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For three days, in between nutritional IV therapy sessions and sips of Bulletproof coffee frothing with grass-fed butter and a dash of collagen, I listened to Dave Asprey and other renowned health experts explore groundbreaking technology, including the latest in neurofeedback, exercise hacking, stem cell therapy, toxic mold, neurotoxin prevention, supplements, nootropics, and cold thermogenesis. Many topics we ourselves cover on HoneyColony.

For the past several years, the bestselling author and Bulletproof Coffee CEO has been maximizing his mind’s performance and boosting his biology, using a combination of medical, nutritional, and electronic techniques. And he’s on a mission to bring the concept of biohacking and all the benefits to the masses.

He’s succeeding. The Bulletproof culture is booming and this year’s 4th annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference doubled in size and scope. According to Asprey, the event is a “one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience and demo mind-blowing human performance technology often still unavailable to the general public.”

Nationwide, there’s a growing number of people who believe in “the art and science of manipulating [their] environment to get the best results possible from [their] body.” Biohacking can be classified as a subset of transhumanism, “a loosely defined movement” that has developed gradually over the past two decades to improve the human condition.

According to What Is Transhumanism, transhumanists “yearn to reach intellectual heights far above any current human genius;” “to be resistant to disease and impervious to aging;” to have unlimited youth and vigor; to exercise control over their own desires, moods, and mental states, and “to experience novel states of consciousness that current human brains cannot access.”

I am a Transhumanist. I believe our species is miraculous but we’ve been programmed for centuries with patterns that have caused us to forget. This compounded with environmental toxins, sugar, TV, GMO, systemic pesticides, and well you have a society of sick. You can take back your health and upgrade your potential and productivity however you define it.

If i had my way, I’d be submerged in nature, but I’d have a brain chip inserted if it increased my ability to consume knowledge.

Coffee Revisited

I love coffee. Black and strong. It’s packed with antioxidants and verve. But for various reasons, I felt that I should stay away. Oftentimes, the coffee I drink is too acidic and upsets my stomach, making me bloat and hurt. I also know it can hamper my natural thyroid medication’s potency, and it can strain my adrenals. Then, of course, there is the subject of pesticides if the beans are not organic and the likelihood that they’re also riddled with mycotoxins from mold, which Asprey is all too familiar with.

Bulletproof optimizes the experience with a few hacks that transforms coffee into a “performance-enhancing substance”. Asprey makes sure his beans are clean and has re-introduced the notion (our ancestors used to do this) of adding grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil “to supercharge your brain function and create an effortless fat loss with no cravings.” The concoction provides ketones — or fat-energy — to the brain, and removes the jitters while keeping you satiated for hours. It’s true!

The result is a growing culture of Bulletproof Coffee drinkers that includes notable figures such as Bruce Lipton, JJ Virgin, Jeremy Piven, and Shailene Woodley. There is now a Bulletproof Coffee café in Santa Monica and Downtown LA, and the company will soon be unveiling  Bulletproof LABS.

Luckily for me, coffee served this way doesn’t upset my tummy. I start my day with Bulletproof coffee and add a pad of butter and a squirt of MCT oil before putting it into my Vitamix to make sure it’s properly mixed not to mention all frothy. I noticed that at first, I was not putting enough butter because of my personal stigma with dairy which I do not consume and the notion that good fat is anything but good.

Guinea Pigs Unite

While I personally find that the world has increasingly more toxins, it’s an exciting time in the development of health and wellness. The merging of technology and treatments are giving us powerful tools to upgrade our capabilities while allowing for precision medicine. Take metabolomics, for instance. Metabolomics is the first truly Hippocratic branch of medicine that empowers the body to heal itself by identifying and balancing the precise biochemical roots of chronic disease in the human body.

Meanwhile, with the help of fairly new sciences, such as epigenetics, we are rewriting the rules of disease. It’s become evident that there are a myriad of variables that shape our health and performance, and that we are not as helpless as convention would like us to believe.

“More and more, researchers are finding that an extra bit of a vitamin, a brief exposure to a toxin, even an added dose of mothering can tweak the epigenome – and thereby alter the software of our genes – in ways that affect an individual’s body and brain for life,” writes Discovery Magazine in an article titled DNA Is Not Destiny.

Asprey, 43, has been managing his own biology for years by experimenting with his brain and body’s performance. He’s managed to successfully battle obesity (at his worst, he hit nearly 300 pounds), upgrade a wonky brain, and reverse a few autoimmune conditions. He plans to live to 180.

While I never used the words ‘biohacking’ to describe my actions, I’ve been taking tests and experimenting with supplements (whatever I could access and afford) since my near-death experience in 2004, in an effort to bring about homeostasis even though I didn’t know that concept back then. I just knew trauma, environmental factors, decades of antibiotic use, and a prolonged fight or flight mode had wreaked havoc on the body. In essence, I’ve been using myself as a guinea pig to test the impact of real foods and supplements for a long time as a side job.

Propelled by Western medicine’s shortcomings, I gained firsthand knowledge of the complexities of my biology. Based on varying results over the years, I’ve taken natural progesterone, natural testosterone, low dose naltrexone, natural thyroid, micronutrients, superfoods such as maca, and antioxidants such as glutathione IV.

Today, I firmly believe you can play an active role in upgrading your performance or hacking your own biology to heal a condition. Especially with the right tools.

Know Thyself.

Learning In The Deep Sea

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last two summers in Greece, near the Aegean Sea. It’s actually much more cost-effective and conducive to running an online startup.  The highlight every day was snorkel swimming, which was basically me doing the breaststroke while donning a snorkel. During these swims, with the help of a waterproof iPod, I’d listen to Asprey’s podcast Bulletproof Radio, the #1 ranked radio program, with 50 million downloads.

I downloaded so much information into my brain while submerged in liquid nature. Gazing at a loggerhead turtle chilling 50 feet below me while listening to Asprey discuss Lyme disease with New York Best-selling author Tim Ferris was a trip.

Of course meeting the 11th most influential voice in health and fitness in person after appearing on his podcast in the spring and listening to him whisper in my ears while I breathed underwater through a tube, was equally a highlight.

During our interview, we discussed ways to boost ketones, Pizza Hut, and simple hacks. One Asprey recommends that I’ve adopted too, is the practice of gratitude “as a way to turn off your fight or flight response.”

“It’s an easy straight-up hack,” says Dave. “I do it every night with my kids before going to bed. It takes you out of ‘the world is a scary place,’ ‘I don’t have enough,’ or whatever inner dialog you may have.” As I’ve found in my own life, the state of gratitude is alchemical.

For now, I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this conference and be among inspiring people in charge of their health, and who love to feel and perform at their absolute best, day-in and day-out. Dave Asprey can help you get there.


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