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It really is possible to have healthy holidays. Many of us believe that to enjoy the holidays we have to “cheat” and give in to all of the temptations of the season. Either we don’t want to be rude and refuse a treat or we figure we deserve some enjoyment during the holidays so we give in anyway. Eating poisonous junk food that makes us sick (in more ways than one) is not the only option for an enjoyable holiday season. Here are some tips for getting through the healthy holidays without feeling deprived.

Make Real Food Treats

Instead of just eating whatever is around, make your treats at home from healthy ingredients like fair trade cacao and maple syrup. These are still treats so should be eaten that way (just one or two), but they won’t send your body into shock over the toxic chemical ingredients, GMO sugar, and other nasties that treats from the grocery store contain (even organic ones!).

Choose Fruit

Fruit in winter was a rare treat a century ago. Channel your ancestors by treating yourself to some exotic fruit or specialty varieties of fruit you love. You can order from a place like Fruit Share to have organic farm fresh fruit delivered to you. If you’ve been on a ketogenic diet or another low carb/low sugar diet, a piece of fresh fruit is like taste bud heaven and conventional treats will taste like sugar overkill anyway.

Go Savory

Make a new tradition of indulging in pastured bacon, fried vegetables like beet root chips (fried in healthy oil like avocado oil), or another savory treat you love. If you want to avoid cooking (because not having to cook may be your biggest holiday wish) check out Epic Bars, which are made from grassfed and pastured meat, or Jackson’s Sweet Potato Chips, made with coconut oil, and paleo/AIP legal.

Drink Fermented

Instead of tossing back a glass of wine that’s going to make you feel sick, try kombucha or another fermented drink. Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol (more if you make it homemade) so you can feel included in the festivities, but won’t cause headaches, blood sugar spikes, and hangovers. Tea is also a great choice. You can easily pack your own tea bag when going to a party for very healthy holidays.

Spa Out

What can be a more enjoyable way to detox than going to a pampering spa with natural and therapeutic amenities? Let your body relax in the healing heat of mineral saunas. Then jump into the cold pool—or ice room, if they have one. The switch from heat to cold is an excellent way to increase energy, increase circulation, improve your skin’s elasticity, detox, and clear out negative energy. Plus many spas offer luxurious detox rooms, such as  as a pink Himalayan salt room/cave, herbal pools with healing “mugwort” and the like, jade rooms, clay balls, etc. You can find great deals on these spas on Groupon—and if you can find local Korean spas, they offer great rates year-round.

Forget About Food

Sharing a meal is a traditional way of celebrating together, but if you’re on a restrictive diet or those around you only eat conventional treats, it can be hard. However, not every enjoyment in life must come with food. Plan adventures to see holiday lights, go on walks around town to see decorations, or make new traditions like a New Year’s Eve hike.

Dealing With Friends And Relatives

The number one thing to keep in mind for healthy holidays is that you don’t owe anyone anything. You don’t have to subject yourself to illness to avoid being rude. Accept gifts with gratitude and then re-gift or trash them if you don’t want to eat what’s inside. At parties, if offered something you don’t want to eat, politely decline. If pushed, just say “I find that sweets don’t agree with my stomach, but I would love a cup of tea.”

Holiday Detox

When all else fails and you give in to high sugar or unhealthy fat laden foods, you can minimize or reverse some of the damage. A natural detox like Zeolite or Hydra (Molecular Hydrogen) can help remove some of the toxins and get the body back into balance.

Humineral Zeolite contains 79 major and trace minerals to filter heavy metals and destroy free radicals. The fulvic and humic acid in Zeolite work to reduce stress-induced hormones and promote more oxygen in red blood cells. Hydra is comprised of hydrogen (H2), the miracle molecule. As the smallest, lightest, and most abundant element available, H2 has high bio-availability to easily enter organs, cells, mitochondria, and fluids. Hydra puts the power of H2 into ready to dissolve tablets to increase hydration, provide natural energy, limit fatigue, and improve clarity.

Discover The Healing Powers of Hydrogen With Easy To Dissolve Tablets. Get Hydra To Detox From The Stressors Of Life!

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Healthy Holidays For All

You don’t have to suffer or feel deprived during the holidays. These ideas will help you embrace your new healthy life and help you find new ways to celebrate the holidays that also celebrate health!

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