fait accompli?

The trajectory was wrong. So did that end the lockdowns? No! The sham show continues. We’ve gone from virus to violence, resulting in open fires and mayhem in the streets. (This opens another debate since disruptors, including Officer Derek Chauvin, arguably had an assignment to disrupt peaceful protestors and fuel race wars.) 

Technofascism: Big Tech Is Big Pharma Now

Maybe, just maybe, the data deluge serves a bigger purpose. What is real? What is false? 

“Information glut” was how now-deceased Canadian philosopher and visionary Marshall McLuhan referred to the onslaught of information he saw on the horizon with regards to the media. He also predicted a “Global Village” and fragmented niches, positing that culture could best be understood through its “tools for conversation.” What happens when those tools are weaponized to suppress, muzzle, vaporize, ban, and DEMONitize? McLuhan didn’t foresee that consequences.

Which brings me to the usual suspects of online social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter that now openly take marching orders from the WHO, HHS, and CDC. 

Come again? 


Is it due to “high demand” for valid information for the sake of public health? Is this under the guise of an emergency? But we’ve just established that this is no worse than the flu. While it may be contagious, there may be several strains and it could have been engineered. COVID-19 is seemingly being USED to further impede our medical freedom. To create a divide and conquer strategy; to mask and dehumanize us; and to mandate vaccines. And to make alterations and malign the very definition of “autonomy.” 

Contact Tracing

According to the Contact Tracing course I enrolled in to spy on snitch mentality, “autonomy” doesn’t apply when the greater good is supposedly put at risk. COVID-19 amounts to a free pass for globalists to extend their tentacles into whatever they wish. Today, Big Tech is Big Pharma. Since I first reported about technofascism in August 2019, Big Tech and Big Pharma have become practically interchangeable. 

Enter bona fide journalists, scientists, whistleblowers, dissidents, and intellectual free-thinking refugees. All true truthers who choose to sift through a bazillion proverbial puzzle pieces. Why are they smearing and targeting us for trying to fit them together? 

In the U.K., spreading what “they” deem misinformation may soon become a punishable crime

coronavirus and censorship

Now factor in that Google, the world’s biggest search engine, no longer offers organic searches, but instead autosuggestions that tow an agenda line. Autosuggestions are an easy but powerful mind control tool. If you omit information and don’t have all the details of a situation or condition, your perception is shunted, ultimately impacting beliefs and behavior.

“Writing “freezes speech” in an unalterable form, it allows for one man’s thoughts to inspire a critical reaction, to create an ongoing conversation that only deepens the perspectives of the original thought.”

“Please Try Again”

Arguably critical thinking is no longer welcome; hence, the 1984-esque vaporization of online articles, studies, channels, and human rage. Why are 404s at an all-time high?

coronavirus and censorship

Here, we see a Reddit page that ironically got “quarantined” for trying to challenge the narrative. 

coronavirus and censorship

And the publications that do present valuable information (think ZeroHedge) get booted off. Twitter becomes harder to find depending on which search engine you use. (I highly recommend using Qwant as your search engine.) You often have to find them amid an onslaught of articles that discredit their views. For example,  Snopes has created The Coronavirus Collection: Fact-Checking COVID-19

I personally don’t feel a sense of trust when I witness governmental bodies spreading mixed messages while we the people are the ones that suffer the repercussions. For instance, the World Health Organization flip-flopped on whether this virus was from The Coronavirus Collection, transmissible via humans in a matter of days

Pharmakeia: Sorcery And Satan Up Ahead? 

coronavirus and censorship

It’s like we have amnesia that Big Ag and Big Pharma have been slowly assaulting our immune system. An assault that’s priming the body for the perfect cytokine storm. If seen through the proper lens, this realization could spur a massive awakening to the lies we’ve been force-fed. 

Despite the litany of injuries and fatalities under the watch of the western medical establishment, Big Pharma continues to call the shots (pun intended) and get away with literal murder. Indemnified, they now censor and smear with brazen impunity those who not only dare to question the official COVID-19 narrative but health professionals who dare suggest natural solutions can even prevent illness. The FDA actually has an operation called “Quack Hack” whose modus operandi is projections and inverted truths. 

“At this point, the tactic of the Great Hidden Hands of Controlling the Masses is to Turn Everything into a Psychological Operation. Regardless of whether there is any truth or not,” a follower wrote to me. 

For those of us who have studied Big Pharma and their Hegelian dialectic playbook, we’ve seen these manufactured outbreaks happen before, not only on Planet Earth with Zika and the anthrax letters, but also in Hollywood.

For instance, take the 2003 TV show called Dead Zone Plague which mentions masks, a lockdown, coronavirus, and HCQ. How can this be? It was 17 years ago! 

We’ve Seen This Already

And don’t you scratch your head given the 2008 Hollywood flick Contagion was about a highly contagious deadly virus that spreads throughout the world, starts in a wet market in China, and spoke of “social distancing?” The tension in the film between the CDC and WHO mounts. Jude Law represents the Conspiracy Theorists.

Watch this clip

Predictive Programming is the name. And it’s been happening for decades. Pschological operations to control our minds.

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.

coronavirus and censorship

The Contagion filmmakers consulted with the CDC in the making of the film. In fact, the CDC has an entire department dedicated to Hollywood. In the past, they have paid employees to watch soap operas and make sure TV characters speak about health “accurately.”

coronavirus and censorship

2030: A Ten-Year P*landemic Ahead? 

Back in 2016, virtually every national government on the planet met at the 70th annual General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York to adopt a draconian 15-year master plan for the planet called Agenda 2030. Top globalists such as former NATO chief Javier Solana, a socialist, celebrated the plan, which the summit unanimously “approved,” as the next “Great Leap Forward” — yes, the old campaign slogan of the Chinese Communist Party.

“Stopping the Spread” and “Flattening the Curve” are wonderful propaganda slogans to meddle in our lives under the guise of an emergency and global crisis. “COVID-19, a highly survivable, contagious respiratory ailment, has taken the place of Terrorism as the Dark Force threatening our Way of Life. The same methodical propaganda campaigns—heavy on hypnotic repetition, emotional appeal, guilt, and shame—have kicked into high gear to strip us of our few remaining rights,” writes journalist Helen Buyniski.

This event arguably ushers in a myriad of globalist plans from ages ago. Agenda 2030 addresses biometrics, satellites in space, the installation of 5G, the coverup of left-leaning corruption, the hijacking of 2020 elections, digital certificates, mandatory vaccines for all, and much more. This is the beginning of a ten-year plan, with talks now of a second wave after a summer break.

Ousted (FAUX) whistleblower Rick Bright warns that the U.S. faces the darkest winter in modern history.” While Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of the WHO European region, says he’s “very concerned” a second wave will coincide with the flu season. 

Just Another Simulation?

“Dark Winter” is not only a reference to HBO’s Game of Thrones but a smallpox “simulation” that went awry in 2001. 

coronavirus and censorship  

“The abdication of one’s liberty to the State in exchange for supposed security is a regrettable recurrence in the story of human history. The exchange is a sucker’s deal. The State & the elite who run it are rewarded at the expense of an imprisoned population.”  

Do you stand for medical freedom? Or tyranny delivered via a forced-upon poison-filled syringe? The great divide is before us. 

(In an upcoming article, I’ll explore the prequel leading up to coronavirus, starting with LockStep 2010. I’ll then follow the timeline from December to the present. Buckle up!

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