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By HoneyColony Staff

There’s an avocado shortage, and last week, USA Today reported that Chipotle Mexican Grill might do the unthinkable: Strike avocados and guacamole from the menu. Chipotle stormed social media with a surefire line: No such thing will happen.

NBC News reported that Chipotle’s real solution to soaring avocado prices, which are due to a general trend in surging food prices, is to pass the pain onto its customers.

“Food costs were 34.5 percent of revenue, an increase of 150 basis points driven by higher commodity costs,” Chipotle management said. “Higher commodity costs were primarily driven by inflationary pressures in beef, avocados, and cheese prices.”

According to Bloomberg’s  BusinessWeek, “Chipotle’s chief financial officer, John Hartung, was more specific about the cost of ingredients during an earnings call Thursday. He noted that the price of steak has increased 25 percent in the past three months. Cheese prices could rise 10 percent this year, and so could pork prices. The dreaded avocado shortage, brought on by the drought in California could result in a 30 percent drop in production.”

Chipotle uses 35 million pounds of avocados a year.

It doesn’t help that honeybees, which pollinate avocados, are disappearing worldwide thanks to colony collapse disorder.

The underlying conditions of the California drought are being debated by environmentalists, some of whom warn that our gargantuan CO2 footprint will continue to snuff out species worldwide while also inflicting thaws, floods, eruptions, slides, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that will affect crops.

Pundits can debate the culprits of climate change. Political conspirators? Hungry capitalists? Frustrated Environmental Protection Agency policymakers? Al Gore? It really won’t matter once food prices go off the charts.

Maybe it’s time to cultivate your own garden, grow your own avocados, and invest your time and energy in your own beehive to help pollinate the foods on your next dinner plate.

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