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Healthy gifts for your loved ones instead of consumption for consumptions sake!

Xmageddon And Health This Holiday Season!

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas
perhaps means a little bit more….” ~ Dr. Seuss

I have a message for you this holiday season. Xmageddon is coming. The corporations are already blasting you via every media channel possible. They want you to buy stuff that you don’t need. They’ve destroyed half of our forests and half our animal species in half a century—just to get you to buy the next piece of rubbish. And they use Xmas jingles to lull you! Listen to the jingle and buy. Listen and buy. Jingle, jingle, buy!

I know, because I’m a Grinch. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. I’ve studied jingles and I’ve studied corporations. It’s the corporations that kidnapped Santa and the holiday season!

But there is a solution. This holiday season doesn’t have to be the same Xmageddon grind. Yes, you can still give gifts, but why not gifts that heal and expand our awareness, without destroying our planet? Gifts that come from health-conscious vendors who are driven by a genuine desire to transform you, inside and outside.

Dozens of HoneyColony vendors have partnered up with us to bring you eco-conscious and healthy gifts. Every sale will help the plight of the honeybees who pollinate 1/3rd of our food supply. Yes, honeybees are close to me. My mama was a honeybee!

Taking action is simple. Just follow this Grinchmas Holiday To-Do List.

1. Put up  Be the lights

2. Buy Be present

3. Wrap Gifts someone in a hug

4. Shop for  Donate food

5. Make gluten-free cookies love

6. Give A Healthy Gift! (examples below)


Healthy Gifts? The Gift of Health Will Outlast Everything Else Under The Christmas Tree

1. Body & Beauty Bee Bundle

holiday season

Honeybees have been part of health and healing for thousands of years. At the core of our Equilibrium Energy Superfood and our No3urish w/ Patchouli moisturizer are natural bee byproducts. Raw honey, beeswax, bee pollen, and royal jelly all offer unique life changing properties such as anti-inflammation, seasonal allergy suppression, anti-wrinkle therapy, and cellular repair. We created this bundle to bring balance, inside and out.

2. Silver Healer: Gift of Immunity

holiday season

An extra immune boost will protect your body from common day ailments. Silver has been an antibiotic agent for decades. Our Silver Healer produces nano iconic/colloidal silver that works both topically and internally to support your immune system. Help ward off colds, the flu, treat sore throats, and eye, ear, sinus and upper respiratory infections with this all natural wonder healer.


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