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[Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the fight for medical freedom. Read Part 1 of the COVID Vaccine Dystopia here.]

Example Of Why 12 -DAY CDC Practice Is Fraudulent

Back in January, there was a news story about the death of 56-year old Florida doctor Gregory Michael who died from a rare autoimmune disorder he developed on December 21, three days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. His wife says that in her mind his death was 100 percent linked to the vaccine.

One doctor came forward publicly to say he also believed the vaccine caused the victim to develop acute idiopathic-thrombocytopenic-purpura (ITP), the blood disorder, and brain hemorrhage that killed him.

Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, who was not involved in Dr. Michael’s care said, “I think it is a medical certainty that the vaccine was related. It happened and it could happen again.”

His medical reasons were that the disorder came on quickly after the shot, and “was so severe that it made his platelet count ‘rocket’ down.” Over the following months, huge amounts of medical research documented vaccine-induced blood problems, including the one that hit the Florida physician.

There is still more to the data corruption designed to send a deceitful message to the public. A July story noted: “a physician contacted the Globe and said testing protocol from Scripts [health care system] is indicating that they aren’t testing the vaccinated in the hospitals – they are only testing the unvaccinated for COVID despite the many COVID breakthrough cases reported.

The physician contacted another hospital and reported to the Globe: ‘They have not been testing the vaccinated for COVID routinely like they have the unvaccinated, but they JUST changed their policy to begin doing this.’ Unbelievable! So all this BS in the newspapers has been spewing about the vaccinated not having COVID because they don’t test for it!”

All this was done very likely in hospitals all over the nation so that big media could push the story that there was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Corruption To Acknowledge

In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new instructions for medical examiners, coroners, and physicians to give more credit for COVID as the cause of death. Pre-existing conditions or comorbidities were to be recorded in Part II rather than Part I of death certificates.

This was a major rule change from the 2003 handbooks being used for reporting deaths. This single change resulted in significant inflation of COVID-19 fatalities by instructing that COVID-19 be listed in Part I of death certificates as a definitive cause of death regardless of confirmatory evidence, rather than listed in Part II as a contributor to death in the presence of pre-existing conditions, as would have been done using the 2003 guidelines.

The result was significant inflation in COVID fatality totals by as much as 1600 prercent above what they would be had the CDC used the 2003 handbooks. It comes down to what many people now understand, namely, so many people die with COVID but not from COVID.

As a final example of data corruption and shortcomings, consider what was revealed at a recent meeting of nurses, which helps explain why so many nurses and physicians have refused vaccination.

One nurse said she ran an ER department, and that it was tragic that they were seeing so many heart attacks and strokes, and that it is obvious that they are related to the COVID-19 shots. Another nurse stated that she was never trained about how to submit a report to VAERS about vaccine adverse events, and did not even know it existed until she her own research. She added that there’s pressure to not report vaccine injuries and deaths, and it takes about 30 minutes to fill out the report, which few will do.

British And Other International Data Show Vaccine Truths

A new report with detailed data from Public Health England provides some startling numbers. For the period of February 1 through August 2, there were COVID Delta variant cases for 47,000 people who had received two vaccine doses, and for 151,054 people who were unvaccinated.

In the first group of vaccinated people, there were a total of 402 deaths, while in the second much larger group with more than three times unvaccinated people, there were just 253 deaths. In other words, of the total COVID deaths, 61 percent were in fully vaccinated people.

To get the death rate you divide the number of deaths by the total number of infection cases. That gives a death rate of .86 percent among the vaccinated and .17 percent among the unvaccinated. That is an amazing difference. The death rate among vaccinated was just over five times greater than that for the unvaccinated.

Five times greater! In other words, unvaccinated people who got infected were enormously safer from death, proving that COVID vaccines are not safe.

Explaining This Huge Difference

It was also determined that the measured viral load in both groups were the same. So, why are vaccinated people dying more frequently than the unvaccinated? Here are some plausible explanations.

Unsafe Spike Proteins

First, there is something very dangerous and unsafe in the COVID vaccines associated with spike proteins that are causing people to die at a higher rate.  All current vaccines have been associated with serious blood problems, notably both large and microscopic blood clots. Many people have died from brain bleeds and strokes. There are also many other types of adverse side effects causing a host of medical problems.

Two famous virologists warned against using the current vaccines because they are fundamentally unsafe and could be killing people. They envisioned a vaccine dystopia and loudly proclaimed that the mass vaccination program should be halted. Instead, they advocated the use of treatments using generic medicines like ivermectin, as detailed in Pandemic Blunder, as well as strengthening natural immunity.

Natural Immunity

Second, it’s reasonable to believe that most unvaccinated people have acquired natural immunity from some prior COVID infection. It’s laso reasonable to believe that natural immunity is far more protective than the artificial or vaccine immunity obtained from jabs. Their natural immunity translates to fewer deaths.

Yet the U.S., like many other countries, doesn’t give credit place natural immunity on par with vaccine immunity when it comes to COVID passports and mandates. Though a few nations do the right thing by honestly following the science.

Breakthrough Infections

Third, vaccinated people are susceptible to breakthrough infections, which means that they are not protected against infection after they’vee been originally infected. Phony and dangerous COVID vaccines don’t destroy the virus, nor do they prevent transmitting it to others.

Putting aside problems with CDC data, the death rate found in the U.K. for vaccinated people translates to about 1,300 deaths for vaccinated Americans. Indeed, an August report revealed that new CDC data indicated 1,507 people of those fully vaccinated died.

It seems like these figures are only for breakthrough infection deaths because the CDC VAERS database indicates more than 6,000 vaccine deaths (through August 27) that are reported as vaccine adverse effects. [But nearly 14,000 deaths apparently when non-U.S. data are included.]

A higher death rate from COVID for vaccinated people in the U.S. compared to other countries might be related to a generally unhealthier population with more serious health conditions, notably high levels of obesity.

Death Increase

Just days ago, it was reported that West Virginia saw a 25 percent increase in deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. At the same time, it was reported that in Massachusetts, 144 people fully vaccinated also died from COVID, an 80 percent increase from several weeks earlier, and that new total translates to about 4,800 for the whole nation. In New Jersey, there was a 16 percent increase in breakthrough deaths recently.

The new data from England involving very large numbers of people should be headline news. But biased media suppresses this kind of critical data. Why?

Suppressed Information

Clearly, if vaccinated people die at a much higher rate than unvaccinated people, then why should people be enthusiastic about being vaccinated for initial shots or later booster ones? They should not. This is especially true for the millions of people who have natural immunity. Data from other countries merits attention because of still more proof of the deficiencies of the COVID vaccines.

In August, director of Israel’s Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis announced half of all COVID-19 infections were among the fully vaccinated. Signs of more serious disease among fully vaccinated are also emerging, she said, particularly in those over the age of 60.

A few days later, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, reported that 95 percent of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated and that they make up 85 percent to 90 percent of COVID-related hospitalizations overall.

In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87 percent of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated. In Ireland, 18 percent of COVID deaths were in fully vaccinated people.

There is only one rational conclusion from examining all the foreign data: COVID vaccines are both unsafe and ineffective.

Great Article On Vaccine Failure

This recent article displays a lot of wisdom about COVID vaccines; here are some excerpts.

The Corona vaccines don’t work very well. Ubiquitous statistics showing that the vaccinated enjoy substantial protection against serious illness and death seem wrong. In some cases, they are probably manipulated. They are certainly confounded by the different testing regimes to which the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are subjected. Once you forget the specifics of efficacy and look at the broader picture, it is easy to see where we are. The vaccines have not reduced Corona mortality compared to the same time last year in any jurisdiction that I know of. Countries with high vaccination rates are now seeing the same number of deaths, or more, as they had at the beginning of September 2020…

The vaccinated remains substantially protected against serious illness or death, but the unvaccinated are entering the hospital and dying at very high rates indeed as if to compensate. Thus Israel has maintained the same case fatality rate of around 0.7 percent, before and after mass vaccination…

Vaccines against coronaviruses have been used in animals for decades, and none of them work very well. Generally, they begin to fail after a few months. Despite their technical sophistication, our mRNA and vector vaccines against SARS-2 are no different. They had some success when they were first rolled out, but if anything that probably made things worse…

Our universal vaccination campaigns worked just well enough to speed up the evolutionary processes that are always and everywhere optimizing Corona.

That means the virus keeps outwitting us.

It is impossible to believe that this failure was not foreseen. The scientists who developed the vaccines knew for sure how things would play out. That’s why they concluded the trials after three or four months and vaccinated their controls. It’s why they have been talking about boosters from the very beginning. It’s why, if you listened carefully, you never heard Zero Covid sloganeering coming from Team Vaccine. Only the comparative morons on Team Lockdown ever talked like that.

Our politicians and our new public health dictators, on the other hand, remained oblivious to the limited potential of the vaccines. They continue to insist on universal vaccination and green passes, while it is obvious that these will do nothing to influence the course of the pandemic.

Corona policy in every western country has unfolded more or less according to the same script, devised by the World Health Organisation at the end of February 2020. The final act was supposed to be the wide-scale eradication of Corona after mass vaccination. It is now clear that this will never happen. For the first time since March 2020, there is no obvious international consensus on the way forward.

A few countries, or perhaps even a few prominent politicians or public health pundits who do not have their heads up their asses, could change everything. Everyone who is not crazy needs to start insisting on the same simple message:

We have to live with Corona, it will always be with us. Biannual boosters for the entire population will not solve anything. They will only reduce the effectiveness of vaccines by encouraging antigenic drift. The vaccines are, at best, a solution for the elderly and the vulnerable only. Everyone will get Corona, even the vaccinated, and children need to get it while they are still young and while it poses no risk to them. In this way, SARS-2 will become an unimportant virus in the coming years.

But will that happen before we suffer through a vaccine dystopia?

This article gave no attention to treatments, but here is one of the many comments that addressed this issue well:

When do the powers that start focusing on TREATMENTS for those who contract covid, regardless of vaccination status?? No other infection, condition, disease, etc … don’t have treatment options, except for covid … they, the powers that be, go so far as to block treatment options or make them incredibly hard to get…

It’s past time to make the various treatments readily available…they don’t have to be 100% successful, but we should be given the choice to try them!!”

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