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By Brian Clark Howard, The Daily Green

The next time you upgrade something, can no longer stand the sight of something hideous, or simply need to downsize, think “donate” instead of “dump.”

America has long been ridiculed around the world for being a throwaway society. On average, each one of us tosses out four and a half pounds of garbage every day, adding up to a whopping total of 245 million tons per year. A lot of that material is perfectly serviceable stuff, and could be readily used by the less fortunate.


Most towns have collection centers for used clothing, books, toys, durable goods and even canned foods. Check with your local government, or stop by a Salvation Army, Goodwill or independent thrift store. Shelters for women and families will often accept almost anything in decent shape.

Many churches and other religious organizations often hold community garage sales, and solicit items from the area for donation. Finally, don’t forget the easiest, and greenest, option of all: share with your friends, family and neighbors! That way you won’t even have to get in a car or transit to pass something on, and you can share stories as well as goods.

Photo by Avery Carlton/Flickr.

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