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Story Of The Week

The Little Known Toxic Travesty Of Anniston, Alabama

For more than 30 years, Monsanto slowly and consciously poisoned the people of Anniston, Alabama. Here’s a HoneyColony original report on the truth, with a survivor who lived through the travesty.

Keep It Clean

Dangerously High Pesticide Levels In Brand-Name Tea

A scathing new investigation on one of the most well-known tea companies in the U.S. finds 91 percent of its products overflowing with obscene and illegal levels of pesticides.


Food Industry Lies: Fake Honey, Soy Sauce, And Spices

Here’s an enlightening list of lies fed to us by the food industry, starting with how they managed to mess with our honey, soy sauce, and spices.

Diet ~ An Overlooked Treatment For Cancer

One Chemotherapy pill can cost $400. How much does a bowl of broccoli cost? HoneyColony looks at why diet takes such a backseat in conventional cancer treatment programs, in spite of all the evidence.

Target: Monsanto

Pesticide Producers Turn To ‘Bee-Washing’ To Fight Backlash

Monsanto is now framing itself as a steward of the honeybee as backlash over the company’s role in the vanishing of the bees grows.

The Future Of Chocolate

The chocolate supply is under threat. Will genetically modified cacao be next?

GMOs: Seeds Of Sickness

Genetically modified foods hit the shelves in 1996, but despite related health problems, no labeling laws exist. Arm yourself with knowledge instead!

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Sweet Deal Of The Week

Everybody poops… so how it so many of us is doing it wrong? The posture we assume on a modern toilet may contribute to a host of ailments, including hemorrhoids, constipation, and even colon cancer! In most places in the world, they still squat. Check out this Sweet Deal on this clever bamboo apparatus and re-discover the art of pooping.

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